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[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
Originally posted by Saipjas View Post
Since this got missed a few threads back:

Would it be possible for someone who has created a set of shaping rituals based on one’s blood such as a Socreree King of Ysyr to use a celestial level sorcerous working to gain evocations similar to a 3 dot artifact? It’s obviously not craft but more akin to a blood mage or blood bender from Dragon Age or Avatar respectively?
There are already sorcerous initiations that let you get access to Evocations through them, like the Pact with Mara and the Talisman of Ten Thousand Eyes, so I don't think a working would be required.

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Originally posted by Kell_Tamer View Post
So this is more a help with a jumping off point for something.

I'm preparing for when Dragon Bloods drop. I have a monk who is on a pilgrimage along the blessed isle. She is earth aspected and carrying a white jade massive jar filled with earth from Mt. Meru. She spreads a bit of it at each temple she visits before returning to Meru to meditate before whatever final test awaits her. ST Already ruled as a cool thing the jar could be treated as a form weapon for Earth Dragon.

What kind of Evocations would you see coming from such an artifact? I admit I am a bit shoddy at theming. Mechanics I should have little problem with, just more themes.
The combination of white jade with soil from the Elemental Pole of Earth suggests Evocations with the power to stabilize and reinforce, to fend off the chaos of the Wyld, and to bring things into harmonious balance.

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Originally posted by Kell_Tamer View Post
Are dragon blooded still going to start with one fewer dot in their primary attributes like in 1e and 2e? Or will they also get the 8/6/4 spread? It always seemed kinda a random debuff to them that ultimately costs them one die for no real reason than "oh they are weaker exalts". I won't complain if they are, just curious is all.
Nah, they get 8/6/4.

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Originally posted by Elfive View Post
Does Lookshy have a total monopoly on gunzosha or does the realm also own a few suits?
The Scarlet Empress might have some in her personal vaults that she could assign to her legions as needed, but the Realm's never fielded gunzosha corps like Lookshy has.

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Originally posted by MoroseMorgan View Post

Do the maidens still have some sort of prestidigitation that gives them prophecy or guidance, or do they at least pretend to? I'm not looking for anything more than that they are mysterious and cryptic and seem to know a heck of a lot more than they should or let on.

While samsara was initially exciting, it really fell flat upon inspection, and I don't hope to recreate the experience. How or if the maidens actually have some sort of greater access to a plan possibly not of their own making should be an ST call; I'm just looking to confirm that's their expected characterization.

Appropriately enough, this is only merely hinted at in the core, with "They seem to walk a lonely road, the Maidens, keeping
the world ever balanced on the path of what must be. Even
their Chosen regard them with unease—whether Sidereal
ventures fail or succeed, always the Maidens say it
was fated to be so."

It's almost like they wrote their own description.
The Maidens are mysterious, cryptic, and prophetic, but we're never drilling as far down into the details of that as 2E did with samsara.

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Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
While I appreciate knowing that Savage Seas still remains fairly relevant, I was talking more media sources. Books, movies, TV shows, short stories.

Much of the fiction I observe has the unfortunate tendency of either having vast tall ships with square miles of square-rigged canvas sails and roaring cannons; or of having the ship be a backdrop for one scene so characters can be in one place at the beginning and then in another place hundreds or thousands of miles away later, without the viewers saying, "Wait, how did they get there?"

Thanks either way.
While I'm not personally familiar with much sailing media, Savage Seas recommends the Odyssey, the Argonautica, the voyages of Sinbad, and Fritz Leiber's "While the Sea King's Away" and "Their Mistress the Sea," among others.

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Originally posted by The Lidless Eye That Sees View Post
Do any of the new MA styles use unusual form weapons?
The styles in What Fire Has Wrought focus on pretty classic martial arts weapons, including some that haven't gotten enough love in this or past editions (staffs! nunchaku!). Upcoming styles might veer weirder.

Since we already have black claw, and infernal monster will prob become infernal brawl, will the infernals book have any MA styles?
Haven't thought about it, but probably. The Stone Lion style that Neall and I put together would be a good fit.

Will the sorcery book have anything on necromancy?
Currently, the plan is to introduced necromancy in the Abyssals book.

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Originally posted by ale137 View Post

My doubt was more on how a N/A artifact can warp the setting, which as i understand, is the hallmark of a First Age artifact.
Im not getting how power armor (a single suit) can warp the setting more than Paragon's staff.
Distorting the setting isn't a function of power, but of consistency with the setting as it's described in the books. The setting of the Second Age is one in which things like power armor, giant mecha, or skyships aren't a common thing, even by the standards of already-rare artifacts. Thus, these things are First Age artifice, making them more difficult to create.

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Originally posted by WalkingEye View Post
Is this a Change between Arms and Core? On page 244 it says first age Artiface that are N/A require at least one Solar Circle Working and multiple Celestial workings.
First Age Artifice can still be N/A; I'm just saying it doesn't always have to be.

Also Are their qualifier for N/A artifacts in Arms putting their ingredients in tiers to match their power? I would assume that realm defense grid is a N/A First age Artifice and requires ingredients well beyond many other first age artifice artifacts.
You'll get some examples of what it takes in the descriptions of the two N/A warstriders.

