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Martial Arts Styles you'd like to see in 3E

[#][F] The Demented One - 8 Hours ago
Originally posted by Ejtaka View Post
My question is this: Will Martial Art Styles be proportionately increased, or will they remain shorter? In either case, will some styles be significantly shorter than others, allowing for mastery of a style with less investment?
Martial Arts styles are about the same size as they have been in past editions.

I don't expect there to be super-short styles in the absence of a very good reason—but keep in mind that "super-short" here would be something like 4-6 Charms. Also, keep in mind that martial arts can be bought with "Solar" XP, which means that your investment in them can come out of a separate resource than your investment in Solar Charms.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8 Hours ago
Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
Given the loss of distinction between Terrestrial and Celestial Styles - is it necessary to keep their naming conventions, where the former Celestial Styles are overwhelmingly named for emulating a specific thing, while the former Terrestrial styles are more just vaguely descriptive? It strikes me that "Drunken Monkey Style" might be a completely appropriate name for what was Orgiastic Fugitive.
I'd be surprised if we changed the name of an already-existing style. That'd be pretty confusing.

As for new names—well, look at the new styles. We've got Steel Devil, which is vaguely descriptive, and Single Point Shining Into The Void, which is even vaugelier descriptive. Going forward I think styles will just be named based on what the best name for the style is. The 2e emphasis on "emulation" isn't really there.

With the reduced role of the four Virtues, if they even exist as such at all, is there room for the Four Arguments of Virtue anymore? I figure even if they're not in the mechanics as a separate thing, they still might PHILOSOPHICALLY exist in the setting - after all, that's a huge part of the Unconquered Sun's four armed iconography.
I don't think it impacts on their chances of reappearing. I'm not personally a fan of the styles, but that also doesn't impact on their chances!

The Lie of the Immaculate Dragons

[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Hours ago
What are the names of the Elemental Dragons? Pasiap, Danaa'd, etc. are probably valid names for them, if not their original names—gods and mythic figures having multiple names has never been a big issue. Various gods and whatnot probably have needed a signifier to refer to them that's snappier than "the Dragon of BLAH." I imagine that when Chejop or whoever picked the names to apply to the Immaculate Dragons in his faux mythology, he probably used ones that he was already familiar with instead of just slapping random Old Realm characters together. It's not really important overall, but that just seems like the most reasonable course of events.

Did the figures that the Immaculates were based on ever exist? My guess is no. I'd imagine their legends are a patchwork of the histories of various Exalted, Dragon-Blooded or otherwise, along with some stuff that was just made up.

Note that this is all personal opinion, not an assertion of canonical fact or a foreshadowing of future writing.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Hours ago
Originally posted by Jen View Post

The Dragon are her children now instead of being her soul, so the question is: When did she birth them, before or after the creation of...........Creation ?
The Elemental Dragons have been Gaia's children for a long, long time. They were never flagged as her souls until late 2e.

[#][F] The Demented One - 1 Hour Ago
Originally posted by DrLoveMonkey View Post

I'm hoping this will never be fully pinned down, I kind of like the idea of stumbling onto a tomb containing the magically induced sleeping forms of the five actual Immaculate Dragons. Kind of like that recent Doctor Who episode where he actually, and in complete disbelief, found for real Robin Hood.
I doubt it will be.

Blessed Isle Prisons

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Hours ago
Originally posted by Zelbinnean View Post
I generally agree with what you've said and with this statement it just seems like pretty much all games tell you that PCs CAN do whatever they want, if only given justification. Are you mostly saying that NPCs in the setting are likely not to all do everything they want, but that notion doesn't apply to PCs? I'd agree with that. That a given NPC Twilight doesn't develop Athletics to literally pull a stone wall apart could mean that they have no aptitude fort doesn't really apply to discussions about a PC Twilight with the exact same stats and background suddenly developing and cultivating an interest in her own physical strength.
The statement boils down to "your characters just so coincidentally happen to have the aptitude to gain whatever traits you want to give them because otherwise your fun would just be getting kicked in the nads for no reason, but keep in mind that this is not a universal principle for all Exalted." If Riku Grassfist's player decides, after a handful of stories, that he wants to begin putting dots in Linguistics and mastering its Charms as he composes poems to commemorate his many bloodstained triumphs, nothing will ever tell him nuh-uh, you just don't have what it takes to be good at poetry. If I, Robert Vance, decide that I want to become a master swordsman, I am very rapidly going to hit the wall of dude your reflexes and strength and general overall fitness are lame as hell you are not going to be good at swords ever, even if I'm already a Twilight Caste or whatever. Maybe those things holding me back from mastering Melee is represented by my low physical Attributes. No matter how many hours I spend in the gym before collapsing in a fit of resignation, I probably just do not have it in me to reach 5—peak human capacity—in all three of Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina. There are just walls that I am not going to be able to plow through, and because I'm a real person, I don't get to choose what those walls ever. Player characters, for the sake of fun and playability, simply have those walls placed so as to align with those things that players don't want to have them develop an aptitude in.

How to darken Creation's sky?

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Hours ago
Return of the Scarlet Empress discusses, non-canonically, what would happen to the sun if the Unconquered Sun were killed. Long story short, it goes all red and scary, and loses most of the efficacy sunlight normally has over creatures of darkness.

Keeping the Unconquered Sun out of Creation wouldn't do anything to the sun, really. He hasn't entered Creation for a good 5,000 years or so, and it keeps on shining.

Actually destroying the sun would probably require, well, destroying the sun. Even though the Unconquered Sun is more closely tied to it than most gods are to their domain, action on him alone is probably never going to be enough to flat-out destroy the sun itself, barring something interesting or cool enough for the Storyteller to decide that it does.

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Hours ago
Alternatively: put some kind of big, dark thing up over Creation to block out the Sun.

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Hours ago
Originally posted by Nephtys View Post
Mr. Burns would be so proud.

Just that I'm not making any wrong assumption, isn't (in 2E at least) the Daystar "the sun" as in the thing that lights up the sky?
Yeah, Daystar is the thing.

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