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[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
Originally posted by Sakii View Post

Is this much more than DB?
Haven't sat down and counted them up. Same-ish overall wordcount.

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Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
Iirc, one of the previous edition books indicated that part of the reason Immaculate Monks could access such powerful Martial Arts styles as the Elemental Dragon styles was because of their various taboos and lifestyle restrictions. Is that still the case in 3e?
It's a significant part of their training regimen, but it's below the level of mechanical resolution. A renegade martial artist who learned the Immaculate Dragon styles from stolen scrolls isn't going to suffer mechanical penalties for eating five pounds of red meat a day and washing it down with wine, but in a very real sense his Essence is going to be unrefined and uncultivated compared to that of an ascetic monk.

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Originally posted by armyofwhispers View Post
Dunno if this has been asked before, but when designing artifacts, do repurchases of evocations generally count towards the limit of evocations an artifact can sustain. Hypothetically if I have one evocation that can be repurchased 9 times, does that max out the evocations a three-dot artifact can sustain? Or is this on a per-case basis would you say?
If they don't count, you'd get people doing silly things like "oh, this one Evocation has ten thousand repurchases," which would be silly.

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Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
IIrc, you said that there were going to be a couple of heresies discussed in the Realm book. Do any of them have more ...permissive views on sex than the orthodox immaculates?
I think almost all of the heresies discussed in The Realm are folk heresies, practiced by the laity rather than by monks. As far as heterodox sects, I could see the Sisterhood of Pearls maybe moving away from vows of chastity. Not sure about the Pure Way, but my gut says probably not.

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Originally posted by reseru View Post
I thought Exigent numbers were like 50-100, but they're double that? 200 is how many there were at their highest, in like the Primordial War or whatever.
Nope! 200+ is the number in the setting bible.

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Originally posted by Cryo-Seraph View Post
This odd little argument point has come up a few different times in a few different threads and reminded me of this continued issue. Now, i could be misremembering, as i haven't read 1st edition material in awhile, but the inherent distrust of sorcery was always linked to the access to demons that the summon demons spell accessed for the sorceror, right?

There was emphasis (in 1sted) given to people who learned sorcery but only learned the countermagic spell not even being called sorcerors. The use of demons and the fear of their corrupting influence is what the actual fear of sorcerors is tied to. And it is a very powerful spell compared to the others for how long the effect lasts, making it mechanically favorable and a realistic thought that a sorceror is likely to dabble in demonology. But if people did not think you knew that spell, they treated you better than if you did
That's not the case, or at least, not for the Realm's distrust for sorcery in 1E. It's discussed on page 139 on Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded, and there's no mention of demon summoning as distinct from sorcery more generally.

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Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post

So, an attack with an archery weapon at close range actually gets an effective bonus when making a decisive attack, because the accuracy is -1?
It's the same reason an decisive attack with a knife deals as much damage as one with a grand daiklave: it represents the moment in battle when you seize the advantage to strike a potentially fatal blow.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
Originally posted by Sakii View Post
How many charms do you expect the Lunars book to have?
Somewhere north of 600.

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Originally posted by TalosX View Post
I'm sure I've missed this somewhere, but I can't find it so I'm just gonna ask:

When you make a Decisive attack with a melee weapon, you don't use the weapons accuracy for the attack roll. Ranged weapons don't have weapon accuracy, instead they have accuracy based on the target's range. So when making a Decisive attack with a ranged weapon, do you lose the bonus/penalty based on the range, or do you simply ignore the loss of the accuracy bonus for ranged attacks?
You don't apply the Accuracy mod on decisive attacks, regardless of what type of weapon you're using.

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Originally posted by TDS View Post
Will any summoning spells you might write in the future keep having no control effect?
Pretty safe bet.

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Originally posted by Therian View Post
We're having a little confusion over The Dragon Succumbs from White Veil Style. For the poison effect, how is it supposed to work? It says it does not reduce the duration of the poison, but you can only use the number of intervals remaining. Does that mean it uses them all up but the penalty remains for the duration? Or is it just another cap on how much damage can be done?
He rolls damage as though (1 + attack roll extra successes) intervals of the poison had all happened at once, but this doesn't decrease the poison's actual duration, so it just keeps chugging along. However, if someone only has three rounds of snake venom left in his system, you can't hit him with four intervals' worth of its damage.

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Originally posted by Flinty View Post
What are your estimates for numbers of exigences and liminals? Rough numbers.
Exigents: 200+
Liminals: ~250

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Originally posted by aluminiumtrioxid View Post
The description of the Aim action says "The player must declare which target he is taking aim at when he uses this action. Should his character attack that target on his next turn, the attack gains a +3 bonus."

Is this meant to be read literally, or can a character gain the benefit of aiming on her current turn if she has a way to launch an attack outside her action?
If you have a way to reflexively aim, it can benefit an attack made on the same turn. If you have a way to attack outside your turn, it can benefit from aiming.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Anteros View Post
Why don't summoning spells have a control effect?
I dunno; I wasn't brought in on the conversation that led to them being cut.

Is it even possible to have them as control spells?

Can a mortal sorcerer have a summoned demon or elemental as a retainer or ally using the Merits? How much would it cost?
Yes, although that's kind of an inefficient way to spend Merits compared to just binding them yourself.

Can sorcery be used for healing?
It wouldn't be as direct about it as Medicine Charms, but that's not totally outside its scope.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Epimetheus View Post
Will it be possible for alchemical colossus and municiple charms to be detailed?
Colossus, maybe, although I doubt they'll exist as a discrete category beyond "this is the Charm that makes you a colossus."

I don't think Metropoli are playing using the same system as other Exalted.