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[#][F] RichT - 4 Hours ago
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The "if you're incapacitated you can rush someone else" bit does make it sound like you're supposed to bounce between opponents Invincible Fury of the Dawn-style.
Hi! we appreciate that this might be a good topic to discuss, like many topics, but this thread is just for errata and any discussions make it a lot harder to gather actual corrections. Thanks!

[#][F] The Demented One - 13 Hours ago
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Will this content include Solar Charm-derived Evocations?

Arms of the Chosen naturally only featured such Evocations, since it comes out before any non-Solar splatbook. But for artifacts going forward, in Exaltation splatbooks and otherwise, how much is that going to keep happening?
Not sure. In the hardbacks for new types of Exalted, we probably aren't going to spend wordcount on Evocations that only Solars can use. In other types of books, who knows?

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It's just come up in a game I run - can mortal sorcerers safely use Demon of the First Circle and bind their summons now? There doesn't seem to be any text indicating otherwise, when 2E was explicit on the point.
Yes, they can.

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So much new lore goodness in Arms! Question: from the name alone, one would think the "devil-stars" were Malfean, but they have "lairs in the firmament," so are they of non-Malfean origin?
They've got nothing to do with the Demon City, or any of the Yozis.

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Will the DB book (And similarly the other splatbooks) feature artifacts with Evocations that have DB charms as prereqs and improve/build off of them the same way some Solar charms are required for the artifacts we've got so far?
Yep! Our writers came up with some real cool stuff.

[#][F] The Demented One - 17 Hours ago
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Do any of the new rules change how creatures of Legendary Size can act in battle?

Reflexive devastating attacks, moving three range bands per turn outside of combat, difficulty attacking single targets at least as small as humans?
No, those are warstrider-specific.

[#][F] The Demented One - 20 Hours ago
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Do you guys know exactly how many more entrees you plan to have for Hundred Devil's Night Parade and Adversaries of the Righteous before they're considered "ready to put together"? I'm not asking for a release date, but if you know you're halfway through, or that you only have 2 more releases to go, or you're just waiting until it feels like enough, I'd be curious to know.
We're not the developers of those books, but they might decide to stop in.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 21 Hours ago
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Just to make sure, the plan is still to collect all the entries in Hundred Devils Night Parade and Adversaries of the Righteous into one bestiary a la Creatures of the Wyld once they get enough of them done right?
Two separate books, but yes, that's the plan as I understand it.

[#][F] The Demented One - 23 Hours ago
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First, I like that you guys remembered that Oadenol was a sid (for some reason some folks forgot that)
Arcane Fate, obviously.

Do Sidereals keep any warstriders themselves or do they just 'borrow' them from the realm?
I wouldn't be surprised if Yu-Shan had at least one warstrider in its arsenal.

Also is Oadenol still alive or is that up to us to decide?

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Looking over the various creatures in the core book, I notice that Hardness has been applied to some, but not all of them. Do you guys have any sort of guidelines on what sort of "natural" creatures should get Hardness as well as soak? Or is it just a nebulous "yeah, that feels right" sort of thing?

Edited to add: feel free to ignore me, armyofwhispers beat me to the question. :-)
I honestly do not remember what my thought process was when writing up animal stats, which leans in favor of it being a nebulous "yeah, that feels right" sort of thing.

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I guess my previous wording was too self-focused.
To put it another way; If you have a three dot artifact (or sorcery that provides evocations), would it be permissible to have the early evocations be lesser extensions of the base power of the source of evocations and have a capstone of unusual mystical might, like you'd see in a four or even five dot artifact, with some drawbacks?
Don't really have a great answer, besides "it depends." What's the effect, what's the drawback, how easy is it to mitigate/recover from the drawback compared to the impact of the effect, etc., etc.

Another question; I didn't see any mention of it in Arms, but is it still part of canon that warstriders weren't developed until after The Divine Revolution? Or were warstriders used during that war as well?
Correct. When Mirshaan the Immortal Chrysanthemum first saw All-Conquering Colossus, she mistook the warstrider for some kind of giant monster because she'd never seen or heard of a warstrider before.

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Do specialties count towards the prerequisites for being able to learn Craft [Artifact], Craft [Geomancy], or Craft [First Age Artifice]? So for example, could someone who has a specialty in Lore [First Age Artifice] purchase Craft [First Age Artifice] with only lore 4?

I'm leaning towards "No" but it doesn't hurt to ask.
No, unless the Storyteller allows it.

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So the talk of rushes. Can someone use a disnegage when they have been rushed? if so what happens? E.G. Butch Deadlift successfully rushes Snake McDougal at close range. If he is allowed and succeeds at the disengage does he move to short, butch then freely follows to close, then snake moves to short again for free?
Yes. To lay it all out:

Butch begins his turn in close range to Snake, and rolls a successful rush.

On Snake's turn, he wants to move away. Since he's in close range with Butch, he needs to roll a disengage. He does so and succeeds, and moves to short range.

Because Butch succeeded on a rush, he can reflexively move towards Snake and end up at close range.

Because Snake succeeded on his disengage, he can reflexively move away and end up at short range.

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Is there a way to map workings to Artifacts if i want to imitate the effect of one with the other?
Not really.

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Can I use Perfect Celestial Author to evoke Taboo-Inflicting Diatribe beyond [Essence] times to stack organizational taboos by writing multiple great works?
No. 10char