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If you can ask the Dev's one quesiton

[#][F] John Mørke - 5 Hours ago
Originally posted by Solar View Post
Exigents excite me a lot as they give the opportunity to make non-politically aligned NPCs for campaigns who nevertheless have cool powers and therefore feel like proper allies/rivals. A temple might have a Guardian Exigent, for example, which gives it some oomph in terms of storytelling possibilities but doesn't tie it to a certain larger group like a DB, Solar or Lunar would. It also means that a temple of a Volcano Snake Goddess (to nick the example from the thread) can have a Volcano Snake Goddess Exigent with Volcano Snake Goddess type powers. Gods in Exalted are cool and powerful and interactive, Exigents add an additional and awesome dimension to that whole dynamic. So I am super-pumped for that.

Yes. We are chomping at the bit to write about them.

Abyssal Headless Horsemen

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Hours ago
My inclination would be to treat headlessness as just a rad variation of the Mute flaw.

Originally posted by Murcushio View Post

By bone chariot, you mean awesome motorcycle, right?
Fun fact: Celty was the inspiration for all of Abyssal Drive that I wrote.

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