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[#][F] RichT - 11/12/2014
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Setting my snark aside, I understand that your policy from here on out is going to be having books largely complete before their kickstarters begin which is good, but you cant deny that a not insignificant amount of frustration has developed surrounding the policies in regards to releasing EX3 excerpts/spoilers. I'm sure that when you successfully release the next Exalted kickstarter after the core under your new policies a lot of those concerns will be alleviated, but is there a concern that the shadow cast by the the process of the current kickstarter will have already harmed the next kickstarter before it even begins?
As I indicated in the interview originally cited, none of us are thinking that EX3's process has at all been how we want to do further EX3 releases. Atypical is putting it mildly. Part of that is an awareness of how frustrated folks are, and of course a concern for how that will affect future releases. At the same time, our efforts are on getting this train back on the tracks, and preventing future books from going through this.

[#][F] RichT - 11/12/2014
@turkeygiant At any point I thought that was the correct decision and direction.

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I must say that i agree that some of it is old news and that i disagree with Onyx Paths rules about what they can show from games in development. Tidbits about how the pages and text setup would be nice. I just want to see something that looks moderately finished,
Just to clarify something you mention here, the way any given project releases excerpts or text or art, etc. is not mandated by some Onyx Path secrecy rule. The Dev teams' degrees of comfort with how much to say when is the primary driver of that. If you look at all the game lines we publish, there is a wide range of how works in progress are shared with our community. Thanks!

[#][F] RichT - 10/15/2014
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Yet, for some reason, the original art notes rely on them. Why is that?
Actually, I don't think they do, but if they read that way to you, it's because the actual art notes are there to give as much info to the artists as we think they can absorb without overdoing it, and are written to give the artists room to actually use their creativity. Notes back are there to fine tune the direction of the piece they are already in the process of creating.

[#][F] RichT - 8/20/2014
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I....really doubt that whole "flagship" thing. I really love it and all, but no geeks I ever talk to know that exalted is even a thing, where they've at least heard of Vampire, the Masquerade. Maybe werewolf? But that could be skewed because of furries...

I hardly doubt that white wolf would break from that, and I don't think that "flagship" means anything anyway?

Though, I'm still completely unclear about the whole "white wolf"/"Onyx Path" thing. Maybe Onyx Path would make exalted it's flagship, while White Wolf keeps the World of Darkness?

To add to Ejtaka's post from our FAQ clickable on the Onyx Path home page:

Q: What is the Onyx Path?
A. Onyx Path Publishing is a company founded in January 2012 by White Wolf Creative Director Rich Thomas. Following October 2011′s layoffs at CCP, CCP/White Wolf was no longer in a good position to do publishing in addition to the main business of making computer games. As a result, Rich founded Onyx Path Publishing to handle this business.
Onyx Path Publishing (OPP) has three main focuses at the moment:
  • We are the licensed publisher for White Wolf’s tabletop RPG settings: the World of Darkness, the Classic World of Darkness, and Exalted.
  • We publish our own tabletop RPG settings: Scion and the Trinity Continuum. Both were once White Wolf properties, but OPP now owns them outright. We co-own the Scarred Lands with Nocturnal Media.
  • We publish creator-owned properties: Rose Bailey’s Cavaliers of Mars is the first, with more to come.

[#][F] RichT - 6/3/2014
Just put some words towards this Scion vs Exalted thing over at because I ran across it first, but now being here let me say: Uh, no. There was never any intent on anyone's part at old White Wolf that Scion was in competition with Exalted. And while I know it has become a thing to crap on John Chambers, how about we stop with making assertions about his motives and what was in his head? That's really not fair. John picked up the development duties on Scion both because he had pitched the original concept years earlier- even though we changed it pretty dramatically from his original ideas- and because we had such a small overworked team at that point that he was the only developer who was willing to pitch in. Stuck in that position he tried to pull in able stewards for Exalted with him trying to develop their development as he pushed Scion forward. Questions of quality I leave to individual assessments, but he was in a hard place and did the best anyone could have done. From that situation, you might gain some insight into why I've been supportive of the EX3 Devs taking the time they have to strive for the highest level of quality they can.

[#][F] RichT - 5/27/2014
There were several marketing efforts over the years at old WW at I don't intend to replicate with Onyx Path, and this is one of them. I prefer to talk about the coolness of what we're working on as the message, and to avoid gimmicks or having to put down other games. (To be fair, Marketing had the most turn over of all the departments at WW, and everybody thought they could do marketing, so there were a lot of cooks in there who thought they had great ideas at any given pint in WW's history).

[#][F] RichT - 11/7/2013
And to further expand on Ian's point: our initial concept from way back when Ian and I first started talking about this was the importance of now calling the whole setting the Trinity Continuum. The three previous games set in the Trinity Continuum, Aeon/Trinity, Aberrant, and Adventure!, are just the start of what we plan to do. They're the big ones to bring back, but we've already had so many good ideas for additional game lines that we can also expand on before, between, and after the original three.

[#][F] RichT - 10/18/2013


The Void Engineers are hiding something. They’ve traded many of their ideals for guns, turned vessels of peaceful exploration into mobile defense platforms, and — most frightening to the Union — forged themselves into an organized military. They’ve kept the rest of the Technocracy grounded as they fight a mysterious war beyond the boundaries of Earth against adversaries too heinous to name.

As much as that’s tearing the Technocratic Union apart, that’s the only way it can be: only the Void Engineers can defend Consensual Reality from horrors beyond. For only they can stand before what lurks out there, hungry to return to Earth.


