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[#][F] The Demented One - 10/5/2013
Arrakiz wrote:

Aren't evocations inherent powers of artifacts? What he's talking about is clearly an inherent power of the swordsman, not his sword, so it wouldn't be apropriate to model it as a power of the sword, because that takes the agency away from the hero and puts it into his weapon, no?

An Evocation is not extrinsic to the hero.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/5/2013
Fitter Happier wrote:
Holden I hate you. I hate you so much.

Pleeeeeeeease just give me all of 3e nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm dyyyyyyyyingggggggggg

dogg you don't want Holden to use his time-bending kung fu to drop seven years' worth of Exalted into your brain I know it sounds awesome but we did tests everyone we tried it on exploded

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/5/2013
I am just glad that we are now having bender v. bender fights instead of the boring pro bending action scenes in season 1

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/5/2013
The Free Man wrote:

One thing has me puzzled though, one of his souls is talking about the highest levels of swordsmanship, and brings up wielding weapons using nothing but willpower and Ki (i.e. telekinetically).

Is this valid design space for Solar Melee charms, or is it too "inhuman"?

This is the kind of thing where Evocations will be very helpful. ^_^

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/5/2013
Aquillion wrote:
The Demented One wrote:
I do not think there is a level of physical bigness that will let you trump Oblivion. That would be pretty silly!
When you think about it, the Yozis are still alive because the Exalted decided that they were too big to fail.

Trans-Network Violence Protocols Submodule: Pun-Seeking Penitence Salvo—fire!

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/5/2013
I do not think there is a level of physical bigness that will let you trump Oblivion. That would be pretty silly!

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/5/2013
JimB wrote:
Where in the Spiral do you suppose the Eye of Autochthon is, and what do you think the Yozis have been doing with it?

And what makes you think that whoever plucked out the Eye of Autochthon had to be a Yozi, hmm?


[#][F] The Demented One - 10/3/2013
The fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/2/2013
Capybara! wrote:
I want to see something like the Titanoboa in canon. Fifteen meter aquatic serpent, ahoy.

Thanks to watching Attack On Titan, I now have mental points of reference for when people use meters to describe the size of things!


[#][F] The Demented One - 10/2/2013
Eldagusto wrote:
Okay we got the Martial Arts that will be in the Book.

Baseline Styles
Snake Style
Tiger Style
Righteous Devil Style

Kickstarter Stretch Goal-Added Styles
Heaven's Ladder Style
Single Point Shining into the Void Style

Kickstarter Backer-Added Styles
Crane Style
White Reaper Style
Black Claw Style
Ebon Shadow Style
Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style

You left off Dreaming Pearl Courtesan! Can't forget that!

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/2/2013
Isator Levi wrote:

The basic concept of the Twilight vampires isn't really inherently bad, and Lea once made a point about how you could actually get an interesting story out of the exploitative and co-dependent nature of the exercise being the point rather than an unintended implication.

If you want to see a game that did just that, you should check out Monsterhearts. It uses the Apocalypse World system to do supernatural teen romance angst drama and is pretty darn fun.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/2/2013
BrilliantRain wrote:
The Demented One wrote:
people are yelling so now may not be the best time for dumb jokes buuuut

Sidereals: Chosen of Tavros, Chosen of Kanaya, Chosen of Karkat, Chosen of Vriska, Chosen of Aradia

Hmmm... Breath, Space, Blood, Light/Fortune, Time.

Alternately, Low Self Esteem, Emotionally Distant, Shoutiness, Super Dickery, and Death Fangirlism.

....Ok, I can kinda see it for the last two, but I'm not sure I agree with the first three.

I was thinking Journeys, Serenity, Battles, Secrets, and Endings, but also that!

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/2/2013
Eldagusto wrote:
Yeah, I wished they did this more in 2nd ed, I mean didn't they figure this out by the end of 1st ed, or am I imagining things and Alchemicals only got this in 2nd ed?

The only non-visual anima banners I remember in 2e where on the Alchemical characters in Scroll of Exalts. I suspect that has something to do with Holden writing that chapter, and being a pretty clever hamster, rather than with it being an Alchemical-only thing. ^_^

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/2/2013
oh gosh I could set up Exalt vs. Dinosaur fights in my room and be the hugest dork ever that would be so rad

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/1/2013
Arrakiz wrote:
We also have to remember that the real enforcers here are us. When John says that demons can't grant Exigents, it's because the continuity of the game should include something like that. As always, it's good to leave a small sidebar starting with "but then again..." But coninuity or not, I don't see a reason not to do demon exalted if the Exigence book gives me rules for it.

Alas, the Kickstarter didn't raise quite enough for us to hire the Canon-Enforcing Ninja Strike Team.