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Abyssal(in 3e) Questions!

What mechanics are their charms based on this time?
I'm not totally sure what you're asking. They have Ability-based Charms, if that's what you mean?

Could you give me some example of things that Abyssals can do no one else can?
I find "what can these people do that no one else can" isn't really a useful way of defining them. Like, it'd be impossible to talk about what Lunars do without talking about shapeshifting—but other Exalted can use sorcery or Evocations to shapeshift.

What are the main differences between Abyssals and Liminals?
They're so hugely different that it's hard to single out any one main difference. Their concept, their play experience, the narratives they encourage, their place in the setting, their Charm sets, their power level, and their fictional inspirations are all totally different.

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Are God-Blooded DBs considered purified by their Exaltation and not subject to extra scrutiny? Or a lower tier of scrutiny comparable with the casual distrust of DB sorcerers among other Dynasts?
I doubt they face much scrutiny from the Order—it's largely applied to God-Blooded to make sure they don't engage in proscribed interactions with their parent spirits, but those largely don't exist for Dragon-Blooded.

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Can you give some clarification on how narrow a Principle has to be for Righteous Lion Defence to be applied towards it?

Would "I will adhere to the Noble Insights and Diligent Practices of the Immaculate Order" be narrow enough?

How about "I will not break the Ten Commandments" or "I will keep my oaths" or "Workers of the world unite"

I think the examples are illustrative. Something as broad as "I will never bow"—which translates, in effect, to "no mother fucker will ever be able to tell me to do anything, because I will never bow to them"—that's too much. "I have this specific, defined moral code I believe in" is fine, but "I will do good" wouldn't be.

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Is Poised Lion Attitude specifically pointing out that the Charm itself can only grant 1 Social influence per turn, or is it saying it cannot be combined with a Flurry that includes social influence?
The latter. There's only so much talking you can fit into so much time.

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Are we still seeing a book on the Niobararian timeline?
We're not currently planning one.

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How does the Immaculate Order view the God-Blooded?

I mean, the Order is obviously opposed to mortals consorting with the gods, and presumably very opposed to mortals consorting intimately with the gods, but how are the resulting kids viewed? Are they likely to be press-ganged into the Order as monks, or are they allowed to live their lives as long as they don't try to encourage the worship of their parents and such?

What about God-Blooded whose human parents are Dragon-Blooded? Are they any more acceptable than the ones with mortal parents, or is that sort of thing forbidden even to the Dragon-Blooded? (I'm guessing that a God-Blooded child who also Exalts as a Terrestrial is 1) far less likely to be identified as a God-Blood in the first place and 2) far more likely to have their family's protection against monks accusing them of being the product of heretical behavior, but still.)
The Realm addresses this. Briefly, God-Blooded are disfavored because of their origins and watched for any heretical dealings with their parents, and especially powerful ones might be pressured to join the Order.

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Given the fact the only undersea culture I can think of offhand right now is Luthe I take it this went worse for them than when the Lunars and Solars warred over the idea of who should rule Creation which resulted in the bond?
The Solar-Lunar war ended without a clear victor. The Niobrarans lost. That doesn't mean that there aren't any other undersea civilizations we might explore.

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So I missed this discussion it seems. What exactly are umbrals?
They're one of the three "optional canon" Exalted, depicted in the two-page spread of the corebook along with Infernals and Alchemicals. They'll be getting touched on as an appendix to Exigents.

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Were the Niobraran's alone in their war, or did they have allies?
Originally posted by Arian Dynas View Post
And, adding on to this question - what can you tell us about them and the Spoken? Was Niobaran just a collective term for the Pelegials, Lintha and undersea races who unified to face down the Exalted Host?
The Niobraran League was an alliance of undersea races, including both nonhuman species and human mutants, who joined together to wage war against against the Exalted and challenge their dominance of Creation.

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My last question got lost in the shuffle. So I'll re-ask in a different way and add in some new stuff to it.

How does forcing an opponent to reroll all their successes (like in Solar Resistance's Ruin-Abasing Shrug) interact with the dice-rerolling mechanics that the opponent had activated? More specifically:

Do they still get access to their "reroll Xs until Xs cease to appear" mechanics (my assumption is yes)?
Yes (subject to the limit that they can't go above whatever their result before rerolling was).

If they had a "reroll four 1s" but only got to use three of those rerolls, do they get to use the remaining one reroll on the success reroll or was the opportunity lost?
They can still use it (subject to the limit etc. etc.)

If they have a "reroll a 1 for each 10 in the roll", do 10s in the success reroll trigger this, or must the number exceed the number of 10s in the initial roll in order to allow for additional 1-rerolls? (Reroll is starting to get very repetitive at this point. I'm sorry.)
Any 10s that show up on the reroll would trigger it (subject to the limit etc. etc.)

"Reroll a 1 for each 10" again: if 3 10s were seen in the original roll but only two 1s came up to be rerolled, would the opponent get to reroll an additional 1 in the success-reroll, or was that opportunity lost once they ran out of candidates and had to roll those 10s away?
You'd lose the opportunity.

I also assume that they'd get access to their doubling mechanics as well, but I figured I'd mention it here just for completeness's sake.

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It's already been mentioned previously that we will get basic rules in the form of a sidebar in heirs.
I believe due to the existence of the cult of the violet fang (fae blood deebs) and characters like Ledaal Kebok Coren (demon blooded deeb)
Note that that's solely Exalted God-Blooded — I was referring to a broader coverage of God-Blooded characters and their mechanics.

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I mean no disrespect but do you have any idea when that will be? I'm not asking about a release timetable but rather something more closely resembling a priority list of book ideas. Stuff you'd like to work on between splatbooks.
Like how Arms of the Chosen was worked on between the Core and WFHW. It doesn't....I am sorry but I feel I am phrasing this badly but can't think of another way.
It's difficult to give a good answer when I can't concretely say "we're planning to do it in [this book that has been approved]," but sooner rather than later.

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If a person poisons multiple weapons (such as a six armed lunar with six poisoned knives) then used a multiattack charm and uses each knife seperate.
Does the poison stack so long as damage is dealt?
Sure. 10char

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The core book notes that while some Exigents are roughly the strength of a Dragon-Blooded, others rival the Celestial Exalted.

When creating an Exigent, will there be any sort of balancing or trade-offs when deciding where they stand on this scale? One can usually find better and more interesting reasons to develop a character concept than "which numbers go the highest?" but it seems like it would still be a fairly natural choice to land on the side of Celestial strength without some sort of qualifying considerations.
The main consideration is going to be the other player characters in the game you're in. If everyone else is a Dragon-Blood, you're gonna want to build your Exigent towards that end of the power scale; if it's a mixed circle of Solars and Lunars, you're gonna want to make a stronger Exigent. Beyond that, your hand is free to do what you want; there aren't any artificial trade-offs.

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Are umbrals a good choice for a Jekyl & Hyde sorta character?
If not, what exalt type would be the best match in your opinion
Umbrals have some of that vibe, although there's more to them than just the "Jekyl and Hyde/Hulk and Banner" Exalted.