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[#][F] Holden - 1/25/2013
Hecaton wrote:
Holden wrote:
In 3e, Abyssals will trail rainbows after their sword swings, and rather than Crypt Bolts, they will fire kittens out of their fingertips. Their old Charmset will become the new Liminal Charm set. We thought that would be a fantastic idea.

(Come on, seriously? :p)

I think John might have gone about setting up his defense of that word choice in the wrong way. There's been a constant insistence that 'no, Abyssals were always alive' since that idea was thrown around.

Given the charm that's posted, would it be okay to assume a charm that, say, let a character ignore pain because corpses just don't give a fuck might be workable for both Abyssals and Liminals?

Wouldn't be very Liminal-appropriate because they're pointed in the other direction.