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[#][F] RichT - 10/21/2015
Originally posted by Stephen Lea Sheppard View Post

Fair enough. Sorry for getting overeager, boss.
No problem. We're all pretty crazy excited by this!

[#][F] RichT - 10/21/2015
Originally posted by Stephen Lea Sheppard View Post

No, that'd be Maria. I will have no direct interaction with the text from here on out.

But I'm the book's editor. If anyone is going to compile a big list of fuckups I didn't catch, it should be me.
Except it's not. We appreciate the offer of help, SLS, but we have a system we have told the backers about. Please do not confuse things with any alternate plans. The "Contact Me" link on the KS page is still the only method we are using to compile errata.

[#][F] RichT - 10/9/2015
Originally posted by Solar View Post
I've read all those spoilers, which came out over a period of several years. I've read them all before, and I have no interest in taking time to re-read stuff that I already know and have found to be lacking in content. I don't think that it's anything close to the amount of material I'd like to see even as a baseline, and the continuing refusal of the devs to discuss mechanics at all beyond those few and far between KS updates mean that what I really want from Ex3, which is a mechanically balanced edition of Exalted, is not something that I've been shown at all by OP. It's essentially a case of "trust us." Well, you told us to trust you regarding when the game was coming out, and it didn't again and again and again, so...

That AMA mostly contained comments on the general tone for what the devs want to go for, which is interesting up to a point, but didn't actually touch on any mechanics or system structures at all. I like, and want, and enjoy, setting, art and layout previews. But the ongoing lack of real, substantial system information has been extremely frustrating to me. Essentially, reading the AMA made me feel like I had been told nothing of substance and just made me more aggravated that the PDF hasn't been released.

It's pretty clear that an RPG can provide previews in a manner that I'd like; other OP games have done this themselves! And other OP games have also presented more information, more frequently, and with more clarity. Other OP games have release dates! That we can't even get a release date for Ex3 while the page numbers are being updated is not good enough for me, sorry.
Holden and John have been consistent in saying that there was a limit to what they were comfortable releasing in terms of the "meaty" previews you are interested in. They stated their case during the KS, and all through these last two years. What other developers are comfortable with on their projects really doesn't have bearing on what these EX3 developers are comfortable with on their project.

In a similar way, I stopped with release date estimates quite a while ago because I was uncomfortable with the idea of deliberately promising something I could not be sure I could deliver on. We all have seen the results of the original project estimates and the first few times I tried to readjust those dates, Each and every time the complexities of this particular project blew the estimates right out of the water. So you get snapshot progress reports every week. Sometimes we see a stage being finished, and the vast majority of those weekly updates are as exciting as any creative process that takes an extended period- you are pretty much watching paint dry.

But you can see just where in the creation process the project is, which is the point. That snapshot is what I personally can give you weekly - not promises or woohoo, but an honest peek at where the project is at.


[#][F] RichT - 10/5/2015
Eddy told you he was cutting and pasting the status because he had not received the new approval PDF being the CCP conduit that he is. So it wasn't just cut and paste, it was him him quoting last week's status because as far as he knew it was the same. And it is. Maria and Holden are still working on making sure the Page XXs are correct. Plans have already been laid for how the PDF will be sent to Eddy, and how we will follow up with CCP, and how we will prepare the backer PDFs. Knock off the accusations, please.

[#][F] RichT - 7/21/2015
Originally posted by Prometheus878 View Post
*Phwew* That was a lot of stuff this time! I don't know how Rich does this every week!
Started writing over the weekend.

[#][F] RichT - 7/15/2015
Originally posted by wonderandawe View Post

I checked on some of the other Onyx Path books to get an estimate on what picking up a copy of Exalted 3rd Edition would cost. It's been a while since I checked, so I was misremembering what I read about the various print versions all those months ago. It is not my intention to spread misinfomration and I apologize if my post seemed imply that.
No problem- easy enough to misremember.

