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[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/29/2019
Originally posted by Gigaton-Falcon-Emu View Post
Quick thing I was vague on from the Realm, who holds the legal right to create or elevate Cadet Houses? It seems to be a legal status but I couldn't find if it was a Deliberative power or a Big Red power.
As per What Fire Has Wrought, "Granting or removing recognition of cadet house status, as with Great House status, was the prerogative of the Empress alone."

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/28/2019
Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
So, the North has a number of Cadet houses descended from Shogunate Gens. Ferem, Japor, Nandoran, etc.

Are they intended to get more details in Heirs to the Shogunate, or not really?

I was particularly wondering if they have particular elemental inclinations like most of the Great Houses and Lookshy Gentes. Or if their blood is too weak for it be noticeable, like Nellens.
There will be four Great House-style write-ups for individual cadet houses in Heirs to the Shogunate, although they won't be as in-depth as the Great House write-ups in Dragon-Blooded due to word count restrictions. One of them is for House Ferem. Covering multiple Northern cadet houses wasn't feasible with the word count available.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/28/2019
Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
On to my question; so we noticed that in 3rd ed, the Realm only managed to reach the West 100 years ago, when they took Fajad. How much did they know about it before then?
"Opening of the West to mortal trade via Wu-Jian" refers specifically to trade routes via Wu-Jian that mortal crews can safely navigate. The Realm has had limited access to the West for longer than that via Fajad and the Caul (which is how they've controlled Wavecrest for longer than 100 years), and ships with Dragon-Blooded heroes aboard have been able to navigate more perilous routes via Wu-Jian for over 100 years.

Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
And also, what was the relationship between Western Lunars and other Lunars in the Caul, North, etc? Were they in contact?
Depends on which Lunars you're talking about. But there used to be significantly fewer Lunars in the West than in other Directions because it wasn't much of a front in the war against the Realm, which also meant that many Lunars in the West were there because they had little interest or investment in the war against the Realm. Since a lot of long-range contact between Lunars is about the war against the Realm, this meant less contact overall. But there was still personal correspondence, educational visits, etc.

Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
And is this why Leviathan wasn't that bothered about the Realm until recently?
When the Realm had little to no influence in the vicinity of Luthe, Leviathan wasn't that bothered.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/27/2019
Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
Is The Guild... just The Guild? How do people differentiate it from their city's stonemason's guild or whatever? Just context?
The Guild is, by and large, not "the Guild." Ground-level Guild ventures are their own entities; when the Guild merchant prince Bear-Rider Vai organizes a caravan, it'll be known as Bear-Rider Vai's caravan, not Guild Caravan #8063. If the Guild stonemasons in Nathir organize into a guild, it'll be a Nathir stonemason's guild, not Guild Stonemason Branch #1138. (It may in fact end up being the only stonemason's guild in Nathir, so there won't be anything to differentiate itself from.)

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/27/2019
Originally posted by Alpharius View Post
Cavalry counting as skirmishers
Legion skirmishers do not include cavalry. The Realm does not field its own cavalry, relying on auxiliary forces drawn from the satrapies.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/25/2019
Originally posted by Alpharius View Post
Page 18 The Realm: Sesus is referred to as half-brother to Ragara. Is that just an error that needs to be put in an errata submission or is it just implying Sesus was a trans woman and when you have a baby who isn't about to be arguing its gender identity or anything that's what they were operating with, since in What Fire Has Wrought she's referred to in the feminine?
It's copypasta from prior editions where Sesus was male.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/24/2019
Originally posted by LostLight View Post
First, while I assume that most Caulborn remain in their continent, how many of them have crossed the sea to visit the rest of Creation? I mean, I assume that just as non Caulborn come to colonize the continent, Caulborn may decide, for their own reasons, to leave their home and explore Realm and beyond. Are there any sort of stigmas/ stereotypes that such Caulborn encounter other than being generally treated as "weird"?
Caulborn so rarely leave the Caul that I don't think there'd be any coherent stereotypes about them.

