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[#][F] The Demented One - 6 Days ago
Originally posted by Shaddar View Post
A man eating forest that spawns demons. Celestial 3 or Solar 1? (The idea for Celestial 3 is that the forest is something like a 2CD thats dedicated to creating other demons)
Solar 1. There aren't many Second Circle Demons with geographic manifestations.

Dissolving a part of creation to create a pocket of Chaos so that the solar can use wyld shaping. We move between Celestial 2 to Solar 1.
An Ambition 3 Celestial Working can open a gateway into other realms of existence, so that sounds about right for creating a small Wyld zone. Certainly there's no way that could possibly go wrong!

[#][F] The Demented One - 7 Days ago
Originally posted by Shaddar View Post
I had this same doubt plus some.
How do i up the level of a working if i try to increase the scale of the working or i create a system?
If instead of granting a mutation, i create a lake that mutates people who submerge in it into a Deep One, or if i want to grant supernatural powers to your close followers (and when you become power mad, to your army), and the one i had more discussions, if i want to create a fountain inside a dark cave, and people who manage to pass the deadly test to reach it, can drink from it and gain power over darkness and shadow.
There's no generic way to do scale increases. It's of course going to be higher than the base effect, but ultimately it's a conversation to have with your Storyteller.

Creating a mystic lake that mutates those who bathe it (i.e. grants supernatural merits) strikes me as an Ambition 2-3 Celestial Working, depending on the specifics. Granting magical powers on a mass scale, like the wolf-shifter bloodline or the trial that grants shadow-power, is probably an Ambition 1 Solar Working.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/18/2017
A Dragon-Blooded of any Aspect is capable of entering all five Elemental Auras, although your own Aspect is the "best fit."

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/17/2017
Originally posted by CycloneJoker View Post
What's the final pagecount on Arms? Still 64 pages?
It went up to 128.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/17/2017
Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post
After a 3rd reading of it I think it works like this.
-Ash is a Fire-Aspect Dragon-Blooded
-Ash enters Water Aura
-Ash uses Currents Sweep to Sea and gains a bonus for being in Water Aura
-Ash wants to use Earth Bears Witness but cannot because he is in Water Aura.
-Earth Bears Witness has the Aura (Earth) keyword and cannot be used outside of Aura (Earth)
-Ash can purchase Earth Bears Witness a second time to get a variation with the Water Aura, OR can change to Earth Aura to be able to activate Earth Bears Witness.

I think every DB has access to every Aura. If Ash were in Fire Aura, the mechanics seem to imply that Ash would get a bonus using some Fire-Aspected charms because Ash is Fire-Aspected. We don't see any of those examples.

This is my take on it.
You've got the right of it.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/17/2017
Originally posted by Abakus View Post
Holy crap, the Elemental Aura mechanic looks so cool!

Can we get a hint of how one enters the aura state? My ST and I are guessing that it's tied to using charms of one keyword repeatedly (maybe with fewer raises if you're in-Aspect) or increasing your anima level, but we're really excited to see more of these awesome charms!
Thank you for your kind words. ^_^

I might go into it a bit more once folks have had time to absorb the preview.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/17/2017
Originally posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
What did the Lunar Exalted have before Rage? Did they derive a different but similarly-strong power from their Solar Bonds?
Still undetermined, but the Lunar prestige spread in the corebook suggests something to that effect:

Once, the Lunar Exalted matched their aptitudes to their Solar counterparts, the better to protect the world they made.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/17/2017
Originally posted by michael allen View Post
Does that mean you can use excellencies to boost your resolve against charms like Mental Invisibility Technique and Demure Carp Feint?
Yep. 10char

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/16/2017
Originally posted by Shaddar View Post
The core says that ambition 3 terrestrial workings can do supernatural things if its limited to one subject or small room. What would be the power cap for that?
I been using it to create creatures with power comparable to a first circle demon and to grant "cheap immortality"(cant die but it keeps aging, you have to kill a virgin every month, cant go more than 3 miles from the sacred tree)
High-end Terrestrial Workings can be powerful, but are still subject to the normal limitations—that is, they mostly deal with "transforming, enhancing, or weakening pre-existing aspects of the natural world" and can only manifest truly magical power in a limited or specialized way, as opposed to the "miracles of outright supernatural power" that are Celestial Workings. It's up to the Storyteller and players to discuss where precisely they want to draw this line at their table.

