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Originally posted by Gigaton-Falcon-Emu View Post
Oh, Gilgamesh is a 3/4 god who believes that the world is his and only his, has all the power in the world but is too lazy to use it, wears golden armor, is only ever defeated because using his full power would be the same as acknowledging you as an equal (which he believes that next to no one is) and will stand on a lantern-post because being eye-level with other legends is beneath him. He also wants to purge humanity because they have gotten too weak to make worthy subjects in his opinion.

Basically is that still in line with how mad the Solars got?
"Purging humanity" goes a bit too far. The Solars of the First Age worked miracles great and terrible under the Great Curse, but they were not uniformly amoral or without humanity. I think even in the First Age, someone like Fate-Gilgamesh would stand out from his peers.

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Originally posted by Yue Ryong View Post
I've been trying to work out how Battle Groups respond to social influence - specifically attempts to intimidate them off the battlefield & how that interacts with the Rout check rules.
Does a Threaten action work straight up, force a Rout check or just fail? Inspire actions? Persuade actions?
There's no generic answer - the effectiveness of a threaten roll is subjective, depending on the exact threats you make and how your target perceives them. If the Storyteller thinks a player's threat would reasonably cause an army to up and retreat, based on the Intimacies of the overall group, then it can do that. If the Storyteller's not quite buying that, then having the battle group roll against rout would be a reasonable way to handle that.

Also, how much of the old cast of deities are likely to make appearances? Are Five Days Darkness & Little Beam still trying to come to terms with UCS's absence? Are Ryzala, Ghataru & Lytek still engaged in bureaucratic warfare? I assume at least that most of the Bureau of Destiny will have most of the same characters.
Undetermined. Of the characters you mention, I think plenty are likely to make eventual appearances, but the only one we've actually discussed is Lytek.

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Originally posted by Gigaton-Falcon-Emu View Post
More of a flavour question but Ive been using Gilgamesh from the Fate franchise as a desciptor for your average First Age Solar, is that a fair comparison in 3rd edition?
Unfortunately, I don't know much about the Fate series beyond the general premise. Heroes of the past returned to the modern day ought to be at least a decent comparison point for Solars, although the specifics may get muddy.

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Originally posted by norraba View Post
I know that their are some control spells that can give a sorcerous anima an elemental aesthetic, like storm wind rider, and I know that there are some control spells that can give all your spells fire aspects, like magma kraken, but is this only the realm of control spells or would it be possible for a sorcerous initiation to cause the same effect?

For example, sorcerous initiation gained through being possessed by a demon of fire causing your anima to take on a burning aesthetic and all your spells to look as if they have a fiery nature?
Having differing visual aesthetics is never going to harm anything, although I'd personally tie it to a specific initiation-locked Merit that carries some separate effect, rather than just the initiation. However, I wouldn't let it allow a player to convincingly pass as a Dragon-Blooded without A) clever and successful social influence or B) a built-in cost appropriate to the disguise effect.

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Originally posted by norraba View Post
With this in mind, how realistic is it that in third edition there are benevolent demos who wish to help humanity?
Very much so. Demons are not intrinsically malevolent to humanity, but intrinsically alien. While their compassion may take strange forms, such as Alveua's philosophy, there's no prohibition on genuine benevolence.

Above board I'm asking due to my own interest in creating a sorcerous initiation inspired by howls moving castle which involved a symbiotic relationship between a human and a demon who lived in his heart/hearth
Rad. Howl's Moving Castle (the movie; I've shamefully not read the book) is a great source of inspiration for Ex3 sorcery.

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Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
Who's the editor for Arms? Lea?
Yep! 10char

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Originally posted by TheAdept View Post

When I read the inspire action on p.217 I read it as the same as the charm and not as your example above. It does A) not appear to require knowledge of the target's intimacy and B) not require you to describe how you appeal to an intimacy, just choose the emotion that is being inspired. Here is an excerpt from the p.217 of the book:
Inspire rolls don't require an Intimacy, but exploiting one lowers your target's Resolve.

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Originally posted by AnubisXy View Post
Just a question on Martial Arts. Can gods, elementals, demons, ghosts, etc practice martial arts and gain access to martial arts Charms in 3rd edition? Or is using Martial Arts Charms generally only something Exalted can do, barring exceptionally unusual circumstances?

*EDIT* Or to put it another way, if you were to open up a dojo in the Underworld, or Malfeas or some other place with a lot of Essence users, would you be able to teach your students how to unlock martial arts charms?
At some point we'll probably address this in more concrete detail, but as a general answer, yes, spirits and other supernatural beings with Essence pools can learn Martial Arts Charms. First Circle Demons and other spirits of comparable power and rarity are limited by the Terrestrial keyword, while access to Mastery is very rare and limited to thematically appropriate styles, e.g. Mara and Black Claw.

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Originally posted by Demac View Post

So if I'm reading this right, then there won't be a situation where everybody from Lookshy as Wind-Whispered Words and Elemental Bolt, right?

EDIT: I'm specifically looking at charm selection.
I'm really not a fan of mandatory allocations of chargen resources, especially Charms.

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Originally posted by Crumplepunch View Post
What is your read on the approximate number of Dragon-Bloods?

