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Shouldn't Wyld Shaping Technique be a 3rd circle spell or a sorcerous working in 3e?

[#][F] John Mørke - 6 Hours ago
Originally posted by hushnowquietnow View Post
And I have to admit, given how much of an afterthought it felt like in 2e, I'm a little nervous about its fate in 3e given that it was written in the 11th hour and added to the draft after the playtest was over.
That's not what happened. I had thaumaturgy figured out over a year ago. I was going to leave it out of the corebook, but late in the writing process I wrote a really cool Solar Occult Charm that interacts with what I already knew thaumaturgy was going to be, so I decided to add it to the corebook. Since Occult was one of the very last things to get playtested, and because I didn't have time to sidetrack off of Charms to write a subsystem, the section on thaumaturgy didn't get written until after I'd finished all the Charms and gotten drafts out to the players.

Done With 1L Exams; Have Lawyer Charms

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Hours ago
Ten Thousand Ledgers Of Law Comprehension
Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Bureaucracy 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Speed the Wheels
The Solar’s understanding and insight into the law is comprehensive. His memory records the precepts of all nations and the judgments of magistrates dating back centuries. In matters of law he is above error or rebuke, embodying the wisdom and eloquence of the perfect legal sage. This Charm can enhance any action the Solar takes while interacting with a legal system, whether it is testifying to a magistrate of the Realm, litigating against the claims of angry merchant princes in a Guild hub-city, or passing judgment over a criminal brought to be tried. The Solar adds (Essence) automatic successes, and treats every 10 on the roll as three successes, rather than two.

Additionally, this Charm gains additional benefits when the Solar is placed in certain legal roles.

Defendant: While the Solar is defending himself or a client against a civil or criminal charge, he may add (Bureaucracy/2) to the difficulty of reading his intentions. He can also shelter his client’s intentions or those of a witness as long as he is within earshot of them. Alternatively, when he uses it to make a social roll that aligns with the target’s Compassion or Temperance, he may add (Bureaucracy/2) to the number of successes added.

Judge: While the Solar presides over litigation as a judge, magistrate, or similar arbiter, he may add (Bureaucracy/2) to his Dodge MDV. Alternatively, when he reads a character’s intentions, he may add (Bureaucracy/2) to the number of successes added.

Plaintiff: When the Solar is arguing a civil charge against a defendant, either on his own behalf or that of a client, he may channel a Virtue to add dice to the supplemented roll without paying any additional Willpower.

Prosecutor: While the Solar is arguing a criminal case against a defendant, he may use this Charm to benefit any Investigation-based roll relating to the crime even if it occurs outside of the legal system. Alternatively, when he uses it to make a social roll that aligns with the target’s Conviction or Valor, he may add (Bureaucracy/2) to the number of successes added.

Fathomless Depths of Litigation
Cost: —; Mins: Bureaucracy 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Drowning in Negotiation Style
The most skilled of Dragon-Blooded advocates and legal savants may use Drowning in Negotiation Style to draw up contracts that draw oathbreakers into court with the inexorable force of the tides, allowing the aggrieved parties to seek a fuller compensation than mere pain. Whenever a character violates an oath enforced by Drowning in Negotiation Style, the Dragon-Blood becomes aware of it, and may choose to suspend the damage. The broken oath manifests as a plume of mist that the oathbreaker coughs up, which hangs around him like a shroud until he has either completed whatever duties he owes to amend for the breach, or the Dragon-Blood chooses to release this Charm and roll the damage instantly against him. The distinctive mist summoned by this Charm is recognized as evidence of a breached contract in the courts of Realm and Lookshy, but it also imposes a -2 penalty to the victim’s MDV and the difficulty of reading his motives in matters relating to the breach.

If a broken oath remains suspended for a long period of time, the damage pending increases by a single die for each story that elapses. The Dragon-Blood cannot impose damage if the legal proceeding turns out in favor of the oathbreaker, or if he makes a good faith attempt to comply with the ruling made against him.

Fox-Tailed Advocate Spirit
Prerequisites: Essence 2, Intelligence 2, Prey's Skin Disguise
Lunars may hunt with words as well as with their fangs, hounding their prey with summons and subpoenas and ripping legal remedy from their coffers with savage ferocity. The Lunar may perform a sacred hunt against an individual by pursuing a valid civil or criminal claim against them and acquiring a favorable verdict. The Lunar must be litigating in good faith, and the opposing party must have had fair notice and representation. Once this occurs, the Lunar may pay a point of Willpower to claim their shape for his heart's blood library.

