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[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Days ago
Originally posted by CycloneJoker View Post
In a previous dev statement it was said that Evocations were undergoing a massive overhaul that would, among other things, result in much longer Evocation trees. Stormcaller however has a number of Evocations on it that is more in-line with what we see in the core. Have you guys decided to revert back to the older model, or did we just only see one branch of Stormcaller's full tree?
We're going to be staying with the Evocation system as it was presented in the core book.

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Originally posted by Sandact6 View Post
Wait, Minton made Modern Exalted? Who made Heaven's Reach? I know Holden/Morke did Burn Legend.
Heaven's Reach was done by Eric Brennan. It's an easy mistake to make!

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Originally posted by Jetstream View Post
So. Background.

When I first read about Exalted, specifically the Dragon Blooded, I had a certain thing in mind. Basically it was this

We'll ignore the fact that that show came out after Exalted.

Anyway, I was always disappointed that the "elemental" stuff for DBs was more... metaphorical than literal. I wanted my elemental heroes to be tossing around water and fire and kicking up gale winds and yadda yadda yadda.

Rumor has it that the 3e DBs will have more of what I was wanting than previous editions.

My question, then, is this: Is there anything you can tell us about the DBs that might make the five-year-old that runs my limbic system happy with regards to my likely-unrealistic expectations/desires?
How would you feel about getting some previews of the Dragon-Blooded Charmset?

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Originally posted by Dragonmystic View Post
Well, this is heavier than I wanted in this thread, but alright.

There are those of us who aren't exactly thrilled with how 3e turned out. While I understand that you can't please everyone, I was hoping for some assurance that certain design philosophies would be changed/refined going forward based on the criticism that 3e has received.

It doesn't seem appropriate to go into too much detail in this thread, but I think a couple of non-controversial examples would be "tightening" up the language used to describe charms, and making sure each ability tree would have approximately the same number of charms in them. (When applicable).
While I'm not going to rehash every issue, I have paid attention to the feedback people have given on Charms. I'm aware that play groups had issues with ambiguous text, and going forward I'm trying to make my system text and the system text I'm developing as clear and understandable as possible, with lots of examples.

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Originally posted by Irked View Post
Awesome. Thank you.

Okay, um, this next one is a bit more of a mess: at what point in combat resolution does the person you're attacking begin suffering Onslaught penalties? My go-to example here is Ferocious Jab, which adds +(target's Onslaught penalty) to damage. If I make a FJ attack on a target who has previously had no Onslaught penalty, do I add +0 (his previous penalty) or +1 (the penalty including my attack)?
An onslaught penalty isn't imposed until after the attack imposing it has been completed.

Relatedly: so let's say my target has been punched a few times now. If he's using a Charm like Fivefold Bulwark Defense, which says to "ignore the Onslaught penalty" to his Defense, does FJ add +0 or +(whatever the penalty would otherwise be)? In other words, does my target still accrue a nonzero Onslaught penalty (and just ignores said penalty when calculating Defense), or does his Onslaught penalty not increase from 0?
Charms like Dipping Swallow Defense and Fivefold Bulwark Stance say that you can "ignore" those penalties to your Parry, not that you're no longer suffering from those onslaught penalties (for instance, they'd still hit your Evasion). So, yeah, Ferocious Jab would still add damage.

Unrelatedly: How does Charm declaration work in a Clash? Does someone declare first? Do we take it in turns bidding up Charms? Do we both secretly decide on Charms and reveal simultaneously?
One person declares first, one person declares second. If you can't come casually come to an agreement on who goes first, flip a coin.

If your playgroup really enjoys going back and forth declaring Charms, there's no reason not to keep doing that, but it seems like it would just draw out the process unnecessarily.

What happens if I make a Decisive multiattack (a la Iron Whirlwind Attack), and my first attack Clashes? If I win the Clash, do I get Clash benefits on all subsequent attacks against that target in my flurry, or just on that one attack? If I lose the Clash, and he steals my Initiative, is the damage for the rest of my attacks recalculated based on my new Initiative, or do I keep the damage I had before?
So, this seems like two questions. The first one is easy to answer—the benefits of winning a clash only apply to that one clash attack, not any others you happen to make on the same tick.