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Originally posted by OpMegs View Post
So this came up in discussion of a potential Sid campaign, but figure it's as good a time as any to ask.

In 2E, there was the weird comparison between Destiny/Fate and Samsara. I seem to recall somebody mentioning Samsara got created purely to actually justify the traditional narrative of "destiny" (things that WILL happen, no matter what anyone does, and can't be averted) given that Sidereals' entire schtick seems to be about making destiny their plaything (i.e. things will happen a certain way unless people with access to a specific toolkit alter them so they happen some other way), and then there was the concept of beings outside of Fate such as Infernals, Abyssals, certain demon species. Furthermore, you had demons that could manipulate fate (the Tomescu, who can see fate both in their own deaths or in things that could affect the Yozi in Creation which they alter to fit better with their progenitors plans), and apparently Essence use in and of itself shakes Fate's branches pretty hard, if not as discretely and efficiently as Sid charms, so that Solars and others aren't bound by fate's expectations of them.

So in EX3, what IS fate and destiny? Are there irrevocable destinies written in the stars that actually affect events? Are they only irrevocable so long as you lack the power to change them via essence, Sid charms, Astrology, so on? Are they just "percentile chances" with destiny being a reading of how likely things are, and Sids are mostly just manipulating causality and the likelihood of things happening the way they see it? Do regular mortals have the chance of averting their fates in that million to one chance? How exactly does it all work?
It's really not something that the game benefits from getting as far into the weeds of as 2E did. Pretty much all you need to know is:

Fate=the fundamental causality of Creation sustained by the Loom.

Destiny=Heaven's agendas for how specific courses of events should go. Enacted through the Loom of Fate, but not infallible or omnipotent.

(subject to change if we figure out a better way of implementing things, as always)

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Originally posted by TDS View Post
I can't shake the feeling that all those nice improvements you made for Solars will be lost again for other splats. First Supernal, which was an awesome solution to an old problem, that high-Essence charms hardly ever get used. Then the 'pick 5 out of 8' thing which made castes a lot more flexible.

Why throw out tried and true good ideas?
Not every tool is appropriate to every problem. The humble hammer is a tried and true implement, but when you're looking to unscrew something, you reach for the screwdriver instead. Giving Solars more flexibility in their choice of Caste Abilities fixed issues like the Dawns getting a bunch of largely redundant combat Abilities and none of the "secondary" Abilities needed to support them; that's not an issue with Dragon-Blooded. Supernal Abilities fixed issues where you'd have Nights or Twilights outperform Dawns in combat across the board; that's likewise not something you get with Dragon-Blooded.

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Originally posted by MoroseMorgan View Post

Well, there you go. Thanks Vance!

I'll push my luck and ask, would you extend the same logic to ox-stunning blow? As is, without Falling Hammer the penalty to other actions would never come into effect, since their onslaught would refresh on their action, when people usually act.
All I know is my gut says: maybe.

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Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
Workings can apparently turn people into gods or at least grant them great power. Artifacts can potentially do much the same. If we were planning to explore these areas in our game, but didn't want to diminish the Exalted, is there anything we should stay away from that is generally considered "proprietary" or "unique" to the Exalted or should we just use our best judgement?
The one thing I consider fundamental and universal to the Exalted is that they are the Chosen of the Gods (for a value of "Gods" that includes beings that are numinous but not necessarily gods in-setting, like the Yozis, the Neverborn, and the Dark Mother).

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Originally posted by ale137 View Post
Whats the difference between a N/A artifact and a First Age artifact?
Two totally separate things. Non-First Age artifice can be an Artifact N/A, and First Age artifice can be an Artifact 2-5.

If Alveua can only create artifacts with the souls of people, what kind of evocations can they have, and how does it affects the keywords for evocations?
They're just like any other artifact created solely of exotic materials without any of the five magical materials. Arms of the Chosen goes into some more depth on them.

When Sigereth uses Impose Stakes, it can give anything even if its not something related to him rigth? Like someone betting his life to be a master swordsman (melee 5 Dex 5)
No. If you wanted to do that, you'd need to convince a master swordsman to stake his skill on a game with you, and have Sigereth impose stakes on that.

When Ahlat blesses someone with War-God Mandate so that they can use a limited version of Whispering Warrior Souls, is the use of the tassel a one time thing?

Can a God grow in power without worship?, eg. consuming other gods or absorbing the power of a demesne?
Most of the time, when a god grows in power, it has to do with being appointed to a higher position within the celestial bureaucracy, not from worship. However, if the Storyteller thinks something makes for a good narrative...

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Originally posted by Leetsepeak View Post
Here's a question: Having not seen the Dragon-Blooded charmset yet, we don't have a perfect picture of how to design spirit charms in terms of how they compare to the high end of the power scale (Solars) and the low-end (Dragon-Blooded), so I've been wondering about certain mechanics like counterattacks and the action economy. I'm sure there is no one size fits all answer, but in general, would you give counterattack charms to spirits in the Essence 1-3 range, or would you save them for more potent or specialized spirits? If spirits on the lower end of the Essence scale possess counterattack charms, should they generally consume their action for the turn?
I wouldn't give them something that's as easy to use and unconditional as Solar Counterattack.