With Intelligence 3+, Essence 3+, the Lunar may use this Charm to pursue the heart's blood of multiple individuals if they are all joined as parties to a single claim. After acquiring a successful verdict, he rolls (Intelligence + Bureaucracy), and may take the Heart's Blood of a single individual per success. The Willpower cost only needs to be paid once.

A second purchase of this Knack at Intelligence 7+, Essence 7+ allows the Lunar to pursue the Heart's Blood of groups that he successfully pursues a claim against. He may pay three points of Willpower to roll (Intelligence + Bureaucracy), gaining the Heart's Blood of individuals up to a total Magnitude equal to the successes rolled.

Elsewhere Jurisdiction Evasion
Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Dodge 3, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Illusion
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Avoidance Kata
The Sidereal stitches her own designs into the fate of any court that may try her, evading defeat by fleeing to the laws of a more advantageous locale. The Sidereal rolls (Manipulation + Dodge) to reweave fate so that the substantive, procedural, and administrative laws of any court or similar legal institution that she interacts with are replaced by those of another jurisdiction. Fate subtly alters the memories of any native legal scholars to apply this replacement retroactively, although they may wonder why they have no familiarity with the law of their land. Any documents or other sources of law are warped by fate to agree. By default, the Sidereal may call the law of Yu-Shan into any court, but she may also call on the law of any jurisdiction where she has spent either a story or an extended period of downtime involved in the legal system. If she has any Resplendent Destinies, she may expend one to invoke the law of that false persona's homeland.

Characters with a Bureaucracy, Integrity, or Lore rating higher than the Sidereal's roll may pay a point of Willpower to resist this unnatural memory for a scene, temporarily asserting their true memories. Once they have resisted a total of (Sidereal's Essence) times, the influence subsides and they are immune to it for the rest of the story.

Hang High The Gallows
Cost: 2m; Mins: Investigation 3, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Crime-Unveiling Wickedness
The Underworld is not without justice. Oblivion’s Chosen may be cold, cruel, and merciless, but their blades can butcher the wicked as well as they do the righteous. The Abyssal may use this Charm whenever he uncovers evidence or learns of something supporting a belief that an individual is guilty of a crime. He forms an Intimacy of merciless retribution against his suspect, which cannot be altered or removed while this Charm remains active. He may channel Conviction on any Investigation-based roll or harmful action against the suspect without paying Willpower. He also waives the Willpower cost to enhance such rolls with Whispers or to draw clues relating to the crime from the dreams of the Neverborn. He cannot reuse this Charm on the same crime if he ends it before the matter has been resolved.

If the Abyssal kills his suspect, his fatal affinity allows him to sense the presence of guilt as their soul passes. If not, then there is always room for one more on the gallows.

Unbound Shadow Exculpation
Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Cracked Cell Circumvention, Our Little Secret
The Green Sun Prince assumes an umbral aspect, shrouding her glory and blasphemy from the eyes of those who would be her gaolers. If she cannot be confined to their prisons, then what hope do their laws have of stopping her? The Infernal may reflexively roll to instantly establish stealth even without cover for the instant that she attempts a deceptive or criminal action, such as picking the lock to a door, stealing a pomegranate off a merchant’s stall, or making a rude gesture at a god-king. While she may not vanish from sight entirely, depending on the cover available to her, the offending action will go unnoticed. This can be used to establish stealth before attacking in combat or to roll (Manipulation + Socialize) to establish social stealth, but no more than once per scene.

Additionally, regardless of whether anyone sees the action, that single instant is made invisible to the eyes of the law. An insidious curse seeps from her presence, ensuring that any attempt to legally imprison her or to pursue civil or criminal charges against her fails. This is considered a perfect defense, though it does nothing to stop actions taken by characters outside of the law—it might stop the local despot’s guards from imprisoning you for a murder, but if they decide to simply beat you to death, the curse will not stop them.

Steel-Eyed Sibyl Surveillance Network
This Municipal Charm is a thrumming dynamo of starmetal calculation arrays housed in a factory-sized dome of blue jade, a processing nexus that is connected to ubiquitous but unobtrusive sensors integrated into the city’s architecture—soulsteel screens that record sound and images, jade tiles that track the biorhythms of people standing on them, sensitive arrays of moonsilver that detect emotional disturbance. The Alchemical Metropolis is able to filter this vast sensory input through the Charm in order to conduct a mass profiling of individual criminals, predicting crimes before they occur. The Alchemical’s prognostication is always imprecise and at least somewhat hazy, but generally serves as enough early warning to dispatch adjudicators or other Alchemicals if necessary. Likewise, criminals clever enough to avoid the sensors or find a way to fool them may be able to defy the Metropolis’s ability to profile them.

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