What happens if you lose Initiative in the process of completing an Iron Whirlwind Attack, or something similar? The text provides no real guidance here, but I think the best approach is the one that tracks to how withering attacks usually work—subtract the that Initiative damage from the total Initiative that Solar has invested in his remaining attacks, and redivide it up evenly among them. It's enough of an edge case that I don't expect anything to go horribly awry if a Storyteller decides to skip that because bluh too much math.

Edit: Can I use Hail-Shattering Practice while Clashing, to weaken my opponent's side of the Clash?
Sure can.

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Originally posted by Nilihum View Post
So is there any chance of Crafting an artefact that initiates you into sorcery without you needing sorcery before hand? Or will all such artefacts be either ones you find or craft much later?
I don't think it's very helpful to think of these things as strict, inflexible constants. As a general rule, yes, you need to already be a sorcery before you can create a sorcerous relic. On the other hand, there's a very compelling story to be told in an occultist-artificer who painstakingly spends years constructing the mystical relic based on a design half-glimpsed in a ruined First Age library, unlocking a vision of the secrets of the cosmos as she finally completes the design. The rules of sorcerous initiation are really meant to provide a flexible framework for taking a cool sorcerous backstory and making it relevant to how you play your character, not to narrow the number of viable concepts.

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Originally posted by Irked View Post
Bless you.

... How many counterattacks may I make in response to a single attack? Can I use both Solar Counterattack and Crane Style, say - or two Brawl-based Counterattack Charms?
You can only make one counterattack in response to a single attack.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Days ago
Originally posted by Nilihum View Post

I've noticed that the T10KEyes is not an actual First Age Artefact despite needing a sorcerous working to make, which is what usually defines an Artefact as a First Age one. What's the reasoning behind that? Why blur the lines in such a manner?
First Age Artifice carries some pretty stringent prerequisites, which play an important role in siloing off artifacts like warstriders, airships, or large-scale First Age infrastructure, whose scarcity in the setting is reinforced by the crafting system. These stringent requirements are disproportionate from sorcerous relics, but more than that, things like the Talisman of Ten Thousand Eyes were never conceived as First Age Artifice to begin with. While First Age Artifice represents the heights of innovation that were possible when you combined artifice and sorcery, that doesn't mean it's impossible to integrate a sorcerous working into an artifact without it.

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Originally posted by hippokrene View Post
Is there any chance we’ll see…
Artifact shields?
A spear and shield martial art?
I'd give pretty good odds on both.

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Originally posted by Leetsepeak View Post

Do they require Attunement?
They don't require an attunement cost by default—the Talisman doesn't—but that's a knob that can be tweaked to play with the power of a relic.

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Originally posted by VoxPVoxD View Post
Since counterattacks resolve before damage is rolled, do they affect the damage roll?

Say I make a Decisive counterattack with Solar Counterattack and incapacitate my opponent. Is their damage still rolled? Or if I make a Withering counterattack while in Crane Form that eats some of my opponent's Initiative, does their Decisive attack roll the now-reduced Initiative rating as damage? This is kind of a finicky question but it's been driving my ST nuts and he's too shy to post here and ask.
Counterattacks don't affect the damage roll unless they specifically say they do, like Flashing Edge of Dawn does.

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Originally posted by Apromor View Post
Can we do something about that apostrophe in "devil's" though? That's not right. (I'm too weak for enlightenment
Point out where it is, and I'll fix it.

EDIT: Ah, found it. Take that, typo!

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Originally posted by Shaddar View Post
This was a big debate a while ago, Glorious Solar Plate + MA. Using silken armor to be able to use Glorious Solar Plate with any MA.
Pro or Con.
While the text doesn't really provide a clear answer, my thought is that you can't have it both ways—if you use Glorious Solar Plate to upgrade your silken armor to have heavy armor traits, you have to give up the advantages of it being lighter-than-light.

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Originally posted by Sakii View Post

Did you decide on what is a sorcerous artifact and what kind of things it can do?
Sorcerous artifacts are things like the Talisman of Ten Thousand Eyes in the corebook—relics of sorcerous power that confer sorcerous initation on their masters, and have sorcery-augmenting Evocations. All the rules you need for them are in the core—the "crafting sorcerous relics" sidebar on page 470—but I think more examples with full Evocation trees would be appreciated.

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Originally posted by nihnoz View Post
In that case, I'm sure this has been asked before, but when do Crane Style counterattacks occur? Before the attack is rolled, after it is rolled but before damage, like Solar Counterattack, or after the attack?
Crane's counterattacks use the same timing as Solar Counterattack (after attack, but before damage is rolled).