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[#][F] RichT - 4/19/2016
Originally posted by Iron Phoenix View Post
RichT - can we get some sort of commitment towards ongoing support and errata for EX3? I think the system, overall, is great. It needs some polish around the edges. If you can tell me it's going to receive that, that's all the assurance I need to be in line to buy future 3E books. All of the drama and delays in the Kickstarter are secondary concerns to putting out a good product.
I'll talk to the Devs. First thing, though, check out the updated Final PDF when it updates in your library on DTRPG tomorrow afternoon and see if they haven't clarified any of those points you listed. Thanks!

[#][F] RichT - 4/19/2016
Originally posted by Sanctaphrax View Post

"...if I am going to continue to share the progress, or lack thereof depending on the week and topic, of the EX3 book and line, then change must happen in different ways in order that these forums be a place where folks can once again feel like they can read and participate in interesting discussions about the game we all love"

sounds like a threat, or perhaps an excuse, to me. And yes, I read the context. I know it was followed by the plans for stricter moderation.

But when I consider the sheer number of updates you missed, it really does feel like you were trying to rescind your promises once they became unpleasant.

I have some experience with this sort of thing. I know it hurts. But that's why you get paid, man.


But if they need to do stuff like that to feel safe, then I'm not gonna think very highly of them or their work.

I'm not blaming you specifically, actually. I only vaguely know who you are.

I'm annoyed with the way Onyx Path has handled Exalted. Which includes the behaviour of its hirelings.

Well, that's your choice. It makes me think less of you, though.

Not insulting, mistreating.

And I know. You're not gonna get the issues out of me, because I don't have any right to talk about 'em. I didn't even want to mention them, but they're necessary context for my opinions.

Don't be sorry, just edit the post. And pay more attention when you get complaints about mod action, or tell whoever has that job to pay more attention.
Wow. So much here that explains where you're coming from. I hope you can find something in the upcoming EX3 projects to enjoy.

[#][F] RichT - 4/19/2016
Originally posted by Sanctaphrax View Post

No, that's not the problem.

The problem is that you made weekly updates contingent on people following the forum rules, as if the promises you made to your customers could be rescinded because following through on them became unpleasant.

Cutting playtesters to curb the leaks was, not to put too fine a point on it, daft.

When I first heard about it it didn't seem so unreasonable, but having thought about it some...your desire for secrecy turned into something really unhealthy.

It lowered my opinion of everyone involved, including you guys.

I guess I missed that. This is probably another one of those "the way Holden posts" problems.

Funny thing is, I've gotten along fine with him on the rare occasions that we've talked. But watching the way he treats other people is not pleasant.

Named names. It's ridiculous that, after a breach of trust like that, you covered for the perpetrator(s).

Not just you.

But yeah, I know. I only brought it up because you asked specifically.


I may have been wrong, but it absolutely wasn't a lie. This is something I take pretty seriously.

I'd rather you get them to behave better without firing them. If that's not possible...I dunno. Maybe I am blaming OP for not firing them. Or maybe not. Depends on what your other options are like.

Regardless, seeing that stuff made me think less of your company. Fairly or not, it had that effect on me.
The forum post: It wasn't a threat to stop the weekly Updates, it was a rationale for why we were going to hold the Exalted forum to the same standards as the rest of the forums. Evey week it felt like I was setting myself and the creators up for more abuse. Do you have any idea what that does to people, how it grinds them down? It is clear within what our announced plans for proceeding ahead that we were NOT stopping my Updates but RATHER we were going to moderate heavier than traditionally had been done.

The leak response: As I said here and on the EX3 Update comments, the developers have to make the call they need to make after this sort of thing because they are the ones creating the book. You can find it daft, but they need to be able to create in an environment that encourages creativity, not one where they feel threatened.

Apologies: As the creator of the KS and Creative Director of Onyx Path, I made the apologies. It seems like you are mad at Holden and blaming me.

The art: No. That's not how I operate. I'm not going to indulge in "naming names". There were multiple problems and we dealt with them one by one. Publicly shaming the artists involved, particularly when some of them are working in a cultural environment where that sort of heavy use of reference is actively encouraged, would have made me as unprofessional and insensitive as they were.

Insulting your friends: Again, I have no idea what the issues are here.

Lying or not: The mods based that call on reviewing your verbiage in previous posts. Seems like this hurt you more than was intended, and for that I'm sorry.

[#][F] RichT - 4/19/2016
So you don't like that we made it clear that the Exalted forums were going to be expected to adhere to the same rules as the other forums?

What about the leak? Sorry, I'm not following you here from that brief line.

That was pretty ugly across the board, but you're mad at Onyx Path?

I'm going to condense a few of these into: you don't like how Holden posts. Let me get back to that at the end.

I've talked about regretting and I have apologized numerous times to the backers for how long this has taken.

How would you have preferred I handle the art issues besides doing what I did and getting them replaced?