[#][F] RichT - 7/15/2015
Originally posted by wonderandawe View Post
I'm worried on how the PoD version will look. DriveThruRPG says that there is a white border around the edges. Does that include the binding side of the page?

Might have to troll eBay for a Deluxe Edition.
Not true. The white bordered pages were only for b&w books. All color PoD books can full bleed and do. Since there is no listing for EX3, where are you getting this misinformation from?

[#][F] RichT - 7/15/2015
Originally posted by Jorlem View Post

On a similar note (as I posted on the Kickstarter page), I wonder what the binding crease will do to the two page spreads.
Nothing much. We've actually laid out books with spreads before and know how to double up the art so we don't lose stuff in the crease. Unless it's a bad bind, of course.

[#][F] RichT - 7/8/2015
Originally posted by Cenobite451 View Post

Oh dear - now that's a jinx if ever I saw one...
I know. I almost didn't put that, but this time for sure...

[#][F] RichT - 7/7/2015
I was late on this one and it went at a little after midnight on the 7th. Sorry about that, twas a long day. Also, we are not doing poorly on the proof passes with this last one being the first the devs could comment on. The proofing process for vampire the Requiem holds the record for my experience of 18 proofs that a dev reviewed. Before you worry- I see no reason we'll be doing anywhere near that many.

[#][F] RichT - 6/16/2015
Do you all honestly think that once we'd been made aware that there are symbols that may be from other settings that we'd just leave them in there? I already deleted them.

Thanks for the heads-up!

[#][F] RichT - 6/4/2015
Originally posted by Captain Aeon View Post
Nope. M20 was indexed and CCP approved before we got our copies. However, CPP approval took, like, a day or two, so there's that.
There's no index in M20 yet. Our intention is to do the same thing with getting the EX3 PDF to backers- everything except the index if at all possible.

[#][F] RichT - 5/5/2015
Originally posted by Rahod View Post
Just a thought here maybe they are stalling the release of the core book to give more time to the sup books to be release with or shortly after the core's release. Please don't take this as I am complaining or trolling its just a thought I would be ok with it if it was true...
We wouldn't do that, we're not doing that, and there is no single project I more want to have in folks' hands than Exalted 3rd. No supplement is more important than this book and giving folks a chance to finally have it.

[#][F] RichT - 4/7/2015
Just wanted to pop on and thank everybody here for keeping discussions civil. Much appreciated. To clarify a couple of things in the thread: what Maria did last time with the layout was to make a very basic format and then insert the text into that to give a basic idea of chapters and word count. She modified that basic format a bit based on that document and we sent the text back to the Devs so that they could tighten up parts and my understanding from Holden is that they took the opportunity to really review how they wrote certain sections and tighten those up. And no, I do not know what was cut and if any of those chunks were significant enough to use elsewhere later.

Once the Devs sent the text back, we needed to go back and forth with a new rough layout in order to be sure that the text she was using was absolutely the last version. She does not want to be midway through 600+ (and +) pages and find out she needs to rip out part and redo it. Now that that is confirmed, she is doing the actual first real layout phase as everything she decides to do will be using the actual text that should show up in the PDF and books. This is the hardest phase as the real design decisions are made here. And just a bit further: Maria is designing this new EX3 layout format differently than any before it, but it is still using the two column format on an 81/2 x 11 page as a base, so while she has the freedom to bring her own design sensibilities in, she's not going to be presenting a layout that is alien to Exalted or RPGs. It should have a fresh look, and in parts present some surprises, but not cure the common cold.

[#][F] RichT - 4/3/2015
Originally posted by Deamion View Post

I get the point of your post, Rich. Really, I do. But that statement above, dissapoints me. Not asking for an apology or groveling or anything like that. Just wanting to get it out there how statements like that can come across. That's all.
How do they come across? Like I'm a human being who can't be pissed on every time I try and keep backers and fans in the loop on what we are doing, and continue to function?