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[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/17/2013
Morally ambiguous science wrote:
Chai Tea wrote:

"And then she died and everyone else did too" would be a shitty ending to a story that demonstrates how Creation's heroes can make a difference. This story is just the beginning of Janest's legend.

Cue bitching about how 3e is nerfing the Fair Folk.

This is why we can't have nice things.

[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/17/2013
notthepenguins wrote:
To be honest, I was thinking that she was fucked too. I mean, narratively it seems like she was supposed to win, but... unless this raksha army runs at the first sight of real resistance (which would be entirely reasonable, actually - opportunistic pillagers don't often like anything that even looks like a real fight) I didn't see her winning that one. I don't think the intent was to show it as pointless, though, or at least if it was it wasn't well-communicated.

"And then she died and everyone else did too" would be a shitty ending to a story that demonstrates how Creation's heroes can make a difference. This story is just the beginning of Janest's legend.

[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/17/2013
The Invisible Voice wrote:
Chai, can we assume this is one of yours?
Sorta. I wrote the first draft, but we had to fuss over it for a while before we realized it had some problems that required a shift in focus. Holden wrote the second draft from scratch, and did a damn fine job on it too. Some bits of mine are still in there, but I can't really all it "mine".

Romanov wrote:
Perhaps the Strawmaiden is indeed a Solar Exalt and the process now works differently?
She isn't. She's something else entirely.

[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/17/2013
Oh, this got posted! I was waiting for it.


[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/11/2013
As a visual aid, this is the funding curve for W20.

This is the funding curve (so far) for Ex3! If you compare, and if Ex3 follows the same trend, donations taper off after the first couple days, resulting in a slower, steadier increase. This is why John and Holden are doing spoilers--to keep people excited about it.

Another Lurker wrote:
I still think it's on course to double what's already there.
Yeah, you are probably right. The linear regression says it'll end at over 2 million, which on one hand is kind of silly, but on the other...


[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/11/2013
MrInsecure wrote:
Okay, so if the normal course of combat has been abstracted, such that you can get results without necessarily damaging your opponent, does that mean there will be a greater emphasis on non-lethal combat?

I hope Holden doesn't mind if I interject here!

You can totally run duels, sparring matches, and other such things in the system, and it will work fine. (In contrast, the one sparring match I played in Ex2 ended in my poor fragile Sidereal almost dying. Whoops.)

[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/10/2013
Sorcerer of Silver Sands wrote:
As Saturn is my witness, I thought Holden was joking about the dinosaur tier. Pledged, and looking forward to being subscribed to the "newsletter" almost as much as the actual rewards.
Holden, joke about something like that? Surely you jest.

[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/9/2013
Exploding Frogs wrote:

Technically, all whales are carnivorous. Yes, even the "gentle giant" baleen whales. Krill are animals too, you know.

But yes, that is awesome. Is it just me, or is that a blue whale in its jaws? As in, the biggest modern animal on the planet?

(I think we already have these guys, though--Exalted calls them cachalots. Some kind of gigantic and aggressive cetacean, anyway.)

It's not, it's just a smaller baleen whale that looks kind of like a blue whale. Leviathan melvillei was big, but it wasn't that big. Bad palaeoartist!

[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/9/2013
Aranis wrote:
And to those who want to poo-poo it ...

Keep in mind that salary attributes have a serious impact on those who are considering taking a given job. If freelancers see that they can get above-industry standards consistently through something like Kickstarter, that could very well be the deciding factor for writing for Onyx Path as opposed to writing for something like Paizo or Wizards.

Indeed. Keep in mind that part of why Rich does the Kickstarter is to help increase OPP's operating budget--and part of that goes to paying authors (and artists, and devs, and layout people, etc). The more he can pay the people who work for him, the better off everyone is, especially since we're a niche publisher with rates already below industry average.

As a recent grad who's been looking for work, thanks to all of you who chipped in! This is the best thing that's happened to me all week, seriously. You guys are awesome.

[#][F] Chai Tea - 5/9/2013
Eric Minton wrote:
MorkaisChosen wrote:
CrownedSun wrote:
Eric Minton wrote:
Chai Tea wrote:
Bad John. You stop that and tell them about the thing I wrote this instant.
Be patient! It's not like I'm nagging him to tell them about the thing I wrote.
Hey, none of this patience stuff. You start nagging him at once, Mr. Minton. AT ONCE! ;)
nagging protocol initiated

oh god what have you done

[#][F] Chai Tea - 2/7/2013
danelsan wrote:
Just when I was getting used to John's new puppy avatar too...XD

I couldn't let him beat me.

[#][F] Chai Tea - 2/7/2013
Plague of Hats wrote:
Plague: If you have something like 50 hours to kill and want to watch one of the greatest LPs ever:

Plague: It doesn't matter that it's a sequel, because MGS is all pseudo-philosophical nonsense anyway.

Liz: Have you seen the Cabela's Dangerous Hunts LP

Plague: Oh fuck yes!

Liz: :D

Liz: 3e Lunars

Plague: Haha.

Liz: I keep trying to get Holden to watch it, you must help me

Plague: Yesssss

Just FYI, the first part of the video is the prologue. You play as crazy old hunter dude's son, and during the tutorial level, he berates you for being a pussy city-slicker and sends you off to go kill an elk. When you finally finish it, he congratulates you and says you might just be worth it after all.

Then he tells you to cut out the elk's heart and eat it, while it's still hot.

It only gets crazier from there.

[#][F] Chai Tea - 2/4/2013
Wise Old Guru wrote:
3. I'm excited about the "mythic" qualities of animals which are being emphasized here, because most human mythology roots in animals of one kind or another. I'm a little sad to see the scientific bits go, though...I really liked playing arthropod or deep-sea totems with strange and alien themes and powers. I've seen players get a lot of terrifying mileage out of spiders, wasps, sea urchins, centipedes, and in one absolutely horrifying case a tick-totemed Lunar. Dear Devs: please remember that some of us really really really love bugs, and that bugs are CRAZY AWESOME in terms of ideas for neat powers, even if you don't copy them exactly.
I love me some weird totems, too. I would not want to see them disappear either, and I don't think they will. That said, I think that in the places the Charms reference animals, they will reference things animals are famous for in human mythology and culture. (i.e., no Pistol Shrimp Ignites the Sun Atemi.)

[#][F] Chai Tea - 2/4/2013
Darn it, John, you sniped me.

But yeah, one of the advantages of having new Exalted around is that Lunars no longer have to encompass literally every shapeshifter ever. Instead, they get to be a specific type of shapeshifter, broad enough to contain a wide variety of concepts without being so broad they lose thematic coherence. And it's really important that Lunars get that coherence in 3e.

Point being, Lunars can borrow animal-based symbolism for their powers without being limited to that.

The Invisible Voice wrote:
Odo. And his story gets much better in later seasons.
Yup. Boy does it get better.

[#][F] Chai Tea - 2/4/2013
Kukla wrote:
]TAW is an acronym for 'Terrifying Argent Witches', a fan-rewrite of the Lunar Exalted which revolves around the idea of Lunars as witch-monster heroes, outsiders to human society who shift shape and form with great aplomb, who have odd, sidereal-esque...
I'd call it more "Yozi-esque", to be honest, but nitpiiiicks.

Kukla wrote:
I have enormous confidence that the 3e core Lunars will fit just as tightly and sensibly in to the 3e setting.
Yeah, pretty much.