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[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/29/2014
Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
Um, Eric, The Phoenix on the Sword is a short story. It's his first Conan story.

That said, what're you reading right now? :3
Whoops, I was thinking of The Hour of the Dragon. My mistake! I actually may not have read "The Phoenix on the Sword" either, as its Wikipedia summary rings no bells, but it's been a long time since I last read Howard and I may simply not remember.

I'm currently reading Route 66 A.D.: On the Trail of Ancient Roman Tourists. Next up is Debt: The First 5000 Years.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/29/2014
Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
That said, Eric, can you answer a couple questions about the Blood Apes?

1) Do you know if they were indeed inspired by the demon summoned in "The Phoenix on the Sword?"

2) If they are inspired by the horror called up by Thoth-Amon, do you think they'll be a little more evocative of such in the new edition?
I have no idea what their inspirations were; I don't even know who wrote them originally. As to The Phoenix on the Sword, while I've read all of Howard's Conan short stories, I've never gotten around to reading the novel. It's on my shelf right now. I'll try and squeeze it onto my reading list somewhere, though I'm trying to give nonfiction priority for once.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/29/2014
Originally posted by The Revenge of TV Head View Post
Since I don't own savage seas, I can't really confirm the latter question, the section it's mentioned is called "Mining the Grand Amanuta" Chapter 2, Page 27.
It's a different creature. I invented it out of whole cloth for Masters of Jade.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/29/2014
Originally posted by Hand-of-Omega View Post
This has been bugging me since I perused the 1E core earlier today, so I may as well mention it here: I *really* hope that we get different/expanded Antagonists this time around. Two editions of the same Blood Apes, Wood Spiders and the others is enough!
There will be a mix of old and new antagonists in the core.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/28/2014
I've posted separate links to all my Exalted blog posts at the start of the thread.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/28/2014
Originally posted by Baaldam View Post
Well, what separated her from others of her kind were basically her deals around allowing or impeding passage to the Archipelago of Exiles and her habit of enslaving & mutilating sirens and both sounded as pretty straightforward extrapolations of the usual, truth be told.
Huh, you're right. I misremembered her as the source of the 2e storm mothers' particular hatred of beautiful women, as opposed to the 1e storm mothers' common but not universal resentment of beautiful persons of either gender.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/27/2014
Originally posted by Robert Vance View Post
Also with a write-up of a notable Storm Mother's court in Time of Tumult, under Spirit Exiles of the Western Isles.
Ah yes, Sikunare. Whose personal quirks and foibles were used as the template for the 2e Storm Mother writeup.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/27/2014
Originally posted by Ejtaka View Post
Eric, would you object if I crossposted this to the 'What has been finished in Ex3 thread'? Its not exactly what the thread is about, since it measures by chapter, but it would be a cool update there.
Be my guest! These posts are for informational purposes, after all.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/26/2014
Today's update on my Ex3 design activities:

Status Report: July 26, 2014

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/26/2014
Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
I also find it odd that he doesn't have any investigation charms and no larceny charms beyond an excellency. I mean, he's a water aspect secret agent, so he automatically favors both of those abilities and they'd presumably be useful.
You're right, he should have more Charms relevant to his espionage career. As noted earlier, the character's combat stats were incomplete, so it's possible that I hadn't quite finished fleshing out his Charms either.

It's been long enough that I no longer remember the specific thought process that went into assigning his Aspect. Looking at it now, I figure that while the element of Wood is sensual, it is also nurturing, and Gemstone Ocean Hero is not a nurturing character. He's a rootless person, fluid and adaptable—a hedonistic Water Aspect. (It would not be unreasonable for him to be Wood, but you've got to pick one or the other.)

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/24/2014
In the first edition Storyteller's Companion.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/24/2014
Another 2e antagonist writeup, this time for a Stranger in Hell:

Ink Monkey Bones #11: Gemstone Ocean Hero

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/23/2014
Time for another general-purpose gameplay post!

The Three Faces of Troupe-Style Play

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/22/2014
Altitude is also important. Even in the near South, the highest mountains are capped in snow.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 7/21/2014
Originally posted by Wise Old Guru View Post
Sometimes, the less skilled competitor wins, especially if the less skilled competitor has other talents that can make up or overcome the difference in skill.
Just to clarify, because this is one of those things that bears repeating: Sometimes the less skilled competitor wins even if he or she has no other talents that can overcome the difference in skill. Superiority is not certainty. The odds of victory are rarely exactly 0% or 100%. The better fighter can lose without trickery; the weaker fighter can win without pulling out an ace in the hole.

This is why we roll dice.