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[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/30/2013
John Mørke wrote:
There won't be ammo counting.

There goes 5k of my fulfilled word count, damn you!

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/28/2013
Vidiian wrote:
That's not magical thinking. At all.

Oh, I wasn't thinking of the fallacy or whatever. God damn the internet, can't let a phrase be!
It's more like a reading of the scientific method, as applied to choosing rules systems.

No, it's certainly not that. "I believe this will fail because of a past lack of attempts to meaningfully change the system" is entirely accurate in describing what Fanservice is saying. Because all past iterations have done little to really change the system, starting from a premise that they did is automatically wrong.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/28/2013
Fanservice wrote:
Sure and 3E may be the first game in the Storyteller's systems many, many attempts to actually get high level play right. I'm just saying that, on past track record, I don't have a ton of faith on that because the Storyteller system is geared towards Urban Occult (Which it's done pretty well), not high powered Fantasy (Which it's died on its ass trying to do several times).

I don't get the thinking behind "Hey, let's base our system on something that has been shown to not work with what we're doing repeatedly.". It feels like trying to get a round peg into a square hole. They might be able to do it with some clever woodwork but I feel like they're really making it unnecessarily hard on themselves.

This is straight up magical thinking. You have faith we won't change something because people in the past didn't change it. I don't know what to say to you.



Wow that's ugly. Just type it the way I do, TVTropes and Wikipedia agrees with me here so it's basically a fact.

Sorry. Got you confused with another user.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/28/2013
Day_Dreamer wrote:
The issue is that we (fanbase) lack any capacity to see if the basic system is fun or not right now. At the end of the day, every dev statement so far on why 3E will be good has basically come down to "trust us."

See, no, that's not "the issue." That's an issue, and one that I can't really speak against because, hey, it's not all that unreasonable.

But what I responded to up above was not that. Fan_Service is affording the Storyteller system some mystic quality that does not exist, fetishizing its past failures and shaking them like a talisman at the future.

Let me be clear: The Storyteller system has changed very little for two decades. There are good and bad reasons for it, but the system has simply remained very consistent in that time. This is not because the system is some magical shackle that prevents change.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/28/2013
Fanservice wrote:
A revamp of the mechanics made me perk up, but then I heard it's still using the Storyteller system and I felt sad again. The Storyteller has had many stabs at trying to do high power theatrics and failed miserably every time. It's a system designed for Urban Occult RP and it does this reasonably well. Abberant, Scion and Exalted are not Urban Occult (Well maybe Scion is. Kinda.) and they've fucked it up every time because of this weird system they're shackled too that falls to bits the moment it gets near high power play.

Yeah. It's like how Palladium Fantasy and all its descendants demonstrate that Palladium systems are totally crap, and has nothing to do with the fact that the system designer just doesn't have the capacity or desire to really, drastically change it.


[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/20/2013
Kapula is something I made up and used in one of my longer-running online games, when I still had those. Graceful Wicked Masques wasn't out yet, and the thing was better for it because I was at that point in my relationship with Exalted where I would've tried to cram my fun into that box no matter how poor the fit.

It being more than a month ago, I don't remember from which sources I cobbled together the name or what it meant. I usually comb multiple myths and pantheons for a given theme, then start smashing words and names together.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/17/2013
This is not some weighty metaphysical concept like it got turned into in 2E. Being an extra doesn't mean the universe took away your health levels and said you were unimportant. It's just the rules of the game that you are playing. For a system like Exalted, or really most systems, "create a fun mass combat model that closely reproduces the expected results of the one-on-one combat model" is not an option. No one is writing that because it probably doesn't exist.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/13/2013
You need to post more ChrisARose.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/13/2013
Inugami wrote:
What's the legion of silence?

The Legion of Silence
After the attempted assassination of the Empress by partisans of House Iselsi, a cabal of Sesus and Cynis nobles assembled a slave legion dedicated to guarding the Imperial Manse. The Legion of Silence is made up of eunuch slaves who have had their tongues cut out at birth. The removal of their testicles, plus a few Charms designed by the legion's Dragon-Blooded masters, leaves these slaves with prodigious muscle mass — their gigantic stature and emotionless faces make most assassins or thieves think twice before entering the Imperial Manse.

Trained since their youth in the use of polearms and shields, the Legion of Silence is quite capable of defending the Dynasty should their intimidating forms prove insufficient to dissuade potential attackers.

The Legion of Silence also accompanies high-ranking Dynasts when they travel abroad. The sight of this intimidating personal guard makes peasant girls cry and rebellious tributaries rethink their insurrections.

—Exalted First Edition core book, p. 48
Also, how demolished is "totally demolished"? I don't imagine that all 100 bandits would keep attacking after the first fifty are messily slaughtered while the single opponent never gets more than bruised.

This is addressed.

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/13/2013
jesus fucking christ you guys

[#][F] Plague of Hats - 1/11/2013
Because that's unnecessary world simulation that will probably do more harm than good. You are telling a story, so you give your characters what they should have. Do not look up a formula for Maturity Points and square root their age for Discipline dots. Just give them what the story demands.