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[#][F] Plague of Hats - 6/2/2013
The line between Light and Medium is a little bit blurry. The line between Medium and Heavy, not so much.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/30/2013
Romanov wrote:
Plague of Hats wrote:
I obviously disagree with the, uh, closing argument, but Zack and Steve are not completely out of left field with their article. Something Awful is a good site. We do not need to be Too Cool For Them and they are not a conspiracy of The Mans.

They may raise some valid points, but calling us 'idiots' and 'dumbfucks' is not even an argument, isn't it?

That's right. It's not an argument.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/30/2013
I obviously disagree with the, uh, closing argument, but Zack and Steve are not completely out of left field with their article. Something Awful is a good site. We do not need to be Too Cool For Them and they are not a conspiracy of The Mans.

Also something something cross-forum drama.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/29/2013
A grand goremaul and a grand daiklave are both heavy weapons, but knocking your foe across the battlefield is pretty distinct from showering them in a rain of cutting steel.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/27/2013
Asmodai wrote:
No art? I Is dissapoint!

I actually contemplated putting in a "Charm tree 'art'" credit for myself, but it turns out I'm too lazy to resize the text box for the credits.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/25/2013
It's all my fault. The Infernal and Abyssal Kickstarter previews were typed up months ago, and I keep putting off the layout for them. If not for these crucial pieces of the puzzle, EX3 would've been out December 2012.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/23/2013
Arteliex wrote:
Personally, I'd like to know each of their shoe sizes.

14 or 15 depending on the shoe.

sz wrote:
"If you can boil down the overarching themes in the development of the Third Edition to a single word, what would it be?"

I think #FunAndUsable is one word.


[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/23/2013
You can check the Updates tab on the Kickstarter page. The latest backer-only one has a link to the video.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/22/2013
Exalted versus the World of Darkness LARP

All characters are Sidereals with Holistic Bullet Methodology. Go outside and run in the park shooting each other with your fingerguns.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/22/2013
It pleases me in a Lea-spiting way that everyone is using "Exalted vs. World of Darkness"!

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/21/2013
Prometheus878 wrote:
Plague of Hats wrote:
You will get a lot of answers out of the Dev Chat (RSN!).

How's it coming on the vid, anyway? Almost done editing it?

I overestimated my speed/skill, so it's either already done or I need another night or two depending on how much Holden and John like Ghost Dad and Aquaman.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 5/21/2013
You will get a lot of answers out of the Dev Chat (RSN!).

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 3/15/2013
I'm sorry I was unclear, but I wasn't saying "fuck you and your in-play Merits." I was responding, perhaps incorrectly, to the idea that something should be available because "I have numbers to spend!"

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 3/14/2013
Arrakiz wrote:
Am I the only person here, who thinks that merits available only at chargen is a ridiculous idea? Ok, that strongly depends on what specific merits those will be. I understand that this is meant to encourage people spending points on something else tgen min-maxing, but this is a very poor solution to the problem.

I think if someone at my table complained that they can't crap out some experience to become remarkably tall, I'd probably tell them to shut up.

Besides- maximazing merits is no less ridiculous and awkward then maximazing atributes and skills. Take "followers", we can assume that it will work more or less exactly the same. The system encourages people to have 10 000 followers at the start of game. Or a global cult. Or amazing, overpowered familiar. For one thing it forces the scale to bigger levels, it forces players to create special and narratively important people- warlords, merchant princes and cult leaders. Being simply a roaming badass is unedvisble. And then it turns out that it doesn't make mechanical sense, when it turns out your glorious strategist, or cult leader has troubles fighting a blood ape.

Exalted has a tradition of stating that might makes right. That power grants influence and that you can't have anything without the power to hold it. This system creates people with influence without the power to support that indluence. And this is not something I like seeing. It's not how Exalted should work.

Don't create a system with more advantages than there are points to take all the advantages. Got it.

Besides- what about mortal games? How are you going to justify a mortal having a huge army? Or a cult? Or a god-blooded familiar?

He's a warlord. Or a cult leader. Or he has a friend.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 3/10/2013

Crumplepunch wrote:
As a player that uses a lot of thaumaturgy and has a lot of enlightened mortal followers using it, this change is inconvenient, but I can see why it was done. I think common sense always needed to be applied on just what resources Essence can dispose of. The case of creating Orichalcum out of thin air was one of those.

While the simulated impact on a fantasy economy was a nice side effect that strengthened its case, that really wasn't the reason I proposed the erratum, and Holden's approval didn't come in the form of "Thank god, our verisimilitude is saved!" I wrote a ritual where rich people are encouraged to eat diamond-encrusted steaks to avoid supernatural mind control. I think that's fucking awesome. Ooooooooorrr, you can be an Essence user and fart out a couple of motes. Fucking lame. A perfect example of the "I've got motes, suck it bitches!" philosophy making the game blander. It's also an aspect of the broader problem of "Essence users rule, mortals drool", which was kind of a thing Masters of Jade was deliberately refuting.