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[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/16/2014
Originally posted by Locnil View Post
So, TDO, how is Minton writing it?
This implies that I haven't written it already! Which would be wrong, because I've written it already. (576 words, just after Gentian and before Thorns.)

[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/15/2014
Originally posted by The Revenge of TV Head View Post
Hatewheel has spoken. The Hamster has spoken. They'll probably wheel out TDO, Neall and Neph for Old time's sake to tell you it's not going down.
I have wheels too, you know! Big shiny ones. Doubtless handcrafted from brass.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/15/2014
Originally posted by Noodle View Post
The only Cadet house I can recall being mentioned is House Ferem.
Four cadet houses are named in the current draft of the 3e Threshold chapter.

Originally posted by Noodle View Post
Thorns was, for all intents a purposes, a Realm colony, seeing how tied it was to the Realm's economic, political, and cultural machine.
Thorns would more accurately be described as a puppet state or satellite state.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/13/2014
Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
Ok, so in previous editions the books have given us general details on the ethnicities of Creation. IIrc, it's general Nordic types in the North, with white skin and light hair; Native Americans in the East, with copper skin and straight brown, green, red, or black hair; Africans in the South, with dark brown or black skin and curly brown, black, or red hair; Asian/Polynesians in the West, with golden tans and dark hair in shades of brown, black, blue, gray, sea green, and purple; and sort of Mediterranean on the Blessed Isle, with dark hair and lighter skin, though there's lots of mixing, given the whole sex slave trade.

However, the bits where they discuss that don't really mention eye color. Anyone have any thoughts as to what eye colors are common in each direction? (Also, feel free to correct me on my ethnicity list above. I'm going entirely off memory there and it's been awhile since I looked that up.)
The 348-word "Appearance by Region" section of the 3e Threshold chapter discusses eye color.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/12/2014
"Only stuff visible to the naked eye matches our modern knowledge base" is a good bright line for players and Storytellers. Once that line is crossed, the resulting changes in setting flavor -- and possibly gameplay, depending on the interests of your players -- can shift the game into an undesired thematic space full of smallpox vaccines, weaponized anthrax, homebrewed C-4, and suitcase nukes. A lot of traditional pulp fantasy did run with the idea that magic was purely an add-on to Scientific Knowledge As We Now Know It, but not all, and the resulting flavor is not to everyone's taste.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/22/2013
Originally posted by Gaius View Post
Would you let me know if this is the right idea: Third Circles typically have the described 7 Second Circles as initially described, but could well have more or fewer or what they have could possess entirely different roles, if such is appropriate to the nature of the Third Circle in question.
Yes, that's correct.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/22/2013
Second Circle roles are typical rather than universal, descriptive rather than prescriptive. I do not anticipate that they will have any mechanics attached in 3e.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/21/2013
Aside from the new setting information which I've written (which I think is awesome but I'm biased), my favorite change is the new sorcery system. What I've seen so far looks pretty sweet -- clean, simple, and flexible.

(The new combat system is certainly more useful to me as a Storyteller -- I can actually work with it without my head exploding -- but sorcery is sexier!)

[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/19/2013
Originally posted by LeTipex View Post
Hmm... Does anyone (writer or otherwise) knows if the map will be a bit more... let's say colorful than the one we had in the previews once it's done? I really liked the vivid colors of the first and second edition maps, it would be weird to have a maps that's more... subdued.
The color palette is the same, but the detailing in the final version makes the whole thing appear crisper and more vivid.

Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
When you guys show the final version of the map, could we perhaps get a bigger image? I know you guys will want to sell poster sized pdf versions or something later, but the current one is pretty tiny given the amount of detail. Maybe a bonus wallpaper sized image as a backer only exclusive? If not, can you at least make sure it's big enough to read the location names clearly?
I'm voting that the final version of the map gets posted at the same size as the previous versions, if only because the tears that will spring from your eyes as you try to read the tiny location names will taste like sweet candy! But I just shrank down my copy of the latest map to match that of the earlier map spoilers, and even at that size, the map looks pretty nifty despite the loss of detail.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/19/2013
Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
Is it in color!?
It's in as much color as the most recent map sample that's up on the Kickstarter site.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/19/2013
I've seen a nearly-complete version of the map, and it's pretty sweet! I find it especially cool to see a whole bunch of new locations I created marked on the map.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/18/2013
Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
Really, it's just a matter of how much focus you want to place on mortal martial arts vs. Exalted martial artists in my game.




[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/17/2013
Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
Minton, you sly cat-mutant! Don't tease them about things like dugpas and phylacteries!
You'll have to tell me what dugpas are in 3e before I can spoil them!

[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/16/2013
Originally posted by Gaius View Post
Was it that spiffy sounding system for long-term sorcerous projects? :3
That's one of the things we discussed, though it wasn't our primary focus.

Originally posted by danelsan View Post
Sorcerously infused Evocations?

Rituals (as something different from spells)?

Sorcery-Augmented Thaumaturgy?
Nope, nope, and nope!

[#][F] Eric Minton - 12/16/2013
Vance and I have been discussing sorcery this very day! Not spells, though, nor Charms.