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[#][F] The Demented One - 11/5/2018
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Base effects being comparable is good to hear. What might Lunar mid-to-capstone tier charms look like compared to Solar ones, other than "less absurd"? Will they have any advantages that the solar versions might not generally have (Like being usable more often)?
The biggest advantage Lunar Charms have over Solar Charms is that they can be used in conjunction with animal abilities/merits gained through shapeshifting, and can even get a boost for doing so through Protean.

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How exactly does Anima Flux affect a Dragon-blood's mount? They don't really have initiative tracks to damage.
If a mount's not significant enough to be rolled into combat on its own, it's not worth tracking anima flux for it in combat, beyond cosmetically.

The Storyteller could theoretically have a noncombatant mount roll Join Battle to establish a special Initiative pool for the sole purpose of getting worn down by anima flux and eventually taking decisive damage but...that's a whole lot of bookkeeping that does very little to actually make the game fun.

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Can it make any alterations to your original form permanent, or limited to certain key identity signifiers, or is it simply an Instant Charm?
It's Instant, with a cost discount if you're using it to reverse changes you've made previously.

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Since editing is broken I'll have to double post:

Also wanted to ask how comparable in effect can Lunar players expect their charms to measure up to the Solar charms that have similar or overlapping effects?
When it's something that's the exact same function, Lunars just get the same thing—for instance, they get Graceful Crane Stance, not a Crane-With-Decent-Posture Stance that costs more, or has a shorter duration.

When it comes to things that are similar but not identical, Lunar Charms tend to be pretty close to Solar Charms for the meat-and-potatoes effects, but never reach the absurd heights of power that some Solar capstone Charms have, like God-King's Shrike or Eye of the Unconquered Sun.

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[QOUTE]Their Incarna wasn't around by then.[/QUOTE]
Really? So the Hearteaters also have a dead Incarna, not just the Umbrals then?[/QUOTE]
Yes, although it's...different kinds of dead.

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Will it contain additional mutations to expand upon what's already in the core rule book?
A bunch.

Will Lunars need to buy the "speak in animal form" charm again, or will that be an intrinsic benefit similar to how hiding tattoos isn't supposed to cost a charm/knack now?
As an animal, your communication is limited to what that animal can do normally (like convincing your owner that you haven't been fed despite them giving you food five minutes ago in a cat's shape), which the core social influence system already covers. If you want to attain unlimited communication, you'll need a Charm.

Will there be any Martial Arts included in the books that are Lunar derived, and if so would they synergize at all with lunar essence like with dragonblooded's immaculate styles?
There's not anything equivalent to the degree of integration that Dragon-Blooded have with the Immaculate Dragon styles.

How will Lunars keep up with Solars and their Supernal abilities in mixed Solar/Lunar games, especially with there being a good chance of overlapping focuses (like combat or infiltration)?
How will Solars keep up with Lunars' ability to get easy access to flight, or huge Stealth bonuses from turning into rats or fleas?

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Are things (and people) made with Wyld-Shaping Technique fully "real" in 3e? 2e had that clause where Wyld-shaped stuff was at risk of fading away if it didn't interact with anything from Creation, and creatures were outside Creation's processes of life and death -- but I don't see anything like that in the 3e version of the Charm.

So do Wyld-shaped mortals (for example) in 3e interact with the cycle of reincarnation normally?
There's no reference to them being anything less than fully real in the Charm's text.

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How much of a thematic gap will there between the Raksha and Dreamed-Soul, Raksha are probably gonna get a splatbook somewhere down eventually so I’m wondering how much of an overlap there will be with these optional exalts given since even discounting the connection between the Wyld, the ability to warp reality is also something that seems common between them. So how much of a diverge are you guys considering? Is it as far as the shared link of Underworld between Abyssals and Liminals but not much else or is it closer then that?
They're totally different things.

Also you have mentioned that the Hearteaters are corrupted Exalts from an age long past, I’m curious did their Incarnae share their fate or was it only something that happened to the Exaltions like it is with the Infernals and Abyssals?
Their Incarna wasn't around by then.

