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[#][F] Lucy Darling - 13 Hours ago
*raises an eyebrow*

Not a dev, didn't work on the Core and if you will note my sig, am no longer working on the line at all for personal reasons. I am posting as a fan, as part of the community (albeit one with specific experiences most of you don't have). So take your 'professionalism' and...well stick to it yourself.

You want to be able to rant and rave and make HILARIOUS jokes. The Devs stuck through as much of that as they could - look at John's last thread announcing the Backer Charms if you want an example of why 'post and run' doesn't work, and why 'ignore the negative' doesn't work. Not being here trudging through it means "woe is me the devs have abandoned us".

It is a difficult line to walk. Last time I posted about this I got snarked at for NOT providing evidence and now quoting someone is poor form? Make up your minds about what you want before you start slamming people for not reaching those heights.

Not to mention the indie devs on rpgnet are there, not here. The rules there are different, mod culture is different, and board culture is different. And you cannot ignore the weight of history - on both sides.

To sum up: Ex3 is alive and ongoing.

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 1 Day Ago
Originally posted by Dragonmystic View Post
Hah, I kinda hope we could get a mulligan on 3e mechanics.

Originally posted by Dragonmystic View Post

I know, but I can hope, yeah? (I know it's not going to happen.)

Oh no, the Devs don't come and talk to us enough!! The line is failing! Ignore the sales stats and the continuing work and the releases and the monday meeting notes and the fan activity, all that matters is what people say to me the individual! DOOM I TELL YOU!!

Yeah, I wonder why that is. Either this is a place you want the Devs to come and chat with you, or it's a place you can growl and complain to your heart's content without being remonstrated with by exhausted people who are SO completely over it.

(I mean, what exactly should one say to "I hate all the work you did over the past few years and dismiss it with a quip"? Apart from "bless your heart" obviously.)

(tbh I am much more of a fan of the bear who lost his hat's response of "...thank you anyway")

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/22/2017
Originally posted by Totentanz View Post

For the same reason you don't name all your PCs "Lucy", the ST doesn't call your PC's waiter at the Teahouse "Waiter Number 12,461," and the core book doesn't refer to the Scarlet Empress as Too Much Hairspray Lady.
OP didn't suggest everything had a mundane kind of name, thus 'dissonance'.

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/21/2017
Originally posted by Chejop Kejak View Post
What threw me off, I think, was the mention of this as a characer who can be expected to engage in straightforward heroics - what I love about Perfect Soul is how that doesn't quite apply to her.
Straightforward heroic narrative - slightly different, but similar in some ways.

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/21/2017
(Also, psst, Kyman infers something far more egregious than 'what Jenna is conveying through use of style' when he mistakes a repeated use of symbolism for attempting to ape Whedon's dialogue so Ghosthead is continuing the trend in a much more acceptable way that...well doesn't have all that much to do with Death of the Author in terms of literary critique? )

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/21/2017
Originally posted by kongurous View Post
The question, then, is do you want those choices to be in the first thing people will read in your book? This isn't polarizing based on the content of the story, but on the construction of it fundamentally, which is not an area in which I would want my first impression to be debatable.

Originally posted by HighPriest View Post
Yikes. Reading this for the first time makes me appreciate my long-standing policy of not reading fiction chapter breaks in RPG books.
These responses rather bely this intent:

Originally posted by Kyman201 View Post

That's why I was so adamant in my first post that this wasn't anything personal towards Jenna, and by extension I want to make it clear that I didn't want this to seem personal to anybody who enjoyed it. I just wanted to discuss it, openly, and compare different opinions.
Your posts insist your judgement on structure, grammar, atmosphere, and intent are correct. I am actually deeply uncomfortable with the thread so I will simply note the following:

: the intent of the magic pig is to be both magic and a pig. That is, a sign of the small magics that infest Creation, and a nice source of protein for dubiously made pork buns.

: you can dislike and get lost in a sentence all you want but it does not make it a badly crafted one, but Ghosthead has that covered.

: the Boar of Standing Water is probably less obvious to those who have not hung around farms but I imagine it is a combination of both the myth of filthy mud and the way that pigs are actually clean animals. The reappearance of porcine symbols can be read a multitude of ways but I take it to be a stylistic choice based on how Wu-Jian is structured as a culture and as a city (pork is a good protein in crowded environments when compared with beef, or even birds).

: Sabriye's references to food are not a poor attempt at Whedon (blech) but a constant reminder that this poverty laden guttersnipe has been ripped from her home by glory and then left to suffer it alone. These are the first people she has met like her. She doesn't want to kill them she wants to be friends, to have company. And she will try to do that, because that is the kind of person she is.

: this is about character not just history, even so Wu Jian is her home and she does not want to leave. This is the story of her realising this. Musing on herself as a Solar, and as a resident of Wu Jian.