The way I personally treated your friends in private? Sorry, but that's something you feel the need to bring up but not specify about, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

The moderators do an incredibly tough job and they have to make the best calls they can make day in and day out with multiple issues constantly being brought to their attention. But I'm not familiar with the specifics of your problem.

So back to a very important part about this: Onyx Path consists of three employees, myself, Mirthful Mike Chaney, and LisaT our office manager. We three are the only people that are not freelance creators, and there are limits to how much influence Onyx Path can exert over the personal communications of our freelancers. I can and do send out "tone it down" messages to our freelancers on occasion, and some folks wind up no longer working with us if they prove that they won't stop. Ultimately, those are my options: stern talking to, or firing from their contracted projects.

You clearly have big issues with how Holden communicates, and John too I'm guessing, and you feel as you feel as is your right. I understand, there have been a lot of bumps on the communication road. From my PoV, though, that's a learning process for them as they grow into the developer role. So, if you want to be offended at Onyx Path, or at me personally, for not firing them, then I guess you will be, because I did not fire them off of EX3.

[#][F] RichT - 4/19/2016
Originally posted by Sanctaphrax View Post
I'm disappointed too. And way Onyx Path has behaved hasn't made me any happier.

But I try to be philosophical about it. Someone is starving to death as you read this, after all; it could be a lot worse.
Really, in what way has Onyx Path offended you?

[#][F] RichT - 4/19/2016
Originally posted by batro View Post

Cover is not final, I think. You need to wait until public release to see the real cover.
The discounted backer PoD is exactly the same as the PoD being released on Weds, and the cover is the image on my blog this week. Thanks!

[#][F] RichT - 11/15/2015
Incredibly glad you and yours are OK, and hope you all can feel much safer soon. Be well.

[#][F] RichT - 10/29/2015
Seriously. Don't worry about it. We'll be compiling a master list and pulling from all the various messages, none too big or too small for our purposes. And all appreciated- thanks!

[#][F] RichT - 10/25/2015
Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
Yes, they're referring to a later image in the book, the part in the first chapter with the different spreads of Exalts; the section for Solars in particular is the one being referenced.

RichT: They're referring to the House Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire, (which are notable for trending toward fair skin and hair, and violet eyes), not an artist being plagiarized.
Yes, I'm well aware. Hence why that comment makes no sense. They were very much noted for white-blondes or silver haired w/violet eyes. When one wasn't it was a huge deal. These are two white/silver haired guys, a redhead (goes a bit brown with all the yellow/gold in there), a brown haired guy and a bald one. I'm good for the discussion of whether that particular piece should have spread its representation out more, but am calling out that Targaryen quip as not working.

[#][F] RichT - 10/24/2015
That's a far more complicated and subjective thing than Holden's quick comments can really accurately comment on. There is a give and take to all creative endeavors, and the art director and artist relationship is particularly complicated. I'd be glad to expound on this at some point in the future, but considering the current strain of commentary here, I'd be a fool to go into it now. I did post Melissa's art notes for her pieces on some EX3 Updates a while back if you can dig those up on the KS site.

[#][F] RichT - 10/24/2015
Originally posted by Exthalion View Post
Regarding the FR elvish:

Above and to either side of the compass rose

Lock and Zoatham in the South both have a slightly modified letter, though it may be enough to fall outside of plagiarism

Below the big island with a circle around it in the dreaming sea

P. 63: Copy of the full map so all of the above
P. 95: Repeat of the South so repeat of the letters
P. 102: Repeat of the compass rose

Should I submit this to the kickstarter?

[#][F] RichT - 10/24/2015
Originally posted by glamourweaver View Post

I agree there's no racist intent, it's just unfortunate with a game that has prided itself on people of color being put front and center in a fantasy setting that that becomes less evident.

The image that actually bugged me the most was the Targaryen family portrait being used for Solars on pg 41.
Do you have an example where a Targaryens piece of art was ripped off for this?

[#][F] RichT - 10/24/2015
One artist did not do one quarter of the artwork. That's simply not the case.

[#][F] RichT - 10/24/2015
Originally posted by Gonzo View Post
I don't think they will recomission, but I too think it would certainly be great if they did. It is very dissapointing that the art director had chosen artists and studios with so low quality and ethical standards, I still can't believe it. If it was a matter of costs, I think deviantart if full of good upstarting and affordable artists. Why this pile of garbage? Anyway, it would only take one sentence from the OP guys to have a bunch of guys and gals from this forum (who actually know the setting, care about the game, and are aware of racial diversity) to help them replace whatever art piece they need.
Your personal opinions on the art are yours to give, but stop the accusations and the attacks on the creators, please.

[#][F] RichT - 10/21/2015
Originally posted by Stephen Lea Sheppard View Post

Fair enough. Sorry for getting overeager, boss.
No problem. We're all pretty crazy excited by this!