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Ask the Devs v2

[#][F] The Demented One - 8 Hours ago
Originally posted by memeala View Post
At the risk of asking you to pick favorites, is there any book, either in development now or on the to-do list, that you're especially excited to see released?
There aren't any that I'm not excited about getting out.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8 Hours ago
Originally posted by Nilihum View Post
Let's say that I've 5 Stamina and I've but the Venomous merit on my Hybrid Body Transformation and Toxin Sacs on my Terrifying Ogre Alteration. If I use 3 doses of venom in a fight and then activate Deadly Beastman Transformation, do I automatically gain 2 doses venom?
Yes, but not over the usual limit of (Stamina) doses per day.

Can Claws, Fangs, Hooves, and Horns all be bought with a single purchase or do I've to take the merit multiple times?
If you want to say that one purchase gives you, say, claws on your hand to buff your punches, but hooves on your feet to buff your kicks, that's fine. You probably want some coherent aesthetic pulling it all together.

HBT can suppress the Giant merit. How many of the six dots does his cost?
Not quite—it can grant it temporarily, since it's a mutation, and then when it turns off it's suppressed.

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