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[#][F] Eric Minton - 11/26/2013
Originally posted by Overshee View Post
One thought though, you need to specify whether you can't increase dice, auto successes, or both by the +1.
I didn't write the Charms either, but as an editor with knowledge of the system, I believe that the following context-free example should clarify things:

* Normally your character might roll five dice for some sort of movement action. You're on a vessel with Speed 3. Now you roll five dice and add three automatic successes.
* You enhance your vessel magically so that it has Speed 6. Now you roll five dice and add four automatic successes, because no matter how much the ship's natural Speed bonus is enhanced by magic, this Charm can only grant one extra automatic success over and above the automatic successes that you'd add based on its natural Speed bonus.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 11/25/2013
Originally posted by Valles View Post

Do we have any of the horrible horrible 'diseases' that would support this metaphor? I don't know of any, although once the subject is raised, their existence is logical.
Oh, the usual stuff! Unstable Shape Malady, Alive and Dead at the Same Time Fever, In Two Places At Once Affliction, all that sort of thing.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 11/25/2013
If you list the specific things you want to accomplish with your character, forumgoers can help you figure out what Abilities best suit your concept.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 11/24/2013
Originally posted by Ithle View Post
(notably absent from the write-up: enormous brass cow-catcher and detachable defensive modules)
I was sure I'd included the cow-catcher in the final draft!

[#][F] Eric Minton - 11/20/2013
Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
I know what they are, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say.
Do you? Are you sure?

[#][F] Eric Minton - 11/15/2013
Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
One of my goals in writing the poison mechanics was to make them so intuitive that you would never need to flip back to the poison description after you'd read it the first time, as long as you have the stat line for the particular poison you have.
Having read the poison mechanics, I have to say: "Mission accomplished!"

[#][F] Eric Minton - 11/1/2013
The MG wrote:
DrLoveMonkey wrote:
Auspicious Fist Meeting Attitude
It took me just a little too long to realise that this was a typo – long enough to wonder what such a Charm could do.

(Add a hyphen in there, and it becomes a weird parry that might absorb the force of an attack.)

:auspicious fistbump:

[#][F] Eric Minton - 10/26/2013

[#][F] Eric Minton - 10/23/2013
The Demented One wrote:
satai_delenn wrote:
Words that shouldn't be used in Exalted: "never." And maybe "can't."


Man, the Neverborn ain't gonna be happy about that one.
You know who's going to be even more unhappy?

The Nevercan't.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 10/23/2013
The Chills and One Last Joke wrote:
One of my 3e playtest groups normally plays a hybrid mashup of Exalted 2.5 and D&D 4e.

Minton, don't take this the wrong way, but where the blue hell do you find a group like that?

Allentown, PA.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 10/23/2013
Exodan wrote:
Eric Minton wrote:
One of my 3e playtest groups normally plays a hybrid mashup of Exalted 2.5 and D&D 4e.

... What is this madness?
I'm not really sure. The Storyteller has offered to show me the conversion file, but I fear for my sanity. He might as well have scrawled Necronomicon on the table of contents.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 10/23/2013
One of my 3e playtest groups normally plays a hybrid mashup of Exalted 2.5 and D&D 4e.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 10/22/2013
I'm interested in Falcon Style. Why? EAGLE CLAW, that's why.

(yes eagle not falcon close enough)

[#][F] Eric Minton - 10/21/2013
The Horse that Travels Earth and Water, so your horse has something to ride.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 10/21/2013
Jutlander wrote:
Even for smaller-scale threats, it often seems the sane choice to call in back-up if it is nearby.

If you are the Dragon-Blooded staff of a prestigious primary school that is suddenly plagued by an incursion of ghosts, you should be able to hold your own. What would be the greater loss of prestige or income for your school, to call in back-up or to admit that a few nobleborn children were killed because you did not call in back-up?
This is not a situation that is peculiar to Dragon-Blooded on the Blessed Isle. If a circle of Solar PCs encounter a threat while visiting the Bull of the North, wouldn't it make sense to ask the Bull for help? Should some nemesis threaten the city of Nexus with annihilation, surely one would attempt to contact the Council of Emissaries, or the city's resident gods and outcastes, or the Emissary?

In your example -- assuming that the game is set in a small city with few Dragon-Blooded outside of the school, rather than in, say, the Imperial City -- perhaps the PCs have cause to suspect that the ghostly plague is part of a scheme set into motion by the city's Dynastic governor to gain control over the school, such that if the PCs go to her or her family for aid, they risk making the situation worse. Or perhaps you think that having the PCs go to the NPCs for help will lead to an entertaining session. Or perhaps you can't think of any way in which this scenario will work, in which case you do not run that scenario.

Jutlander wrote:
But yes, I guess if a First (or maybe even Second) Circle Demon is stalking the countryside killing peasants, or a band of gods have conspired to overthrow the local Immaculate monk, a small group of Dragon-Blooded player characters could deal with it themselves.
This is an example of something you can do on the Blessed Isle, yes. There are many, many other potential adventures to be found there.