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[#][F] Holden - 1/17/2017
Originally posted by Boston123 View Post
Wouldn't making Creation a globe remove the "need" for the Elemental Poles?

It would mean that the Fair Folk invade on barques launched from the distant Chaos Stars. They would generally be held at bay by the stabilizing forces of the elemental moons, I'd think.

Of course, that kind of steps all over Luna.

[#][F] Holden - 1/17/2017
Originally posted by zylosan View Post
Like it says in the title

SOLARS, ABYSSALS, INFERNALS: Caste is a fixed quality across incarnations. If the Exaltation was a Dawn Caste last time it came around, it will be this time too, and the time after.

DRAGON-BLOODED, LIMINALS, AND ALCHEMICALS: Do not have reincarnating Exaltations.

LUNARS: Caste is determined after Exaltation, and can differ from incarnation to incarnation.

SIDEREALS: Like Solars, Caste is fixed from incarnation to incarnation.

[#][F] Holden - 11/27/2016
Originally posted by Lioness View Post
Yeah it's easy to blame 2e for mini-exalts, but I think 90% of the god blooded I saw who were made with the Player's Guide rules appeared to be following a checklist of the Merits and Flaws that would let them get as close to being an Exalt as humanly possible. Half-Caste were just the worst offenders.

Dragon-Touched were fourteen scoops of awful in particular, and definitely won't be coming back.

[#][F] Holden - 11/26/2016
Originally posted by Daerian View Post
Thank you very much for answers! :-)
I would like to ask, could there exists some unique Exigence Exaltation capable of interacting with Terrestial Exaltations (for example, strengthening them) or is it still not possible?

That's definitely something I would not put into print-- but "things I would publish for everyone to stick in their games" and "things that work for your game" don't have to be the same thing.

[#][F] Holden - 11/26/2016
Originally posted by Steamfunk View Post

I was excited for those when I first heard about them, but darn would it have been a nightmare to make interesting and keep balanced. Folding them into gambits was 100% the right way to go.

Yeah. I watched about five different talented homebrewers roll up their sleeves and try to go in and solve the problem after we cut Techniques. All of them ended up throwing in the towel, citing the same variety of problems we did.

[#][F] Holden - 11/26/2016
I'm a big fan of them in their original presentation, which was "if you are an extremely powerful Celestial Exalt, you still can't pass on your Exaltation through the blood, but your kids might be kinda second-sighted or something." The 1e and 2e implementations where they got Exalted Charms was awful. I'm generally against recycling powers to represent new playable types, and that goes triple for Exalted Charms.

[#][F] Holden - 11/25/2016
Originally posted by Leetsepeak View Post

Very exciting! I'm still absolutely enamored with the concept. I understand if this question can't be answered, but Exigent Exaltations once made can move on to a new host, right, sometimes? So like, if Janest died, could some new person get her Exaltation?
Some Exigents can pass on their Exaltation, most can't. Janest, for example, is probably one-and-done-- her Exaltation ends when dies. Those who can, often pass them on in weird idiosyncratic ways like "whosoever, be he worthy, should lift this hammer" or solving the Lament Configuration on a puzzle box or even voluntarily passing your Exaltation to a new bearer before you die. (And yes, that last example means that there are some transmissible Exaltations out there that can be destroyed, e.g. by killing that dude before he can tag a successor.) Very few Exigents have auto-cycling Exaltations like the Celestial Exalted do.

And as an add on for that, could an Exigence produce multiple Exaltations? Like a number of Terrestrial-like Exaltations that such that multiple people at once could be like the Exalted of Fields.
Theoretically, but I doubt we'll ever have an example of a multiple-Exaltation Exigence in print.

[#][F] Holden - 11/25/2016
Originally posted by Leetsepeak View Post
I asked about Liminals and John professed that he hasn't read Promethean, and he likened their creation process to Alchemicals but that it lacks a soulstone and uses body parts instead of magical materials.

He also said that the people who make it happen are acting as if they've been struck by divine inspiration, and don't fully understand what they're doing, and that the Exaltation of the Liminal is the spark that actually brings them to life, and is provided by something external to the party constructing the bodyparts.

... So it does sound a fair bit like demiurges from Promethean. Honestly? I dig it. It's kind of cool to take that idea but go in a really different direction, and there's something so fascinating about the idea of being born into the world with your Exaltation, and instead of having metaphorical baggage from your life as an un-Exalted person, you have the more physical baggage of the bodyparts you're made of. I'm VERY curious about whether that's of interest for the themes of the Liminals and whether there'll be a lot of wordcount dedicated to the idea that these parts that make up their bodies will each have a story attached to it. Could be very cool!