: the intent is to show that Ex3 isn't just Big Damn Heroes. The narratives of the game are not the straigtforward tales of glory. Sure, Perfect Soul would have made a nice simple story but she isn't messy the way this story is. Any rpg can do simple heroics, so why start with the mundane?

The story, is not undeniably unstructured, or badly written, regardless of how sure one person's criticisms may be. As I said though, horribly uncomfortable (even though I didn't write any of those intro fics, I know most of the people who did) but wanted to note that the criticisms are not nearly as cut and dried as it seems.

(Also pls forgive typos amd weird words - on my phone since my laptop bricked and is in the shop)

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/21/2017
My OP hellcat buffed with everything Supernal Survival could throw at it was called 'Prickles'.

I don't mind dissonant naming obviously. Why make it a big deal?

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/20/2017
Originally posted by Stephen Lea Sheppard View Post
I think I love that story for all the reasons you hate it.
Same here. I tend not to come at fiction with my qualifications drawn like weapons either - for me the things I teach my students are for very specific situations and my aim is to get them to a point where breaking those rules is a conscious stylistic and creative choice. Moran is a writer I trust to have done that, so those 'errors' are deliberate choices.

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/12/2017
Originally posted by diagrapher View Post

I'm glad some of the writers acknowledge that not every group has to play the same way. I've gotten the impression that a lot of the changes in 3rd edition were about consciously preventing styles of game the devs didn't like- "some storytellers made the characters' past incarnations a big part of the story, so ex3 won't mention them in the corebook at all", "some storytellers made the game all about saving the world from apocalypses so ex3 won't suggest any apocalypse scenarios, even explicitly-only-possible-if-the-storyteller-wants-it-to-be ones like the Reclamation", etc.
...I play with the Devs mate, I work with 'em and I write with 'em. That was not at all part of their 'motif' for game design.

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/12/2017
...I can't believe I did it again. Honestly. Where is the Robot Devil when you need him?

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/12/2017
Everyone has their preferences. Mine is for spelling things incorrectly because I have 'stupid fingers'.

But there is a tendency for communities to focus in on certain aspects of Creation and Exalted in general. Here it can feel ALL REALM ALL THE TIME (which is yay for me), other places are heavy on the West, or Lintha. It is not a judgement on thise folks but Malfeas definitely does not have to appear in your game and you definitely don't need to go punch demons, or harness them, or change reality, unless you want to. Exalted has room for all of this!

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/11/2017
My last Ex3 game had a Circle, some minor volcano gods, a plague, spirits, and a Liminal (some enemies, some not). As ST you control the power level and you don't have to remove the Exalts in order to keep the scope small. The launch straight into Yozis and Underworld and so on is a trope associated with a style of play, not 'the one true way to play Exalts'. You mentioned SV and it is something of a fasination there, that doesn't actually reflect Creation or Ex3 to be honest. Doesn't make it bad by any means! Just a very specific style and preference that you don't have to follow.

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/4/2017
Originally posted by Piff View Post

Did they like this idea?
About as well as I like it. Which is to say, still under discussion as to what it'd look like because that ultimately decides if it will happen. All three of us are painfully aware of how badly things can be taken out of context, and how upset and angry people get when they see the Devs doing things other than writing Exalted, so we are cautious. Also there were other unfriendly things happening at times, which didn't help and cause us to be extra cautious. Possibly to a fault, but it is what it is.

Also all of us have major skin-crawls at the idea of micromanaged update things, with people watching us write and judging our progress. I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again, but project management matrices and processes rarely actually reflect what creative work looks like. Thinking work can resemble everything from procrasti-cleaning to staring at a wall for two hours, which is rather unexciting. The idea of trying to turn that into an update? Eeeshh. I watch my poor friends have to do that with micromanaging supervisors and it is not great for their work.

I've had way too much experience watching a fun happy preview or sneak peek or snippet turn into WOE STURM UND DRANG so that's something I know I will need to keep an awareness of in terms of how I handle it and what I post (I do anyway, but if I commit to an update thingo, even moreso). The last thing I want to do is add drama to the forums, y'know? I like seeing everyone doing cool shit - even if I don't comment, I probably have read stuff and enjoyed the new shit y'all come up with. I don't wanna wreck that with the sourness and snark that characterised the forums for a while.

At the same time, they are witty fun guys with neat insights to media, games, development, and writing, and I often want to share that stuff with the fans because I think it contextualises a lot of their work, and it certainly humanises them.

Originally posted by Maudova View Post
what is this submissions page you speak of?

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 1/28/2017
I am so loving this thread and I will be back later to share, AND yes NPCs! I think they're one of the most awesome things to share in general.

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 1/27/2017
Originally posted by Rose Bailey View Post

We're accepting Exalted submissions: same e-mail address, same format (500 words setting, 500 words mechanics). I'll fix the page shortly.
There we go! Apply if it is your jam!