As for your specific examples, I think you're undershooting them a little. Creating a totally new creature with the power of a First Circle Demon is probably an Ambition 1 Celestial Working, while even the most conditional of immortality is probably going to be Celestial and Ambition 2+.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/16/2017
Originally posted by The Unsung Hero View Post
Is it generally the intention that each splatbook will have a few Artifacts, Martial Arts, and Sorcery spells/initiations in-theme for that exalt type? Obviously, I'm sure there could be some exceptions where it's redundant, but just looking for general direction since I know a book about Martial Arts and a book about Sorcery are both a ways off down the line.
Yes, that's the plan.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/16/2017
Originally posted by Clownpiece View Post
For Stormwind Rider, is there any restrictions to what it can fly over? Rivers, oceans, lava, mountains, does it just clear all obstacles with ease?
It whooshes over everything!

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/16/2017
Originally posted by SpruceStripedGoose View Post
Now that Arms of the Chosen has moved out of your hands into editing do you have any thoughts or comments on being the developers? How is it going? Any surprises?
The biggest lesson I've learned is that I can't do this alone. Eric's work as lead dev, Rose Bailey and Matt McElroy's guidance, the help and support we've gotten from other devs working for OPP like Neall, the enthusiasm and passion of everyone playing Exalted—I'm not exaggerating when I say I literally could not have done this without all of them.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/16/2017
Originally posted by norraba View Post
Would it be possible to make an artifact weapon that has the ability to transform into different form weapons depending on the martial art you are employing.

Asking because the talk of martial arts form weapons and someone asking the question of whether RD artifact gun equipped with bayonet would be able to be used with golden janissary, (since the rd form says that the weapon would count as being a spear) made me think of the transforming weapon that pyhhra nikos wields in rwby which has the ability to change from a rifle to a sword to a spear.
Yeah, that sounds cool!

I wouldn't recommend making artifacts that let the wielder combine styles that are normally incompatible.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/16/2017
Avoidance Kata!

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/16/2017
Originally posted by michael allen View Post
1) For Mental Invisibility Technique (p405), does it go against an unmodified resolve? I think some previous answers suggested that charms go against unmodified stats and pumping is only for social influence?
Correct. Intimacies only modify Resolve against influence rolls.

2) Should Mental Invisibility Technique (p405) have the Psyche keyword? It was previously said that Integrity charms are designed for specializing in countering effects like this rather than awareness (although Eye of the Unconquered Sun stops it). It seems like it is supposed to be a mind affecting power?

2) Should Vanishing From Mind’s Eye Method (407) have the Psyche keyword? Our night caste has argued that he wasn't affecting your mind, only hiding from it.
I don't believe so. Not everything that has an affect on someone's mind is necessarily Psyche. For instance, it wouldn't really make sense for Transcendent Hero's Meditation to break the effect of either Charm.

3) Can Eye of the Unconquered Sun (p273) see through Vanishing From Mind’s Eye Method (407)? I assume that it does but that if you see someone under the effects of "Vanishing From Mind’s Eye Method" you would need a reason to use "Eye of the Unconquered Sun" on them. You would only use it if you have a reason to suspect, otherwise you would end up using it on every stranger you meet which would run you out of willpower pretty fast.
Yep—Vanishing From the Mind's Eye counts as a magical stealth effect, which Eye of the Unconquered Sun negates. Note also that using Eye of the Unconquered Sun will let everyone else remember that your target exists.