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[#][F] RichT - 9/1/2013
OK gang, this seems to have turned into a thread that is creating more concerns than there were before. I realize that the sheer size of the Kickstarter brings up a lot of speculation and makes it seem like there's a big money pile that Onyx has that we can all roll around in, but as several folks have said here, we actually do not even have the amount that was pledged because of fees to Amazon/KS and the license fee to CCP. Then there are the printing- and more heavily, the shipping- costs, for the physical Deluxe books, screens, and the map, which is really how most of those dollars were pledged and that they are earmarked for. Then, we deliberately used a very large part of the remaining pledge money towards creating the Stretch Goal projects in order to expand the sorts of extra projects for Exalted 3rd that we wouldn't have OK'd for a standard release. For example, doing an Exalted novel now that our access to fiction selling venues is limited (but it is an area we are ramping up) would not have been cost effective, but doing it during a KS makes perfect sense as the costs are covered up front and the fiction is going automatically right to the folks who will most enjoy it. So when Ian says we're sure there's an amount left over, and really guesses on the amount, that just means that yes, we have planned on AN amount past the known expenses and possible inflation of expenses (particularly shipping, again) as profit.

As for project planning, there seems to be a misunderstanding here that there are NO deadlines and we just let stuff happen like in a magical pixie land of creativity. My point is, and has been from Onyx's conception, is that we are not allowing the deadlines to determine creative decisions- not that we don't have them. We have spreadsheets, we have kanban boards, we have several of us monitoring and double-checking where things stand on a weekly and when stressed, daily, basis. We make schedules based on standard times for each of the stages of a project, and then as those projects evolve, I try and keep all of you up to date with the weekly Monday Meeting Notes on the WWBlogs.

Finally, no, we are not simply letting any of our Devs indulge themselves with far too perfect perfectionism. Setting back a schedule has to be justified and agreed on by me, and while I am erring on the side of the creative impulse angels in most cases right now, it is not just done without review of the ramifications. This delay on EX3 is a perfect example where the Gen Con meeting was a Big Event once the Devs broached their concerns about the Charms.

Hope that helps!

[#][F] RichT - 8/29/2013
I love it! With these ten ideas we can't lose! How about we add some Gnomes too?

I'll insist to David that we make these changes- genius!

[#][F] RichT - 8/24/2013
I was thinking Blanka as inspiration at least...just blanked on his actual pose.

[#][F] RichT - 8/24/2013
You had me worried there for a second, Jim. But yeah, no one volunteered to be Chun-Li.

[#][F] RichT - 8/21/2013
Holden wrote:
I suspect Rich may have squinched the releases together unrealistically for the sake of getting more books on there for you guys to see.

Yes, and also you guys were so adamant that you could keep some of those books on the schedule, you little Engines That Could. emotion-5.gif

[#][F] RichT - 7/31/2013
The PDF for the third promised Convention Book is now on sale:

Advocate to the Masses

Of everyone in the Ascension War — Traditionalists, Nephandi, and even other Technocrats — no one gets humanity quite like the Syndicate. The Convention of Cash doesn’t try to change people, and it doesn’t have the hubris of believing it should make the Masses “better” as its fellow Conventions do. No, the Syndicate knows that the status quo keeps the world safe… and keeps them in the penthouse. The Syndicate distributes money and Primal Energy through the Technocratic Union, and that gives it power over the Union’s policies. But that might not be enough to prevent the New World Order and others from crippling the Masses worse than the Traditions ever could.

A World Occupied

Between the lows — hypereconomics backlash and market crashes — and the highs — crowdfunding and the reputation economy — this is an interesting time to be in the Syndicate. Convention Book: Syndicate updates Mage: the Ascension with fresh 21st century ideas of the Convention everyone loves to despise, in ways that will change how you see them.

The Print and Print + eBook combo will be available soon!

Having the PDF out before these other two options is part of Onyx Path asking for feedback on the PDFs so we can make changes to the book before we commit to print. Please comment right here with anything you might find that slipped through our Dev and Editing process. We appreciate anyone who takes the time to do that, and using your feedback we'll have a physical copy version (and fixed PDFs) available in about a month. Plus, if you buy the PDF now, we'll have a coupon ready from DTRPG for the combo so you won't miss out on the lower combo price. Just be sure that your settings at DTRPG allow them to send you stuff.

[#][F] RichT - 7/29/2013

Available in digital PDF/ePub, physical PoD book, and combo versions.

We are like you. We live in your cities, we laugh at your jokes, we share your good times and your bad ones. We meet you in clubs and back alleys, at glamorous parties and dive bars. We need you, to sate our endless hunger. We are your Kindred.

They are the smoke and the darkness, things that could have been you or us, creatures of hunger that humanity stole the night from. They are the Strix.

This anthology chronicles our struggle, and unveils the schemes and atrocities of Kindred and Strix alike. It includes these stories as well as other tales of those whom even monsters fear:

- “Four Years, Old John”: Greg Stolze shows us how the two most powerful vampires in Chicago came together in the shadow of the Strix.

- “Second Chance”: Eddy Webb tells a story of trust and betrayal, as a vampire is raised to solve a savage

- “Playing House”: Audrey Whitman reveals that the devil you know and the devil you don’t might be one and the same.

- “Watching”: Orrin Loria introduces us to the Sheriff, who sees everything. But there’s one person even the city’s most well-connected vampire may not suspect.

- “Lullay”: Joshua Alan Doetsch weaves the tale of a surrogate father and his very dangerous little girl. But what happens when a fairy tale beast comes knocking?

The digital edition includes PDF, Kindle (.mobi), and .epub versions of the book.