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[#][F] Chai Tea - 1/21/2013
One of the things that became clear early on in the development cycle was that the Storyteller engine needed serious work if it was going to handle the sort of epic, high-stakes conflict Exalted has promised players since its creation. We put our heads together, and came up with a system unlike any other:

<2>Action Resolution

<n>To determine whether you accomplish an action successfully, roll 1d50 (or 1d100/2, round up). the number you get determines the outcome.

1: action succeeds
2: action fails
3: action succeeds, but disappoints
4: action winds up being not a great idea after all
5: action fails spectacularly; lose 1 limb
6: nothing happens mysteriously
7: action succeeds, but you trip on a banana
8: action fails, someone somewhere dies
9: action succeeds, all hell breaks loose
10: action fails and succeeds simultaneously regardless of paradox
11: action fails, everything you once thought you knew turns out to be a lie
12: action succeeds; mom???
13: action succeeds to the smallest extent that it can succeed
14: action fails; lose 1 level
15: action fails but it's okay after all
16: action succeeds but you regret it
17: action succeeds in spite of a very good reason for it not to
18: action fails and nothing is the same again
19: action fails just as someone said it would and you feel bad
20: action succeeds(?)
21: action succeeds several times in a row
22: action fails and the GM does something to dick you over unfairly
23: player interprets this result freely
24: action fails because someone is revealed to be a traitor
25: action succeeds because someone is revealed to be an ally
26: action fails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27: action fails due to arrival of ghost(s)
28: action succeeds, but only if the player really wants it
29: action succeeds and the player is smug about it
30: action fails; lose sight in 1 eye
31: action fails because someone forgot there was a table there
32: action succeeds because the player remembered he was holding an axe
33: action fails ... or does it?
34: action fails, but nobody notices
35: action succeeds; lose 1 limb, but losing this limb must be integral to your success
36: action succeeds and nobody could be prouder
37: action fails, dwarves emerge
38: action succeeds because you remembered what day it was
39: action succeeds because someone else forgot what day it was
40: action fucking fails, it just fucking does
41: action fails and it's for the best
42: action succeeds, it begins to rain
43: action succeeds thanks to meteor
44: action fails thanks to meteor
45: action doesn't not succeed
46: action fails due to negligence on your part
47: action fails and it's kind of hilarious but then sad when you think about it
48: action fails; age 5 years
49: action succeeds magically
50: critical hit

(Credit due to SomethingAwful's games forum, which is sadly behind the paywall. Stolen shamelessly from the thread on Ape Fight, their groundbreaking game-in-development.)

(don't kill me)

[#][F] Chai Tea - 7/24/2012
MrInsecure wrote:
hatewheel wrote:
Sanctaphrax wrote:
I hope they don't depart too far from 2e's mechanics. They were flawed, but they had potential I'd like to see realized.

Tiresias wrote:
Huh. So Scroll of the Monk 2 got dropped?

Did it?


Guess it became an inefficient investment of time and resources with E3 on the docket, right?

Also, flood detection, we meet again.

Basically, yeah. Also the issue of writing a bunch of styles that then become pretty much obsolete within the next year.