The world beyond Earth has changed much in fifteen years, and not just from the Dimensional Anomaly. The Engineers have been forced to adapt to a Void growing ever darker. Convention Book: Void Engineers updates Mage: the Ascension with fresh 21st century ideas of the starfaring Convention — once filled with hopeful explorers and rebellious dreamers, now scarred by their secret war.

The print and print + PDF combo versions will be available soon.

[#][F] RichT - 10/1/2013


When you come to this guildhall, you come to learn the value of value.

We walk in the flesh divine. Born of gold, we stride among the basest metals of man, learning the unfixed worth of each thing… apprehending the Dedwen of the living world.

We do this not merely for our Judge, nor even for the greater glory of the gods, but to manifest the unutterable greatness that is our birthright, burden, and ultimate borne.

To this guildhall, one comes not to learn the oldest rites of burial, nor the latest sacred scrawl, but to learn and then embody the great lesson of greatness—to live inside the reality that binds all things, great or small, of value:

Greatness is worth.

— Merew-Tjaw, the Anointed One

This book includes:

• A look inside the secret traditions and structures of the five Arisen guilds, from the shadowy envoys of the Maa-Kep to the forbidden arts of the First Prophets among the priests of Irem.

• A host of new mechanics options, including dozens of new Affinities and Utterances, as well as systems for adjudicating changes in guild status and a new sub-type of khat-based ritual magic.

• “Crucible of Fate” — a complete Mummy story that Storytellers can run alone or as the first chapter in an ongoing series called The Avarice Chronicle.

Physical book versions coming next!

[#][F] RichT - 9/11/2013
Well, I'll let the Devs talk about content (in so much as they want to) but you are right in assuming we were leaving a bit of a gap in the schedule for the impact of whatever extra projects might come out of a Demon Kickstarter. We do try and learn from KS to KS, and leaving space to get started on a bunch of new projects is something we realized was needed.

[#][F] RichT - 9/9/2013
The PDF, the physical PoD books, and the PDF/PoD combo are now all available:

Advocate to the Masses

Of everyone in the Ascension War — Traditionalists, Nephandi, and even other Technocrats — no one gets humanity quite like the Syndicate. The Convention of Cash doesn’t try to change people, and it doesn’t have the hubris of believing it should make the Masses “better” as its fellow Conventions do. No, the Syndicate knows that the status quo keeps the world safe… and keeps them in the penthouse. The Syndicate distributes money and Primal Energy through the Technocratic Union, and that gives it power over the Union’s policies. But that might not be enough to prevent the New World Order and others from crippling the Masses worse than the Traditions ever could.

A World Occupied

Between the lows — hypereconomics backlash and market crashes — and the highs — crowdfunding and the reputation economy — this is an interesting time to be in the Syndicate. Convention Book: Syndicate updates Mage: the Ascension with fresh 21st century ideas of the Convention everyone loves to despise, in ways that will change how you see them.

We released the PDF before the physical copy options as part of Onyx Path asking for feedback on the PDFs so we could make changes to the book before we committed to print. The versions on sale now contain those tweaks and changes. Just be sure that your settings at DTRPG allow them to send you stuff and you'll be ready for any Updates.

[#][F] RichT - 9/4/2013
Now both PDF and PoD versions are available and incorporate the feedback from the community that we received on the preliminary PDF version!


Most mortals turn away from the darkness that preys upon them, going about their lives in despair of the Damned and the evils they visit upon the world. But a precious few wage a personal war to shine light on those shadows and diminish them, like solitary candles shining in the night. The path of the hunter is lonely and fraught with danger, at once beset by the monsters they hunt and looked upon with suspicion by their fellow mortals they thanklessly seek to protect.

Hunters Hunted 2 revisits one of the seminal titles of the Vampire: The Masquerade, in which the players take on the roles of those who seek to bring an end to the depredations of the undead. Included are details on those who choose to take up the good fight, expanding the options available to players and offering a host of new storytelling opportunities. No lone hunter or vigilant troupe should face the night without learning the ways of the hunter contained within this book.

Hunters Hunted 2 includes:

• Systems by which to play a vampire hunter — one who hunts the Kindred in the World of Darkness.

• Practical advice and teamwork-tactics game systems to bring to bear against the Damned.

• Updated systems for supernatural Numina powers that can grant hunters an edge against the undead.

• Updated information on The Inquisition, Project Twilight, The Arcanum, criminal organizations, and additional gear included as a result of the Deluxe HH2 Kickstarter Stretch Goals.

[#][F] RichT - 9/4/2013
Things we could do to tighten up the process aside, I spent several Monday Meeting blog posts talking about the very issue of the PDF/PDF+PoD issue, and announced that we have worked out a way with DTRPG to offer a discount combo price to anyone who bought the PDF before the PoD is available. The blogs aren't all that long, and not all of them are just my ramblings with Eddy about Sherlock Holmes and actually contain useful info like this, so you might want to check them out. Make sure to read the comments too as we have many good discussions there.

[#][F] RichT - 9/3/2013
Obviously, the Open Dev Process is an evolving system, and we're always looking for ways to improve on how it functions. Standardizing where the info exists and how it is gathered for return back to the devs is something we are working on. Additionally, we have in fact used the "thousand eyes are better than ten" idea brought up in the backer PDF review period to now have all of our PDFs release earlier than the PoDs so that we can get feedback from the community. That being said, as I've mentioned before, I'm not interested in forcing any developer to hold to any parts of the Open Dev Process that they find hard to deal with, nor to mandate changes be made according to fan input. That would drive out some of our most innovative creators.