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I can't help but feel as though, in the context of that awareness and representation, some of the older attitudes around Twin-Faced Hero are a bit outdated, or at least awkward. Honestly, I feel as though the place of the power in its original contexts were a bit awkward and ambiguous (is it about having an option for disguise without needing Heart's Blood? Introducing a characterisation point in which shapeshifting makes gender something aesthetic to be manipulated or ignored at will*, which requires spending XP and intricate mechanical representation?
So, threshold issue: Twin-Faced Hero is no longer a standalone Charm, it just ain't worth 8 XP. There's one Charm that lets you alter the cosmetic traits of your shapes, and that includes sexual characteristics.

The point of my lengthy pre-amble is to ask for any preliminary thoughts on what place (if any) the power might have in the upcoming book.
It's multi-purpose. It can be used by your master infiltrator types to assume cover identities that aren't a preexisting person. It can customize your true form to suit your gender identity (although of course, nonbinary and genderfluid people exist in the real world even without shapeshifting powers!). It does a lot.

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Dan Dawn Caste is fighting John Q. Sidereal. Dan is a Single Point practitioner and uses Fatal Stroke Flash against John. John is the Bronze Faction Assassin from the core book and uses Unwavering Well-Being Meditation. Does Dan reduce his raw Decisive damage BEFORE adding the bonus from Fatal Stroke Flash, or AFTER?
Per standard order of operations, addition and subtraction occur at the same time. However, Fatal Stroke Flash's cap cares about your Initiative, not your base damage, so it wouldn't be affected.

a question on the Belt of Shadow Walking; how does it interact with flaring Anima while the user is in shadow form? Does the shadow shine with the character's Anima in the material, dematerial, both or neither?
Hrm. Tricky, as dematerializing isn't really a standard Stealth effect, but it is definitely Stealth-adjacent. I think it'd only be visible to characters capable of viewing the dematerialized, but if someone else thinks it should work the other way, I'm not gonna disagree with them.

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Don't know whether you guys have have an answer for this now given it isn't a priority. But in the Exigent book you will be detailing how to create Charms yeah, will you guys also go in how to design Excellencies?

Also for the three Demi-canon Exalteds, will you guys be detailing on what their Excellencies would be or will you guys also leave that to those who wish to home-brew them?
Not sure yet.

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Does Favor Conferring Prana or Empowering Shout work on Virtuous Gaurdian of Flame?
From a strict reading, no. On the other hand, if your group finds a Solar shouting "Ganbatte!" to encourage a magical sword of fire endearing or awesome, nothing's gonna break.

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What makes a hunt a "hunt"?

Is it the intent and preparation, or a literal chase and battle sort of "hunt", as Second Edition painted it?

In First Edition, Changing Moons could acquire Heart's Blood by persuading others to do the physical work of tracking, wounding, and restraining the prey so that the Changing Moon could safely deliver the killing blow without breaking a sweat. Not a hunt in terms of a personal chase, but she definitely committed to a deliberate and intentional plan to kill her prey.

Likewise, a No Moon could use her great intellect and wit to set a trap for her prey and then perhaps bombard it with obsidian butterflies until it dies, and then lick some of the blood. Or, if not a sorcerer, perhaps line the trap with poisoned spikes that do the work for her, and then she takes the blood without a chase or actual battle.
Fangs at the Gate will cover this in depth.

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But my actual question is should their evocation tree be as powerful as if they were Resonant with the evocations (since Resonant evocations tend to be more powerful), or as if they weren't Resonant or Dissonant?
(I assume that Evocations from signature spells, etc, should not be Dissonant level)
Given that they're usually going to be custom-made for your character, there's no need to bring Resonant or Dissonant into it. If we publish examples that are accessible by all types of characters (which I think has a decent chance of occurring), we'll make those decisions then.

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Do elementals subsist on or trade in the prayers and worship of mortals the way gods do? If not, do they have some other fungible currency that abstracts their economy above the trading of specific favors and boons?
Elementals are diverse enough that I don't think there'd be any singular economy for them. Some of them, like greenmaws, probably lack the sapience for any kind of economy at all, while others, like ifrits and cloud people, likely have their own distinctive systems.