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[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by Sanctaphrax View Post
The EX3 reaction is pretty mixed overall, but there seems to be a rough consensus that sorcery is good and crafting isn't.
I've seen posts from people who've had positive play experiences with craft system. I haven't seen (although I'm sure they're out they're) about negative play experiences. Either way, those are the things I'd look to in considering a consensus, rather than preliminary anticipation.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by JiveX View Post
For black claw, would I have to be aware of the supporting intimacy to exploit it? Or can this happen coincidentally.
You can go on a sort of "fishing trip" with a roll, but doing so essentially hands that determination over to the player of the targeted character. Does the Ochre Functionary's Intimacy of "I'd rather be in my garden" support an Eclipse Caste's attempts to bribe him into an audience with his boss, Terrifying Saffron Middle Manager? If you've uncovered that Intimacy with a read intentions roll or over the course of roleplaying, you can word your influence so that it's obvious why it would leverage that Intimacy. If you don't know about it, the Storyteller can decide it applies, but they don't have to.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Here's an example of how a rush might play out.

1. Some asshole archer is picking you off from medium range.
2. On your turn, you take take your reflexive move action to get to short range, but you still can't get your sword in the archer. Agh!
3. You use your action to roll a rush. Hopefully, you succeed.
4. The asshole archer's turn comes up again. He's probably going to use his move action to a range band back—
5. —not so fast! You won on your rush, so when he moves back, you reflexively follow, remaining at short range.
6. And then he takes the rest of your action, shooting you or aiming or whatever.
7. Your turn comes up. You can reflexively move to close, and now the asshole archer has to start rolling disengage to get away.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by Brian888 View Post

What I meant to say was that Torn Lotus Defense can instill Minor Intimacies in your favor, but simply repeatedly using it in a fight isn't going to boost the intensity of the positive Intimacies you created with it. So, if you use TLD to create a Minor Intimacy of Respect in the bystanders around you, you can't just use TLD again in the next turn to automatically boost those Intimacies to Major. However, if the bystanders already have an Intimacy that you can exploit (let's say you're in a fight with the local Realm guards who've been oppressing the village, and the bystanders already have an Intimacy of "Hate the Realm" as a result), you can use TLD in conjunction with that existing "Hate the Realm" Intimacy to boost their TLD-created Intimacy of Respect towards you to a Major intensity.
Yeah, that's how it works—both for Black Claw, and social influence in general.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by Brian888 View Post

But do you agree that repeated use of Torn Lotus Defense, by itself, won't increase the intensity of the Intimacies it forms?
I'm not sure what you mean when you say "by itself." Does that mean without the context of whatever Intimacies you're drawing on to support your influence, or something else?

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by Brian888 View Post
Black Claw has multiple ways of instilling these Intimacies. For example, Torn Lotus Defense lets you put the whammy on all opponents and bystanders, instilling positive Intimacies in them at (presumably) the Minor level.

As we've seen, Black Claw thrives on having people around the fight who absolutely adore the stylist. How can the Black Claw stylist raise the intensities of the Intimacies she inspires with Black Claw to higher levels?
An instill action can either create an Intimacy at minor intensity, or raise the intensity of an existing Intimacy. Your first use of Torn Lotus creates it; subsequent uses strengthen.

The Social influence rules state that raising an Intimacy's intensity requires a different Intimacy that supports the attempted influence; raising a Minor Intimacy's intensity to Major requires the support of a different Minor or better Intimacy, and raising a Major Intimacy's intensity requires the support of a different Major or better Intimacy.

Presumably this means that you can't just keep using Torn Lotus Defense to build up the intensity of everyone's Intimacies towards you to the Defining level. How, then, would you recommend increasing the intensity of the Intimacies you naturally create through Black Claw?
You're going to want to use read intentions or something comparable to uncover your enemy's Intimacies—preferably before Join Battle is ever rolled.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by Lula View Post
I haven't read it, but Autochthonia may have introduced more—I recall Vance talking about an older man who fought with whips at one point.
Didn't get an illo, so probably doesn't count much for representation.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by Childofthesun1 View Post
...Still Socialize. That's easily the hardest, I think.

Supernal Occult without sorcery.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by Khantalas View Post
((I keep calling Tya "he" despite that all the game text so far has called them "she". Is that right? Is there a Tya-specific pronoun we should use while speaking English, or is "she" actually correct? Tya confuse me immensely, linguistically speaking.))
It's going to vary from person to person. For some Tya, their status might have nothing to do with their gender or sexual identity, relating only to the gendered roles they want to perform. For others, it is a matter of how they identify themselves. Good manners in the West would default to the male pronoun, but I'm not sure which Righteous Tsunami was written with.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by Korhal_IV View Post
Wasn't the leader of the Sidereal "independent" faction also a black man? Or am I misremembering?
The fact that both you and I can only kinda hazily recall that guy is probably a good indicator that's he not a prominent character.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by Xanandithras View Post
I thought the chapter story/art with Volfer showing off his quality-inspected goods was hilarious, mostly because that's exactly the sort of thing my character would do himself.
And now everyone knows why we all love Volfer so much.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post
Herakles, as primary inspiration for the Solar Exalted, is almost certainly going to be Dawn Caste. But the Charms associated with his feats of strength most strongly are in Athletics. You COULD make Brawl Supernal, but Athletics is a much better fit, and he's no Zenith or Night Caste.
Herakles didn't hold up the weight of the world on his first labor. Even as a divine hero defined by incredible strength, he still has some arc of growth between wrestling the Nemean lion and descending into the underworld.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/28/2015
Originally posted by JayTee View Post

Is it?

I mean, terminology aside, is it really?
Panther's story in the 1E core makes him so cool ;_;

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/27/2015
Originally posted by Fata-Ku View Post
Agreed. Tying stats to them is going to influence player behavior, like Dawn combatants taking high Occult solely because they want to max out their charm usage.

I wouldn't be against something like "Plus sum of Defining intimacies", but I imagine the Devs have tried that one as a replacement for Virtues and found it lacking.
"Make it so you can minmax your character's personality" was never something that was planned to be brought back.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/27/2015
Originally posted by Beans View Post
Have we had Supernal Awareness yet? I don't think we've had Supernal Awareness yet.
Zatoichi is the first Dawn with Supernal Awareness that comes to mind.