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[#][F] The Demented One - 4/24/2014
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It is indeed in RoGD2 - that book mentions that a yozi might have many Jouten, of which a brass-skinned dancer might be one, but that's all it says.

On a semi-related note, I'm looking for any canon reference to Ruvelia. I have so far found nothing.
One of the Voice of the Magnus articles.

However, a dislocated deva may continue to use the name of her class should her Primordial continue on, even if the deva herself has been long since destroyed, such as the Nihilem Ruvelia, 23rd soul of the Empyreal Chaos, who was the first of the mighty Tyrant’s two fetich souls...

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/24/2014
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I'm still hunting for the first expansion of these hints into the Brass Dancer specifically. It probably comes later than anyone would expect. In fact, I think the term Jouten didn't enter the lexicon until as late as the "Voice of the Magnus" Ink Monkeys article.
Jouten is definitely in RoGD2, if not in Games of Divinity.

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Originally posted by Weimann View Post
Yeah, I too have picked up on early access to non-proofread copies for Kickstarter backers.

Don't ask me how they'll prevent them from getting onto PirateBay within a god damn minute, though.
Shikata ga nai.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/22/2014
Originally posted by Steel_in_sea View Post
We ran it taking allot of influence from battlestar glactica crossed with an game set in autochthonia.

Political intrigue with no one sure of whose is an potential infiltrator and who is actually just being a power-grabbing dick with lots of EVERY exalt has to serve on the gun line in there void fighter.

We've run it that void fighters are allot like piloting warstriders in that you can you allot of personal combat charms (that make sense) whilst controlling them. Adding in dodge, athletic, stealth, archery, ride and sail really mix things up in fighter combat.

Things i have learnt:
Ammoth city smiter is an ass.
Everyone ends up in Ma Ha Suchi "Flight Squad" at one point, no point fighting it. Just try and enjoy it.
The Magus is a force of nature, just stay away try not to piss him off (hes a vengeful bastard) and let high command sort it out.
The sidereal physic network connect to your fighters comms unit is a great excuse to be as annoying as possible to your flight adviser.
Your not playing the game properly is your not a hairs breadth away from being "grounded" or "taken off active duty" for reckless at least a few times in a session.
You literately CANNOT win them all, you are running away from an unbeatable enemy. Sometimes you will lose more than you win, find a way to deal with this mentally.
*puppies with happiness*

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/22/2014
(follows intently)

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/22/2014
Originally posted by Kyeudo View Post
Vodak just needs to go away. It consumed Gethamane's writeup like the Silver Prince's Doom Fleet consumed the West.
We've replaced Vodak with a new, reconceptualized hekatonkire that we think the fanbase will be very, very excited about. Its name is Whisyek.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/21/2014
Originally posted by HK-87 View Post
More importantly, note that this is also the same series that gave us Gamagoori Ira, he-of-the-variable-size-that-is-always-bigger-than-you.
This is why Kill la Kill is better represented by Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine than Exalted. ^_^

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/20/2014
Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post
An image I'm really enthusiastic about is Shinra Koketsu, courtesy of Kill la Kill.

The thing is quite invested in the image of being worn rather than piloted, it's huge without being outlandishly so, its combat prowess is conveyed primarily by deploying elaborate blade attacks deployed from its back or just straight up punching folks in the face, and it even has a big arcane battlefield changing weapon that feels a lot like what John once suggested about "dissolving all magitech in a radius". It's also constructed with extreme elaboration.
Shinra-Koketsu is probably still a little small for warstrider range. I've outlined what a Kamui's Evocation tree would look like (I was bored), and I don't think it would be so different as to require that whole other set of mechanics.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/19/2014
Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post

...They need to let you write more than just charms.
I did the sections on the Fair Folk and Sidereals in Masters of Jade, and maybe three-quarters of the prose for Gunstar.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/19/2014
"Sesus Jakali was surely among the finest martial artists of his generation, a worthy ancestor to claim! In the many afternoons of his youth, after he had dutifully completed the day's schooling, he went walking among the highest temples and lowliest streets, seeking out monks, thugs, and brawlers of all kinds that he might test his skill against them, learning the ways of punch and counter-punch, the low blow and the eye jab, the flowing breath and the gentle palm. As he grew into his manhood, he found that he could learn no more from mere mortals, and so made an eccentric habit of challenging his siblings and cousins to spar, wagering the cost of sweetcakes and on the outcome of the duel. He fought and beat and mastered the Snake and Crane and Mongoose; he could catch a flaming daiklave between two hands or break a wall of solid stone with a punch. So proud was his mother, no small talent at the martial arts herself, that she even permitted him to spar with her own personal sifu, a star-eyed stranger who instructed Jakali in many esoteric paths until there was nothing left for him to learn. Finally, your forebar wandered out to the slopes of the Imperial Mountain, where a great waterfall pours ceaselessly from the peak of Meru. There, he spent a year and a day fighting his own reflection in the water's face, correcting flaws in his defense that no prior foe had been able to spot and discovering new techniques in the misty distortions of is own reflection. When he returned, surely the greatest warrior of his day, he brought sweetcakes for all his siblings and cousins before going off to war at the head of House Sesus's legions, winning much glory in his day. Surely, he should be an example to you all!"

