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[#][F] The Demented One - 2/27/2015
Originally posted by Prometheus878 View Post
Apparently there's been another leak, and at least one person on the internet (I shall not name names or link to sites, lest I migrate forum drama) is trying to play the game with the leaked material.

Now, obviously that's bad enough in and of itself. But do you know what would be even worse? People (you know what kind) getting the leaked version, not liking it because it's imperfect and incomplete, and then saying that the entire game is broken, because they won't bother waiting for all the rules proper and the right context. They're going to go around, bad mouthing the game and putting people off trying or buying it, because they didn't have the patience to actually look at the game in it's true, complete state. You and I both know there are people who are going to do this, and that we can't really do much to stop them.

Man, it makes me mad just thinking about it. I know there are more than enough true fans out there who will do the right thing and judge the game on the merits of its completed state, but any wound to the game, no matter how small, is still blood spilled.

And that's just not ducky. /frown

... Dagnabit, I'm going to have to watch the original Star Wars trilogy to calm down.
I figure the people who read through the leak are only hurting themselves, because god damn does it stone cold suck to read six hundred pages of raw text with no art. Frankly, I can empathize, but not a good decision. If someone is going to judge a game based on a leaked copy of an incomplete draft, odds are they weren't going to give the game a fair chance anyway. There've always been people shit-talking Exalted, and they've always been insignificant blips.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/27/2015
Originally posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
Considering that the fae outnumber the Dragon-Blooded, but can live longer than Celestial Exalted and gain power in weird ways...

Pound for pound, raksha should be somewhat weaker than Dragon-Blooded, because raksha will always fight with a small army of commoners as backup, and commoners are pound-for-pound more dangerous than the mortals accompanying the Dragon-Blooded. (And if those Dragon-Blooded are accompanied the Legion of Silence, then the raksha are backed up by a Wyld behemoth.)

"Our grunts outweigh yours, but your heroes outweigh ours" is a comfortable asymmetry. Especially when the raksha so easily allow for an exceptional, elder raksha whenever the storyteller needs something stronger than normal.
A Dragon-Blood at the head of an army is very much in the milieu of his Exaltation. Those soldiers aren't just mortals. They're elite soldiers fighting under the command of a Dragon-Blooded general or strategist. That's not the kind of thing that should ever be discounted!

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/27/2015
Originally posted by HK-87 View Post
How easy is it to develop a charmset, relatively speaking, now that the core mechanics are in place? Probably not easy easy, but you have some idea of what works and what doesn't after going through Solars?
If it is a full-sized, meant-to-support-an-Exalt-that-will-be-occur-in-a-sizeable-majority-of-games, then it is pretty tough! Each Ability is its very own intricate tree that needs enough depth to work throughout the full span of the game and enough breadth to support as diverse a range of character creation options. And there's friggin' 25 of them. It's very much a grind, and I've gone through maybe half a dozen different iterations to produce this first draft.

Writing Exigent Charm sets, on the other hand, is something I do for fun in coffee shops.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/27/2015
Originally posted by Games of Divinity
The Unconquered Sun said to the rest of the gods, "Let us take men and give them the favor of gods and use them as our champions against the Primordials, that we might overthrow them and play for ourselves the Games of Divinity."
Originally posted by Games of Divinity
In addition to Gaia, another Primordial had helped the gods in their rebellion. A tinker and a trickster, it was named Autochthon, and had shown the gods the secrets of smithing weapons that could slay the Primordials and taught the Exalted the many secret powers of jade and lunar silver and planetary steel and orichalc.
I'm not sure when it came in First Edition—Autocthonians, I'd guess?—but it is a definitely a stark divergence from the original vision.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/27/2015
Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
About how often do you eat ramen noodles?
Stereotypically often.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/27/2015
Originally posted by Nocte ex Mortis View Post
My one question is: How you guys doing/holding up?
On the one hand, I've finished the first draft of the Dragon-Blooded Charmset. On the other hand, I have a brief due tomorrow morning. Could be worse.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/26/2015
I've always had a special place in my heart for Regent Fokuf.

I'm also very proud of Copil Chantico, but picking a character I wrote is probably cheating.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/26/2015
Originally posted by John Mørke View Post

It's not varying. That's like telling a professional chef that it's OK to pour every seasoning known to man into a single broth because taste varies, and that if he can't make a good soup out of that that he is some sort of lesser chef. If you served that bowl of soup you'd probably be put in jail for killing someone.
Abyssal Craft: Thirteen Forbidden Spices Recipe

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/26/2015
Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
Perhaps Hamoji's diminishment to stoke the fire of Exigence consumes him utterly, sending his volcano spiraling out of control, such that even the sacrifice of the Feathered One does not quench its fury, leading to a volcanic eruption of a magnitude not seen in two Ages?

(Even if this won't be canon, I now have a future plot line for my seafaring game!)
"In his old age, Hamoji lost control over some of his...functions."

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/24/2015
Originally posted by Tiresias View Post
How did First Edition handle Sidereal Brawl and Martial Arts anyway?
Brawl and Martial Arts were totally different Abilities. Battles had Brawl, Endings had Violet Bier.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/24/2015
Originally posted by Zelbinnean View Post
Sometimes it's easy to forget that you can make up new things! What you describe reminds me of Legends of the Wulin (which I know the devs have not read, but the comparison is apt)
Does Weapons of the Gods count? Because that has sweet, sweet loresheets.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/22/2015
It does great things for all our Bacon numbers.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/21/2015
Originally posted by Blaque View Post
No mention of starless night. No reference in 1e says it is starless either. It being starless does not appear, as I can gather, until Manual of Exalted Power: Lunars, which also canonized the until-then fanon twenty-five hour day for non-Autochthonian societies.

And stuff.
If I'm remembering my apocrypha correctly, the starlessness was added when someone realized that the night before Calibration would be a new moon. It's not Six Days Darkness!

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/20/2015
Originally posted by Zelbinnean View Post
Oh my impression (from other authors' statements) was that there was a sea-beneath-the-sea (like in a cavern, somehow) in the West.
I'm still counting that as "regular underwater."

[#][F] The Demented One - 2/20/2015
Originally posted by Zelbinnean View Post
Well, we have the Niobraran Unterzee or whatever it's called.
The Niobraran League was just underwater. They didn't live in a magical underwater dimension or anything.