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What is "Embattled", really?

[#][F] Holden - 6 Hours ago
Originally posted by LadyLens View Post
The thing everyone is missing is that range bands measure your positioning relative to the opponent. It's perfectly possible to have a running battle all through the halls of the palace with nothing more than stunting.

Yes. This is one of the reasons the game uses range band (which only care about your distance relative to other characters or some landmark in the scene you have a reason to give a shit about) rather than zones or a grid or whatever. The engine doesn't really give a shit if you're running in lockstep through a bamboo forest, standing in place, or having a lightsaber duel while standing on two force-fielded pieces of debris as they're carried over miles of lava-river-- they're all two characters just remaining at close range bashing away at one another as far as the system is concerned, so long as there's no important third point in the scene that you need to mark distance against.

(At that point, fudge something, because the engine and the fiction are starting to come unglued from one another.)

Ask the Devs

[#][F] The Demented One - 6 Hours ago
Originally posted by Flare View Post
This is more of a personal opinion question, but what's your opinion on a Brawl charm to give your fists +1 defense, either through a perilous scene-long ala Dodge or just a permanent charm around Essence 3? Since turning your fists into artifact weapons is generally looked down on since you can't be disarmed, what about adapting them to at least be a decent defensive option?
Doing it permanently strikes me as likely to be overpowered, but I think you could do it as a non-permanent effect if costed appropriately. Keep in mind that Brawl's defensive options tend to be worse of those in Melee, as a counterbalance to its superior damage output.

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