—from House Sesus's variation of The Hundred Great Ancestors, a primer for young children of the Dynasty.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/19/2014
Originally posted by Jen View Post
By Astrology charms I hope you don't mean Greater Astrology 'cause I really don't want to deal with Severity 8 >_<
If you're taking out the head of Heaven's Bureaucracy, then you'd better be ready to face the mother of all censures, or be in such circumstances that censure is not a concern. ^_^

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/19/2014
"It is said of Zarqua, the Suzerain of Contradictions, that they one day ventured into the silver sands on a whim, borne on a palanquin of bone and chalcedony that was carried by four mighty things of nightmare culled from children's dreams. After five days' travel the Suzerain was understandably weary, and so set about for their repast at a house of strong black drink and recitations of poetry, where poets and savants came to brood and argue and make love passionately. As Zarqua partook of all three, a clever young sorceress of the house asked what might happen if a demon were to summon themself. Zarqua could not help but be intrigued, and so they said the words and made the mudras, tracing the mandala of his sigil in emerald flame around them—and only then did they understand whence their recent wander-lust had come. They had indeed summoned themself to this very spot. So great was their amusement at this discovery that their laughter revealed three great secrets. The girl-sorcerer spent seven days and nights without sleep recording the secrets with her pen, emptying the house's carafes of coffee as quickly as it could be brewed. So began the reign of the Laughing Devil Queen."

—from The Record of Ten Thousand Empires

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/19/2014
I'd bar it as violating the spirit of the Charm (which takes its language from 1e Sids and didn't really take Wonders of the Lost Age's crafting rules into consideration).

On the other hand, sealing a defeated spirit in a dumpster all Rita Repulsa-style would be pretty fitting for a Sidereal, so as a Storyteller I'd be open to letting a player invent a Craft Charm that lets them bind consenting/incapable of resisting spirits into artifacts for a power-up, or a spirit-sealing Astrological Charm, or maybe just a stunted use of Terminal Sanction.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/16/2014
Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post

I recall persistent statements about how they're approaching Exalted holistically now, and it's best for others to do the same.

I remember the statement of "it's hard to rank Liminals against the others (they'll beat Lunars one day and lose to Terrestrials the next)", which was eventually followed up by the idea that part of what makes Liminals strong or weak are the conditions for how they die.

I wonder if it's possible that Terrestrials being somewhat more adept than others at Evocations might have nothing to do with how high they can climb the trees at all. Nothing like "Terrestrials can access the highest powers of artifacts made from jade, especially jade of their Aspect colour".

Is it possible that Lunars can develop Evocations as far as Terrestrials, or even further...

And Terrestrials could be considered somewhat superior to them at it because they don't have a significant tactical capability that renders them unable to use Evocations at all?

Like, if Lunars have to sometimes make choices between their Evocations and their shapeshifting/warform, because they can't have both, and Terrestrials have no comparable difficulty even if their ceiling is equal or lower, who exactly is less good at it?

Might this also be partially how the lesser facility for Evocations manifests for Abyssals and Infernals?
Imagine this—one day, I get bored, and so decide to create an Exigent that's modeled on Treasure miracles from Nobilis. The Treasurekeeper, let's call her, has no native Charms of her own, but would be capable of mastering the Evocations of Volcano Cutter up to the Adamant level—as long as she had an Intimacy of the highest order for it. If she's crossing blades with an Abyssal, and the deathknight manages to shake her confidence in the supremacy of her blade, then she may actually lose access to certain Evocations mid-combat, as the Intimacy weakens. But that's just the start of it, because she can draw Evocations out of any Intimacy, not just those towards artifacts. Is she particularly attached to her horse? Then she gets horse Evocations! Does she carry a blood vendetta against the deathknight? Then she can draw Evocations out of him! Does the sight of a gambling table draw her irresistibly in? Then she can get Evocations from that vice.

Now, here's the question: is the Treasurekeeper better or worse at wielding Evocations than one of the Solar Exalted? The answer is mu.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4/16/2014
Originally posted by Tiresias View Post


Dojo of the Mind
The Solar plays out the results of a battle in her mind to create the best opportunity to strike. When activating this Charm, the Solar selects a target. This Charm provides the following effects:
- The Solar's attacks take place only in her mind. Substitute Dexterity for Intelligence and Strength for Wits when rolling attacks and damage.
- The Solar's attacks gains long range.
- The Solar may defend herself and move normally, but may not attack anyone other than her current target.
- The Solar cannot use lethal attacks or Gambits, but can use all her other powers. The Solar's target may defend herself normally.
- The Solar's attacks gain [momentum] as normal. However, they cannot cause effects which require physical contact, such as poison and knockback.
- If the Charm's target attacks the Solar, the Solar immediately gains a clash attack against her.
This is pretty neat, and once you've got your hands on the whole combat system, I think you'll quickly realize the mechanical verve this needs to really deliver on the concept. In terms of Ability choice, I think Melee will fit much better than Brawl, given that Brawl is a very two-fisted, bloody-knuckled thing (and that it already has its own suite of effects that manipulate similar elements in its own distinctive way).


Serpent-Killing Toxin
The Solar gains the ability to manipulate poisons and diseases against each other. When treating a patient suffering from two or more poisons or diseases at the same time, the Solar can elect to cure some or all of them all simultaneously. The difficulty of the treatment is equal to the highest difficulty of the diseases or poisons the Solar wishes to cure, plus 1 for each additional disease or poison.
I think the timing rules for treating diseases/poisons would make this irrelevant most of the time, although it's possible I'm misremembering or something's been tweaked in editing. Sorry


Midnight Prowler's Entrance
When the Solar enters a building or encampment which she has already scouted, this Charm provides the following benefits:
- If the Solar attempts to physically break a wall or door in order gain access to the building, she converts a number of damage dice equal to her Larceny into automatic successes.
- Within the scouted area, hostile characters who move towards the Solar or her allies do not count 10s as two successes when rolling combat movement dice.
The logic of "casing the joint to gain bonuses during a later heist" is a fruitful one. I'm not sure if combat-focused benefits fully make sense—the name had me expecting it'd be buffing Stealth.