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[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Quolise View Post
I'm not sure if I just missed it, but are fair folks considered spirits as far as charms that affect spirits go?
Nope, Fair Folk and other fae aren't spirits.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
Could an Occult role potentially cover "knowing the specific circumstances a Demon is allowed to enter Creation outside of Sorcerous summoning", and thus "mortal" occultist summoning is just orchestrating that condition?
Yeah! In addititon, some supernatural beings could have a power to sense when someone is performing a specific beckoning ritual, and choose to appear.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Shaddar View Post
Can you go all Supernatural(The series) with the occult skill, and have shamans and occultist summoning strange things with chantings and small rituals?
I just saw the chapter where a man buried a few things in a crossroad and it summoned a wish granting demon.
Absolutely, although it's probably going to take more than just rolling Occult. A summoning ritual that depends on a bunch of cultists performing dark deeds at their sorcerous master's bidding was one of the archetypal inspirations for sorcerous workings, while a thaumaturge could certainly know the secret of summoning a handful of beings. If Jane Mortal wants to do a summoning rite with what she knows of the spirit world, she's going to need some kind of outside intervention, plot device, or Storyteller fiat.

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Originally posted by LC1984 View Post
A simple question, does Crashing Wave throw increase the damage per round given up for withering attacks by +4 and +3 for decisive? So Strength 10 with Increasing Strength Exercise and Strength 5 as base, you could possible cash in 10 extra rounds for +40 damage for a withering attack or +30 for a decisive. Is that right?
Crashing Wave Throw only adds +2 damage per round of control forfeited, regardless of whether the attack is withering or decisive.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Sakii View Post
Any advice on how to handle tasks dome by NPC?
If i am the God Emperor of A, and i start a plot where i sent a spy to kingdom B to steal weapons and sell them to the rebels of Kingdom C, and then i send and ambassador to kingdom C to convince them that B wants to conquer them and is using the rebels to weaken his forces. Meanwhile the solar is in the castle making other schemes or eating grapes.
How could i handle the success or failure of the plot?
If the players are completely detached from something like this, there's no need to systemize it. If you want to introduce a plot where a scheming monarch has incited war between two rival kingdoms with espionage and deception, you can that.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Gigaton-Falcon-Emu View Post
Ya I meant for a starter character, incidentally to what degree would you place sentience as a factor as whether something should be a familiar or a retainer/ally? For example say your Survival Solar has a god-blooded cat familiar which is fully sentient and maybe even able to speak (been watching Bleach lately), would that be a viable target for a Familiar or more in line with a Retainer?

Thanks for the quick answers btw! Really appreciate how engaged you guys are!
God-blooded animals and the sapient animals of Halta are both listed as examples of 3-dot familiars; go for it!

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Leetsepeak View Post

If a ghost uses apparition, it can talk to people, right?
Yep! 10char

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
Rather than the return of Shadow Hunter Style, would it make more sense for the Raptok Dragon Kings to practice Tiger Style? They don't need their own Terrestrial Style now that Tiger Style isn't strictly Celestial. Likewise, the Fire & Stones Style of the Anklok doesn't impress.

Black Tide and Dagger Wind (Wing?) Styles are cool because they actually fill niches not covered by any other Styles: aquatic and aerial combat, respectively. But these Styles could be just as useful for the other water-breathing and flying folk of Creation, including the Lunar Exalted.

Might we see Black Tide and Dagger Wing (Wind?) in the next Lunar book, with the Dragon Kings simply practicing ANY Martial Art Style that makes sense for them, rather than having one "unique" Style per breed?
Dragon King styles pretty definitely won't show up except with Dragon Kings. Unique martial arts that require non-human forms to practice are something I've contemplated for Lunars, but not in any great depth, and it may not be possible to implement well.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Ghosthead View Post
3) Kind of seems like it is another variable to track though - Motes, Willpower, Health, Initiative, Anima Level, Charm Resets, now Aura. A lot of folk on here at least have talked about the desire to have a more lightweight Exalted experience from Dragonblooded, so wonder what their reaction is to it. As much as I think it's a cool idea.
This is a very important point, and one that we place great emphasis on. Any time we do something that increases the overall complexity of a Charm set, we also need to reduce complexity in other places throughout the Charm set so that the overall mental burden of tracking isn't just absurd.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Sakii View Post

I refresh this question because it has a point.
If the twilight finds an unbound demon who wants to kill him, what happens if its turned into a familiar?
Certainly, it wouldn't keep trying to kill him. At my table, I'd make a story out the familiar's disobedience and having to gradually win its full loyalty.

