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[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Days ago
Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
Hearteater questions
do we have sample charms for them,or do we have guidelines on how to make charms for them?
All of the optional canon Exalted will get some sample Charms, although not as many as the full Exigent Charm sets.

in their history,were they lo locked away at some point? I think you said they were but I don't remember
They were driven out at the First Age's dawn and entombed in the Wyld.

What kind of playstyles are the ore suited for hearteaters?
While I think every Exalted type has a fair bit of flexibility, I think a sympathetic PC Hearteater would really shine in a game that focuses on the moral choices faced by the player characters and the consequences of how they use their power.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Days ago
Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post
How does one gain a familiar after character creation without charms? I'm sure it's open to interpretation per GM and I'm not necessarily looking for strict mechanics, but is it a mutual agreement between 2 beings?
You're forming a deep and reciprocal emotional bond with your familiar-to-be.

Does the familiar-to-be have to agree to it?

What seals it as a familiar instead of just being a being that agrees to follow you around?
The Storyteller decides you've spent a narratively sufficient amount of time bonding with your familiar-to-be.

]Does it require a token expenditure of essence (keeping non-exalted from having a familiar) or could anyone gain one? Elemental Bond Meditation made me think of this question since it doesn't spell it out.
Mortals can have familiars.

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Originally posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
So, in reading through the Heirs to the Shogunate release, I note that House Yueh's matriarch, Yueh Kho Luhn, is mostly referred to with male pronouns, except once at the very end of their writeup, where the text uses "she". Is that just a typo? Or are they intended to be gender-fluid?

And I'd like to say how great it is that this is a question I have to ask! :-)
That's a typo — I don't think alternating pronouns works as well to convey "this character is genderfluid" as they pronouns are to convey "this character is nonbinary," so we're explicit about that.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Days ago
Originally posted by Mynorin View Post

I didn't think there'd be a specific spell for it. However, I'm not seeing anything that might help with this in the DB Occult Charms or Terrestrial spells (though, admittedly, I may not be that clever :P). I could see using Peacock Shadow Eyes to entrance such a spirit and then use that trance to your advantage, however brief it lasts. Is that the sort of "binding" that you mean.

If not, I might need something of an example to wrap my head around this.

By the by, I am very much enjoying what we have of Heirs to the Shogunate so far.
Binding here is more in the sense of "making them obligated to you or otherwise acquiring leverage that you can use to successfully socially influence them," rather than "magical mind control." We can see about making that come through more clearly in the phrasing of the final draft.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Days ago
Originally posted by General Trivia Kit View Post
A question about Victory-Seeking Insight and "wins Join Battle" conditions. When is the "winner" of Join Battle determined? Before or after a dragon-blood transfers initiative to her allies?

For example, if an Exalt uses both Victory-Seeking Insight and Pasiap Preempts Hate, rolls the highest initiative, but then hands her hearthmate enough initiative that they swap places in the initiative order -- does she still avoid the 2i cost for delaying her action?
Winning Join Battle only cares about who gets the highest roll.

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
Originally posted by Jefepato View Post
So, here's another weird question.

A Dragon-Blooded warrior triggers Tiger-and-Dragon Combination with his Dawn Caste buddy. Afterward, the Dawn uses his anima power to reset combat and movement Charms.

Does this allow the two of them to launch TaDC again?

Or has the Dawn merely reset his own ability to participate in a TaDC combo, but not the Dragon-Blood's? (So in theory, if there's a second DB who has a TaDC with this Dawn, they could do that next.)

Or does the anima power do nothing at all, because it technically resets the Dawn's combat and movement Charms, and TaDC isn't the Dawn's Charm?
I think it's fair for the Dawn anima to reset the 1/day limit for the Dawn, but it wouldn't benefit the Dragon-Blood.

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
Originally posted by Jorlem View Post
For the Night Caste anima power that allows the Solar to ignore up to higher of three or Essence penalties to Stealth, does this mean the magnitude of the penalty (-3 dice in the pool) or three actual penalties, that is, things that would make stealth more difficult (being in broad daylight, with people looking at you, while talking)?
The former.

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
Originally posted by Mynorin View Post

Is this referring to binding in the sense that you summon and bind a demon using Demon of the First Circle? That and Summon Elemental give means of binding a demon/elemental that needs to be summoned/created first. To my knowledge, there are no ways of sorcerously binding gods/ghosts or already-present demons/elementals (short of a sorcerous working which would seem to take a bit of time to pull off). What sorts of methods do Simendors use to bind these spirits?
Cunning, trickery, and clever use of existing Charms and spells, rather than a specific bind-gods-like-they're-demons spell.

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Originally posted by Kyman201 View Post
First, love the Backer Charms in Heirs. I did have a small question about Moon-and-Earth Marriage.

Can this Charm be used with a Lunar who already has met their Solar Bondmate? Thus allowing the Lunar to act as though they have two Bondmates?
Yes and yes.

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
Originally posted by Jefepato View Post
Can a DB with multiple instances of Tiger-and-Dragon Combination use each combination attack once per day, or can each character do only one dual tech per day total?
Only one use per day, not one use per partner.

Does the combination attack for a given purchase of TaDC have to be more or less the same thing every time (same weapons etc.), or can the involved duo use any pair of decisive attacks for which they can come up with a cool stunt?
There's a core "signature move" that you're doing each time, but you can mix it up with stunts. There's no requirement to use the same weapons each time.

Does buying Twin Dragons Dancing once allow you to potentially use it with every instance of TaDC known (at least the ones that are with a DB Hearthmate), or would you have to buy it separately for each TaDC combo? (Although it looks like you can only use its benefits once per story in total either way, if I'm reading it right.)
You only have to buy it once.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
Originally posted by Moonstruck View Post

Very cool! And thanks for your answer. I hopeful that would be the case. I don't suppose you'd be willing to hint at an example of how differently a Solar and an Infernal *might* look in their approach to basic feats in 3e?
A lot of the broad strokes of what Infernals were able to do in 2E will most likely be carried over, so that should give you a pretty good starting point.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
Originally posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
A question about sorcerous initiations - do you guys think that the three shaping rituals (or two, in the case of the Soul-Perfecting Elixir) are the only ones that each initiation can have? Or are they just examples, to provide a guide to the "style" for each initiation, and additional shaping rituals could exist for any given initiation?
I've never thought of that before, but I think adding new shaping rituals would be just fine.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
Originally posted by Moonstruck View Post
With the understanding that specifics may always change during development, to what extent do you see the Solars, Abyssals, and Infernals mirroring each other (or rather, Abyssals and Infernals resembling Solars) in their early/fundamental Charms that compose their bread and butter? For instance, we know Elegant Flowing Deflection remains nearly identical to Dipping Swallow Defense. Is it reasonable to predict that the three Solar cousins will have largely similar baseline mechanics to establish them as equivalent peers before breaking off into their own thematic directions? (To use the Melee example: all three perhaps sharing Excellent Strike / Dipping Swallow > Bulwark capabilities.) Is that more likely in their combat Charm sets where it's harder to have wildly different basics without bigger variance in their core effectiveness?
The current plan is that Abyssals will hew closer to Solars in their basic workhorse Charms before branching off into Charms emblematic of the Deathlords, while Infernals will be more divergent from the get-go.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by NavveS View Post
Can you officially tell us what are the style weapon of the martial arts from the companion book of the lunars? Mainly of the thousand blade style.
It's a bit too early, especially become style weapons are something that we can and occasionally have tweak very late in development.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Jorlem View Post
Have you guys watched Magi: The Adventures of Sinbad?
I haven't.