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E2 - Was the Gem of Immortality an innovation of the last years of the High FA?

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 2 Hours ago
It’s a good idea, but you’d have to tell people playing mid-First Age games that the Stone of Immortality is off the table as a Hearthstone choice, and that never flies.

(See also: “The Solar Charm set has reached its utter peak of efficiency through years of new Charm development throughout the First Age” getting effectively retconned as soon as people realized it meant Primordial War game Solars would need a shittier set.)

Ask the Devs

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Hours ago
Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
So if I want a work crew to erect my glorious god-pyramid, I have to use spirit labor, or spend a century on it myself?
Architect=/=labor force.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Hours ago
Originally posted by Therian View Post
It may be possible something like this gets addressed in the Realm book but I am wondering, is there anytime the Realm would use a diplomatic solution to deal with Solars? In my game my circle of players have entrenched themselves in a Sesus held Northern satrapy almost right across the Inland Sea from Chanos. After multiple failed attempts to eliminate the Solars in straight up fights and a pretty cleverly designed deathtrap, it seems like at some point the Dynasts might have to come to the table just because they are pouring resources into just one satrap, even if it is dangerously close. Or am I underestimating the Realm's forces? Is diplomacy with Anathema something Realm culture could ever accept?
Immaculate doctrine teaches that you absolutely cannot let it get to that point. No matter how dire the situation, no matter how beneficial diplomacy with the Anathema might seem, you are a Prince of the Earth, and if you don't cut down the Anathema it's going to eventually pose an existential threat to you and every other Dragon-Blooded.

But of course, in Creation, as in reality, no one adheres 100% to the doctrine they espouse. Eventually, if it goes on long enough without you being able to kill the Anathema, things are going to reach a breaking point where it's self-evident that the situation you're in is unsustainable, and that continuing to pour resources and effort and Dragon-Blooded into it is just going to send you spiraling into destruction. Some Dragon-Blooded are going to reach that point and say fuck it, this is my duty, even if it ruins me. I suspect that's not going to be the majority of them. Eventually, they'll be willing to make a short-term deal with the devil, while probably still telling themselves that once things get better they'll mount the attack again and kill the Anathema for good.

Long-term diplomatic solutions with the Realm are a whole magnitude of improbability beyond that, and depending on how succession crisis unfolds, there may not be a Realm in the long term.

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