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[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/20/2018
Couple things:

1) Gods destroying themselves in the creation of Exigents is not normative. Most gods create Exigents and come out a bit weaker, and go "Yeah, not doing that again."

2) Gods don't want to permanently weaken themselves, so Exigents really only happen when a god needs a champion right now or when a god has put a lot of thought into the matter and decided the long-term benefits of having a champion outweigh the costs.

3) Divine psychology is influenced to greater or lesser degree by divine nature and portfolio, varying from god to god. Plentimon is the sort of god of gambling who's going to bring gambling into stuff even when it's maybe not a good idea for him personally, because he likes to gamble for gambling's sake. This is not reflective of all gods.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/19/2018
The Exigence itself is a portion of power the god can tap into to bestow, but not use for itself. When Ten Sheaves empowered Janest, she came out of the deal with more power than Ten Sheaves himself had.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/16/2018
Originally posted by Mizu View Post

I am shocked the signature characters weren't already getting a write up
They were always something we wanted to do, but just couldn’t prioritize over all the other things that need to be given space in the DB hardcover. Hence, stretch goal for the Companion.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/15/2018
Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
any charms that explicitly helps with attacking defining intimacys?
Not really, no.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/15/2018
Originally posted by Krata Lightblade View Post

Who says those two Intimacies are even conflicting?

He has a Defining Intimacy towards his House, NOT the traitorous members of it... and he doesn't want to see his House end up the next Iselsi!
I’d say that, while it’s normally up to a player to define what his character’s intimacies mean, if another character wanted to use this situation in order to pit the first character’s pro-house intimacy against his pro-Realm intimacy or vice verse, it would not be okay for the first player to argue “Ah, but the intimacy is to my House, not traitorous members within it, therefore there’s no conflict.”

That said, “There’s no conflict” would be a good justification for if this attempt at social influence failed.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/15/2018
As others have said, whether two intimacies conflict is contextual; as circumstances change, two intimacies that don’t conflict at one point might begin to conflict later. So you pretty much need to give them a Major Intimacy that doesn’t seem to conflict with the Defining Intimacy you want to erode, and then arrange circumstances such that they come into conflict. You can then attempt to use the Major Intimacy to erode the Defining.

This is pretty difficult!

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/14/2018
"If they don't obey your lawful orders, apply force. If that doesn't work, escalate force, and continue escalating until they do or until they cease to be a factor."

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/14/2018
All of the architecture Mnemon is knocking over to get at the newly-discovered artifact stores predates House Mnemon and, I suspect, the Great Contagion itself.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/13/2018
Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post
Huh. With the latest update providing a larger picture depicting a found egg choosing between the razor and the coin, I notice that its representation of the former is a narrow-bladed, folding handle straight razor, as was developed in Europe in the 17th century.

​Whereas I've always pictured the razor offered to represent accepting the Immaculate Order as being the older, simpler, fixed handle razor consisting of a semi-circular or square blade, as might be seen used by Aang in The Last Airbender.


​Apart from the resonance between the images, I always found the notion of the simpler razor to be more fitting to the austerity of the Immaculate Order, and that the simple shape had a nice symmetry with the coin.

Am I overthinking it a bit?
Yeah, you’re kind of overthinking it. Minton wrote an art note saying “Draw a razor,” that’s the razor that came to mind to the artist and therefore the kind of razor the artist drew, and then in the revision process, for whatever reason nobody went “Hmm, that seems anachronistic, we ought to have the artist change it.”

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/9/2018
New stretch goal at $221k is up.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/6/2018
The Gunzota Incident was a covert assassination attempt on a leadership cadre that was drifting towards nepotism and corruption when it was first mentioned in Outcastes.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/3/2018
Ledaal Kebok Coren has been a demon-blooded dragon-blood with magic demon storm powers since the 1e DB hardcover; material that claimed things like "You can't be a demon-blooded dragon-blood with magic demon storm powers because Exaltation burns those away!" post-dates her, and seems largely to have been written by people with oWoD experience who thought it was their job to stomp down on vampire-werewolf hybrid abominations and the munchkins who want to play them. This is Exalted, though, and Ledaal Kebok Coren has always been cool, so we're running with her.

(A given Exalt's powers are already so diverse there's no real harm in letting someone diversify a bit more, provided they're paying XP for the Charms. Also, "I make it storm when I'm angry" isn't super game-breaking.)

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/3/2018
Pasiap's Stair's curriculum leans heavily on instilling loyalty to the Realm in toto and to the Empress as an authority figure. The Houses are nervous about putting people with that sort of indoctrination in command positions at the moment.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/3/2018
Nowhere. Save it until the final laid-out preview .pdf; apparently we don’t want anyone reporting an error here, and then not reporting it during the big push to get the layout .pdf fixed because they remember reporting it here.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/3/2018
Originally posted by Epee102 View Post
Are the schools for troubled students also for unruly Exalted Students?
Yes! You sort of need specialized facilities for dealing with especially, tail-end-of-the-bell-curve, unruly DB youth.