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Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
Is there any special payoff for a Dragon-Blooded character who opts to hyper-focus on their Aspect Element (not any particular Abilities, but Charms from their element and their Aspect's associated Aura)?
The Elemental Aura mechanic lets you get a good deal of payout for investing heavily in one element, but you miss out on the versatility you could have by using Charms of different elements or swapping into other Auras.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
Originally posted by Gigaton-Falcon-Emu View Post
Two familiar based questions:
1. What style do you both want for the DB survival tree? Is it going to be heavily focused on Familiar boosting or is it going to be more spread out than the Solar tree (which is heavily familiar based)?
Dragon-Blooded Survival is more diversified than Solar Survival.

2. Ive continuously had issues with my group over defining the dots rating for spirit familiars, can either of you offer advice as to how to figure out a spirit familiar's dot rating?
Like, for starting the game with a demon familiar? Most will be 3-dot familiars, although I could imagine a particularly weak spirit with little supernatural capacity being only two dots.

[#][F] The Demented One - 6 Days ago
Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
Holden said that most people in the setting can't actually learn sorcery, even if they have Occult 3. You need to have some ineffible quality to have the potential to learn sorcery, which only a tiny portion of the population actually have (including all PCs who want to learn sorcery, for convenience). So you can't set up sorcery schools and just churn out tons of sorcerers.

So, my friend was wondering:
1) Would it be okay to give someone this potential via a working?
2) Could you teach someone who had this potential a sorcerous working (their first one I guess) via a sorcerous-working?
3) Could you just initiate some random guy (with Occult 3) with a working, making them a sorcerer? (Ie someone who probably doesn't have said ineffible potential)
4) What about thaumaturgy? Could you use a working to give someone thaumaturgy? And if so, would it be "make them an exorcist" (ie a specific thaumaturgy ritual), or "give them the capability of learning thaumaturgy"?

And with the above, would you have to do some kind of dramatic magical transformation, or could you just, say, put them in your mystic ritual circle that puts a sliver of wyld in their heart and now they're a sorcerer (with the wyld-based initiation ritual) but they look the same outside, and haven't really changed besides being a sorcerer (which, you know, is quite a big change, but still)?
For about 99% of cases, this is kind of overthinking it. If a PC sorcerer wants to take on an apprentice and train them in the ways of magic, it's perfectly fine for the Storyteller to simply fiat that character having the capacity for sorcery.

However, creating a huge populace of sorcerers with a working has all the same setting verisimilitude issues as creating an academy, possibly even more. Nothing will go wrong at your table (probably) if you let a player do it, but it's not the kind of thing you'll ever see in published material.

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Originally posted by ale137 View Post
Can ghost materialise outside of a shadowland?
How can the affect the living?
Can i have an army of ghost to conquer normal lands?
The vast majority can't. Some can circumvent this by possessing corpses or objects (which lends itself to forming ghost armies), and all can manifest themselves visually to interact with mortals.

[#][F] The Demented One - 6 Days ago
Originally posted by WalkingEye View Post
Can I use a celestial or solar working to make someone who is a normal Human into a essence user? If so what would their essence pool be like Mist the Eternal Revolutionary essence x10 personal motes? Can I make a familiar animal with a essence pool? If so what level working would that be?
You can't turn humans or animals into generic Essence users, because there isn't any such thing.

If you want to confer supernatural powers on someone or transform them into a magical entity, and you and your Storyteller decide that Charms and a mote pool is a good way to represent that power, that's totally fine.

Edit: What essence do the being you make with a celestial/Solar working start at?
No Essence requirement. A mortal sorcerer can attempt a Solar Circle working.