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[#][F] The Demented One - 12/29/2012
Exthalion wrote:

Funny, I was thinking the exact opposite. These were the things which would endure forever, circling the mouth of Oblivion. They were nearly transcendent entities of cosmic significance and greater sacrosanctity than the king of heaven and the authors of reality.

Now they are being hawked like common commodities.

"Black market" is a metaphor for the process in which these are created. No one is going around the market squares of Yu-Shan hawking counterfeit Gucci Exaltations for cheap. Rather, it refers to the covert and forbidden nature of the methods by which they are created, and the attitude taken towards them by Heaven's enforcers.

[#][F] The Demented One - 12/29/2012
Revlid wrote:
One thing I'm looking forward to in 3e? More stuff written like the CRM system.

What I mean specifically by that is that when I was writing those CRM Charms for Requestmas, I ran through a whole bunch of drafts, and there was virtually no effect I wanted to produce that could not be articulated as "a special [Such-and-Such] action". Those effects that were more esoteric (or could be articulated more efficiently without referring to the main rules) still benefited from the clear outlines of how each CRM effect is expected to work, allowing me to easily gauge their strength against non-magical actions or providing me with a quick framework.

I suspect that you will enjoy writing Charms for the social influence system as much as I have. ^_^