Originally posted by LostLight View Post
Also about Caulborn- as the realm is focused on the side of the Dragon Blooded's view, how do the Caulborn treat their Exalts? I assume that they have their own local Exalts, and while the Caulborn are probably far from a monolithic culture, are there any local Dragon Blooded, Exigents or even Liminals in the strange continent?
That'll likely be addressed in the Caul material in the final manuscript of Fangs at the Gate.

Originally posted by LostLight View Post
On the subject of other Exalts- what would happen if/when a group of Exalts other than Dragon Blooded or Lunars would size control of the five cities? As the shrines are the ones which decide who is worthy of the pilgrimage, and the strong affinity the Caul has with Gaia/Luna, other Exalts (such as Solars) would probably will be unable to go through the process- but would it lock down the shrines, effectively blocking any pilgrimage attempts? Worse, what would happen if Exgients, as each of them carries a unique Essence, would take over the shrine cities- will it just block the pilgrimage, or weird things may happen?
Probably nothing happens; the Caul's Essence is attuned specifically to Lunars and Dragon-Blooded. But an individual Storyteller should definitely change this if appropriate to their game.

Originally posted by LostLight View Post
Talking about Exigents, what themes would you suggest on putting emphasis if one were to design a Chosen of Nir Netari, the Underworld Sun?
Assuming we get a chance to discuss Nir-Netari in later canonical material, she's intended to be a ghost, so she couldn't have any Exigents. If you want her to be a god with an Exigent in your game, you probably have a clearer idea of what to do with her than I would.

Originally posted by LostLight View Post
Another Exigent related question- the Realm details that Fokuf had ambitions and potential, but lost all interest after failing to Exalt. If some god were to suggest him a (probably illicit) Exigence- would he be open for the possibility of such Exaltation?
I suspect he'd be thrilled to have a way out of his current situation, where he has a Sword of Damocles hanging over his head for the rest of his probably short life.

Originally posted by LostLight View Post
How would the Great Houses react?
That's tricky. On the one hand, Exigents are inauspicious; on the other hand, rejecting the Regent would further destabilize the Realm (a replacement seems unlikely at this stage) and would accelerate the slide toward civil war if not triggering it outright. Likely the houses best positioned to go for the throne would use this as an excuse to push their candidates, while those in weaker positions would back Fokuf to maintain the status quo. This could be good material for a civil war scenario at your table!

Originally posted by LostLight View Post
Moving to the subject of the Great House- with House Peleps's plans on separating itself and establishing a Western Empire, how much it would damage House Ragara, considering that they would probably not return their loans? Would it make sense for House Peleps to actually ask for as much loans as possible from Ragara before the separation, just to bring it to ruin once they separate?
If you come at the king, you'd best not miss. A clumsy effort in this regard will just tip off House Ragara (which isn't an ATM compelled to dispense money), and in any case will be ledger accounts rather than hard currency. House Ragara doesn't need money, and a single debtor defaulting won't hurt it; the only real risk is of cascading into widespread rejection of Ragara economic authority throughout the Realm. Outright reneging on debts to Ragara without collapsing its control of Realm finance would hurt Peleps far more than Ragara, as other sources of funding would be pressured to cut Peleps off.

Originally posted by LostLight View Post
And one finale question about the coming civil war- as we have Gloam and the strange power which corrupts Dragon Blooded in it, would it use the opportunity to expand beyond the city's limits and infect more Terrestrials, or is it constrained to Gloam's limits for some reason?
We currently have no plans to explore Gloam in published material, so that's entirely up to the Storyteller.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/22/2019
Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
In the Cathak, Sesus and Tepet house legions (not the newly seized ones, the original ones) were there official or unofficial barriers to how high non-House Dragonblood (ie husbands who'd married in) could reach?

For example, if a Mnemon officer married into House Tepet, could he rise to Winglord in a legion? Dragonlord? Strategos? (I'm guessing not Strategos)

To put it another way, would you expect the 10 Dragonlords of a House Cathak Legion to all be Cathaks, or might one or two (or three or four) be husbands from other Houses, or Outcastes?
It's unlikely that any out-of-house spouses were ever promoted to the rank of general, but the occasional out-of-house dragonlord would have been plausible. But the specifics of whether barriers to promotion were were official or unofficial, and where those barriers stood, is something to resolve at your table based on the needs of relevant PC and NPC backstories.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/22/2019
Originally posted by MorsRattus View Post
To make my last question actually a question: can Raksi's trials produce non-chimp apes?