Ideally I'd like to get an impression on how many of the following you think there would be, either in rough numbers or proportions to one another:

1) Dynasts (Great House Dynasts, Cadet House Dynasts, Adoptees to Dynastic families)
2) Non-Dynast Realm Dragon-bloods (Unadopted patrician Exalts, Coin-or-Razor Found Eggs)
3) Outcastes (Established gens and dynasties, independents)
The Realm has ~15,000 Dragon-Blooded, of whom ~5000 are Lost Eggs. Lookshy has ~5,000, and there are ~5000 Outcastes.

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Originally posted by Saur Ops Specialist View Post
Do other major pockets of people following the Immaculate Philosophy have different takes on which term or terms to use?
I believe Lookshy has its own terms.

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Originally posted by TheAdept View Post
What does the charm Heart-Compelling Method do that is not already covered by the default inspire action?

Both the charm and the inspire action entry appear to do the same thing. I would just ignore the charm but it is a prerequisite for Soul-Stirring Cantata and Seventeen Cycles Symphony. I would prefer not to waste xp on charm that does not do anything.
Heart-Compelling Method ensures your inspire roll will exploit one of the target's Intimacies to lower their Resolve, even if you don't know that they have that Intimacy, or don't overtly appeal to it.

Example: You're in a seedy Wu-Jian teahouse filled with a mix of the local motley of criminals as well as some Dynasts. Normally, if you wanted to exploit the local audience's Tie of hatred towards the Realm as you inspire them to anger with your song, you'd need to A) know that they have the Intimacy and B) describe how you appeal to that Intimacy, such as playing a ballad about a rebellion against the Realm. At the very least, that's going to draw some attention to you.

With Heart-Compelling Method, you wouldn't need to know they had an Intimacy against the Realm - and if you think that they do, but are wrong, your influence will still find an Intimacy to support it, like a personal grudge against one of the Dynasts in attendance. Even after your music starts a teahouse brawl of pirates and martial artists and Dragon-Blooded, no one would think that you were deliberately trying to stir up discontent against the Realm - after all, you were just plucking out a wordless melody on your sanxian.

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Originally posted by Ryoki View Post
First of all thanks for the answer regarding the offhand penalty. I really appreaciate it.

One of my players is panicking a bit because he feels that he is too vulnerable without the Charm Destiny- Manifesting Method. And I'm wondering myself.

So on Destiny-Manifesting Method (p. 304):

Who can use powers that warrant using and buying this charm? What kind of entity has the power to make a player character unplayable because he or she did not buy this charm?

Parts of the sidebar read a bit like "Effects that instantly change one player character so much that he becomes unplayable are boring, so with this charm they become less boring and thus you can use it on them, but only on those that have the charm since it would be boring to just kill of the other characters that don't have this charm." What am I missing, because none of this seems like a good idea to me.

How often are you supposed to encounter these powers within creation? The wyld? The other realms?

What would be an advise you could give to STs that plan to use antagonists that are (proabably) able to use such powers?

What would such an effect actually look like mechanicaly speaking? I don't think there is one in the core.

What are other prerequisites these entities need to have so that they may use this kind of power?

What are other ways to defend against these powers or is it a Integrity only thing?

In further charms down the tree "shaping effects without clear defence" are mentioned (Phoenix Renewal Tactic p. 307). What are those, how differ they from the regular "fiat level" effects that Destiny-Manifesting Method protects against?
I typed out a big long answer and it got eaten.

Here's the short version: what does Destiny-Manifesting Method protect against? A whole wide range of transformations. This could be anything from a sorcerer's curse turning you into a cat, to entering a raksha freehold where everyone inside temporarily becomes a cat, or a Getimian throwing down reality-warping kung fu to turn your mind into that of a cat.

(It does work on things that don't turn you into a cat, but I'm on a roll)

If the effect is something that could "defeat" someone in combat, like a gaze that turns them into stone, I strongly recommend making it a special gambit. That way, it plays nice with the Initiative system, player characters can still survive it without needing a Charm, and if you do get zapped by it, it doesn't feel "unfair" compared to eating an Initiative 20+ decisive attack. Less drastic transformations might instead be an influence roll against a character's Resolve or a similar opposed roll.

If you're going to make something that can't be resisted at all without Charms, I'd think carefully about what that does to your players' enjoyment of the game. Turning into a cat for the duration of your stay in a faerie's court is fun; getting turned to stone forever with no chance to resist is not. Do what makes your game the most fun.

I recommend talking with your player about this. If you don't plan on having a lot of shaping or transformations show up in your game, tell them that, so they can use that Charm on something else. It shouldn't be the kind of thing where they feel like they need it just to avoid instant death.

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Originally posted by SunAndSpring View Post
So, will the upcoming bestiary include generic Exalted opponents, like how the core book has stats for a typical Abyssal, Sidereal, or Liminal foe, or is it more focused towards animals, spirits, Wyld-born creatures, demons, and other more common entities within Creation?
Exalted enemies will appear in Adversaries of the Righteous. Hundred Devils Night Parade is more focused on animals and monsters.

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Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
Is the term "monk" gender-neutral in the Realm? I assume it is and their aren't Immaculate Nuns, because in a semi-matriarchal society the masculine term wouldn't be used as the default, with the feminine only being used to specify a woman, but I wanted to make sure.
Yes, it's neutral. There's a big difference in connotation between the two terms.