I also asked about Exigents but didn't have a specific direction for the question. John professed that there isn't a day where he doesn't think about them, and mentioned the idea that some of their charms might grant access to a Solar-Experience like system of benefits which allow them to modify their powers.

If I had to speculate wildly, it might be that the "Charm Matrix" a phrase we've seen used to describe the Charms of Exigents a few times might have the personalization of Charms built into their character progression in some way. I have absolutely no idea what that will actually look like, but I am so intrigued.

I also want Exigents so homebrewing is hopefully easier. Either way, I'm into it!
Exigents are unique, so an individual Exigent might have any sort of wild-assed structural or play gimmick. Pretty much every time we run into some interesting play-mechanic in anything-- another RPG, a video game, sports, a board game, card game, whatever-- we end up talking about how you could build an Exigent around that idea.

[#][F] Holden - 11/25/2016
Arms is double extra especially not getting the open dev treatment because we've had several rounds of this happen:

"I have a brilliant idea!" "Well, lay it on me." "Okay, it's like this." "Holy shit, that IS brilliant. OK, let's write some artifacts and see how it shakes out." *Artifacts are written* "Okay, we kind of ran all the potential this had dry after two artifacts, and the second one shows serious structural issues. We need to scrap this and do something else." "Yeah. But I have another idea. It's like this--" "Holy shit, that's really clever." "Yeah but it has this one problem." "Well, we can probably work that out, let's mess with it." "Okay, we've burned three weeks trying different things and that core problem appears insoluble." "Son of a bitch. Back to the drawing board."

Or, in short: Martial Arts Techniques taught us not to preview things until we are positive we can deliver them.

[#][F] Holden - 11/21/2016
Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
Also helpful is to have your ally grapple the sword guy. Then you're relatively free to shoot as you wish - just don't botch.

*twang* "Fuck!"

[#][F] Holden - 11/20/2016
Originally posted by MoroseMorgan View Post
I'll pause here to ask, what do you do? Flurry Take Cover and Attack and hope for the best when you disengage on your next round?
At this point, they are going to catch you unless you can deploy some kind of movement they simply can't follow, like Monkey Leaping up into the trees or taking flight or dodging through a wall or something. The right move depends on what kind of advantage you can get from moving or not moving according to the terrain and placement of your allies.

Now the bonus topic: I thought, hell, I'll move to keep things going, and take my shot, since now we're in Short Range and I don't need to Aim. I move, swordy rush moves to keep pace, and I shoot, successfully, and the round ends. HERE IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING! The bowperson's withering attack put them at the top of the initiative track. So now they have another move action. If bowperson moves again, does swordy's rush still apply and they keep pace? I looked back at the Rush rules, and I could see both interpretations. Rush never says it only moves them reflexively once, but it also never says it lets them move more than once.
This would indeed give you the opportunity to move again before their turn comes up, and get out to medium range, forcing them to try another Rush. (This is also a good time for the swordy to use Thunderclap Rush Attack to prevent that exact thing from happening, if he has it. Once he's stuck in and you have to Disengage to get away from him, his prospects are a lot better and yours are a lot worse.)

[#][F] Holden - 11/18/2016
Originally posted by The Sword Emperor View Post
Sometimes it's unclear how a Charm is meant to interact with battle groups, or whether it works at all (check out this thread). To make things simpler, I propose the Battle Group keyword.

"This Charm does not work - or works differently - against battle groups."
The call to clarity here is good. The reason we wouldn't do that as a Keyword is that we'd still need to explain how it works differently against battle groups in every single Charm it appeared in. When a keyword doesn't actually convey information in itself, but rather just denotes the presence of information, all it's really doing is inflicting a -2 wordcount debuff on the book every time it shows up.

[#][F] Holden - 11/18/2016
Heavy weapon. Bashing, Improvised, Thrown (Close), Special (Minimum Strength + Athletics total of at least 8 or not usable at all), Special (cannot be placed in a flurry).

[#][F] Holden - 11/18/2016
I haven't had the free time to even read Beast yet so the chance of any conceptual cross-pollenation by anything other than accident is presently nil.

[#][F] Holden - 8/19/2016
Originally posted by bartkusa View Post

I'm ecstatic that Holden turned my fuzzy idea into good mechanics, and I'm very happy that people other than me are excited by the charm.

A++++ would buy an official charm again

John did the concept-to-words alchemy, I just edited typos and font errors for this one lol.