‚ÄčAnd for PC relevance: if my spirit shape is a wolf, can I produce non-wolf beastman trials based on my heart's blood library, or am I stuck with just my spirit shape?
A spirit shape, like any other shape, is specific. Your wolf spirit shape is a specific wolf; you can't turn into a different wolf as your "spirit shape," let alone turn into a dog and say it's your spirit shape because they're both canines. This is the same as any other shape; you can't perform a sacred hunt on some random dude and then use that shape to turn into the Empress because they're both human shapes, and you can't perform a sacred hunt on a chimpanzee and use that shape to turn into a gorilla or orangutan.

(And I don't think "stuck with" is fair phrasing; you don't need the ability to make every conceivable type of beastfolk for it to be impressive that you can make beastfolk.)

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/22/2019
Originally posted by Jade-Wrought Sunfire View Post

A follow-up on this: I'm assuming the books mentioned are Towers of the Mighty (Manses/Ruins) and Paths of Brigid (Sorcery/Thaumaturgy). I heard you and Eric had re-pitched them, but have they been approved? I know you can't mention when they may come out, but knowing they're definitely coming would be great!
Nope, still waiting on pitch approvals. (These things take a while.)

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/19/2019
Originally posted by GenericMaleNPC01 View Post
Will the Storytellers guide have a kickstarter?
The current system is that books for Exalt types (Dragon-Blooded, Lunars, etc.) get Kickstarters. Other books, such as the Storyteller's Guide, do not.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/17/2019
Originally posted by Blaque View Post

So to my understnading, things like additional Martial Arts styles, or organizaitons are things you often will have kind of "banked" by the time the KS starts. These might even be of things folks know about ahead of time, but were not given a huge chunk of room in the initial book (Sublime Danger is an example of this).

Woudl it be possible that for a stretch goal to be for instance, a Chosen of Dice or Chosen of Masks, as an option, kind of like how the four new MA styles in Lunars were collectively one option? Or is a single extra Exigent bigger than even that wordcountwise?
Either I'm still not understanding your question correctly, or your understanding of the situation is incorrect. We do not write stretch goal material ahead of time. We didn't write up Sublime Danger in advance and then "bank" her for the Lunars Kickstarter companion volume; she hasn't been written up yet.

A single Exigent write-up, even with a really bare-bones Charm set, is significantly larger than a normal stretch goal. If we're able to do it, it'll involve spacing out stretch goals more widely than usual to compensate. E.g., instead of getting one stretch goal when we hit $X and another when we hit $Y, we'd get no stretch goal at $X and the bare-bones Exigent write-up at $Y. Or maybe skip $X and $Y and get the bare-bones Exigent write-up at $Z.

In any case, we'll continue to discuss specifics with the Onyx Path Kickstarter team and figure things out before the Exigent Kickstarter (if any).

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/17/2019
Originally posted by Blaque View Post
Thinking on the wordcount and length of Exigents, I am assuming that a potential Stretch Goal is that there's a "bank" of additional ones that could be in the Companion, kind of like the expanded Great Houses and such? Or are each so big that they'd need to be spaced a tad bit more?
I don't understand the question. Could you clarify?

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/17/2019
Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
On this subject...
I believe this came up in relation to a question on "will the book include examples of a black market Exigent" rather than "what are they Exigents of".

So, Eric and Robert, to what extent are these examples defined by being black market and "dirty bomb" (I'm sure the book has a fancier word)?

I mean, is it "the Exigent of naughty god X" and being black market is just an interesting note in the backstory, or more "the Black Market Exigent of X"?
The former.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/17/2019
Originally posted by memeala View Post
In Exigents, are we likely to see fiction or lore related to Exigents mentioned in the core book that aren't getting full Charm write-ups?
More than likely.