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We are no longer scraping the Exalted forum. We are going to be down for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm unable to post on the forums for some reason: The short summary is that the method used to retrieve the latest topics is being blocked. I think its being blocked specifically for the scraping engine only. I was able to determine that in other cases, ( for example another machine) it works as intended/expected.

If its being blocked then obviously its a hindrance to the forums enough that they had to implement a block of this type. Scraping already is a gray area, and I do not want to test the limits of Onyx Path patience. They have been kind enough so far. Technically I can find ways to work around this, but that's not in the spirit of being a good of being a good community member. Its better to just not scrape the forums that to play games to find hacks and work-arounds. I'll leave the data up for a little while until I wind down the account and hosting environment.

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[#][F] The Demented One - 8 Hours ago
Originally posted by limaxophobiac View Post
If you have two spirit-tied pet familiars, do you have to (and can you?) re-purchase Saga Beast Virtue for the second one, and if so do you also have to re-purchase Hide-Hardening Practice and Life of the Aurochs for your second familiar first or can you go straight for Saga Beast Virtue?
Saga Beast Virtue isn't written as being specific to one familiar, so a single purchase'll do you.

Can you have both your familiars in Saga Beast Virtue form at once?

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