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So two patrons questions-

What exactly are the Five Elemental Dragons doing in modern times? Like, we know that the Celestial Incarna sit in Yu Shan and play the Games of Divinity from one side, and personally (at least, the Sun and Luna) grant Exaltation to their Chosen. But the Dragons seems to be much less involved in the Exaltation and life of the Dragon-Blooded. So are they doing something, taking a dominant role (well, as dominant as the Incarna) in the Elemental Courts? Or do they just stay asleep?
We've not yet addressed the activities or lack thereof of the Five Elemental Dragons in text, but plan to do so in the future, so I'll hold off on saying something here that might end up tying our hands down the road.

As for the second question- if the long dead creator of the Hearteaters were to see what their Chosen became, how would they react? Disgusted? Interested? Thrilled?

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Which I guess makes the Celestial Bureaucracy and corruption all the more dangerous if particular roles, or the paperwork for them, are lost in the shuffle.

Also, if a new god did need to be made for a specific role, one that one of the unemployed gods wouldn't be suited for, would that be one of the Incarnae who would create that god?
While we haven't yet discussed the specifics of how new gods are created, the Celestial Incarnae are almost definitely too busy taking their leisure at the Games of Divinity to attend to such concerns.

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A couple of questions about the Tyrant Lizard’s Terrifying Dragon Roar Latent Ability:

1. If you manage to crash a foe with it, do you get the initiative break after you Reset (and keep the +5 Init) or do you get it before you Reset (and thus do not benefit from it)?
I think a good rule of thumb is to assume that Initiative Breaks don't go to waste unless specified otherwise.

2. Can you combine Terrifying Dragon Roar with the Predator’s Menace Latent ability to strip 2 initiative per point that you beat a foe’s resolve?

Many thanks!
The two effects are compatible as written.

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Was the death of the pre-Hearteater Exalteds' Incarna the cause or the result of what made them Hearteaters? Or was there no direct causal relationship, just both of them a result of the war, and probably making easier the whichever came second?
It wasn't the direct cause, and the death of the Incarna that created them is, in part, a detail included to convey that killing an Incarna won't stop their Chosen.

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So the Shellback Lizard (Anklyosaurs) doesn't have Heaven Thunder Hammer like the non-Legendary Size Pestletail.

Do you feel that the Pestletail's special attack should be treated as a Magical Attack that only Pestletail familiars should be able to learn?
It's a powerful ability that I wouldn't want to overproliferate.

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Burning Exorcism Technique lets you banish (or attempt to) spiritual malaises.

What does this mean? Is it simply magical diseases that affect your mind rather than body, like Cracked Mirror Blight, etc? Or would it apply to anything else?

If my friend has been cursed with madness (ie a derangement of some kind) by a spirit (they're not possessed, just cursed), would either Burning Exorcism, Soul Projection or Immortal Soul Vigil help?

What if they were cursed with madness, but not by a spirit? (Say, by a sorcerer or an Exalt or the botch of a sorcerous working.)
It's definitely not something that's clearly defined. Based on the reference to rolling against the "virulence" of a supernatural malaise in Soul Projection Method, I believe it's meant specifically as a synonym for supernatural diseases that's similar enough in nature or effect to possession that Burning Exorcism Technique makes sense as a cure for it.

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If you become a Chimera, does your Tell change? (Assuming it was something related to your animal form previously.)
No, although if you want to change it, ask your Storyteller.

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As kind of a follow up to this question. Since emerald banishment no longer exists does this mean that heptagram no longer teaches demon summoning to its students? Since previously it was explicitly only taught after you mastered banishment.
The Heptagram still teaches demon summoning.

Can anyone still banish demons outside of using lengthy sorcerous workings ? And is this viable as a higher tier custom spell ? Banishing terrestrial demons as celestial spell and banishing 2nd circles as solar custom spells.
It's not something we're going to do as a spell.

And what’s the logic behind removing it in the first place ? As having demons around doing stuff instead of players hurts the game more than being able to get rid of them having achieved a certain level of sorcerous mastery. I just find it counter intuitive being told straight up NO to being a solar exorcist . It just seems bizarre.
Emerald/Sapphire/Adamant Banishment let one character single-handedly nullify a combat encounter with demons in past editions, which was an unsatisfying experience in play. There are still various Occult Charms and thaumaturgical rituals that an exorcist will find availing; you're just not going to find a "set demons to no" effect.

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So I'm kinda wondering about astrology (not the Sidereal version, but the stuff practised by mortals and other Exalted). Would that be best represented by Thaumaturgy rituals or just the use of the Occult ability?
Using astrology to make accurate predictions could be represented well with a thaumaturgical ritual, possibly a modified version of "Reading the Tea Leaves." That's not to say that there's absolutely no applications of astrology that can be done with just an Occult roll.

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I'm a bit confused, will the Exigents book contain info about the "kinda optional" exalts like Umbral, Hearteaters, Dream-Souled, Getimian, and Liminal, or just minor gods' exalts created via Exigence?
Exigents will cover the Dream-Souled, Hearteaters, and Umbrals in an appendix. Getimians and Liminals are not "optional Exalted" and are anticipated to get coverage in their own books down the line.

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Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, as these threads have gotten huge. I'd like to get clarification on some specific interactions.

1) If you beat someone's Resolve with social influence, and they spend Willpower to resist, is the social influence considered successful for the purposes of Charms such as Stillness-Drawing Meditation or Soul-Bracing Momentous Power (because you beat their Resolve)? Or is it unsuccessful because they rejected the influence (they spent Willpower to resist)?
If they spend Willpower to resist, you did not successfully influence them.

2) Soul-Bracing Momentous Power grants non-Charm successes on the Exalt's next social influence attempt. Can this grant non-Charm successes to social influence rolls from other abilities, such as Presence or Socialize? Or even non-standard social influence roles that use other abilities to make social influence rolls?
It's Performance only.

3) Does Soul-Bracing Momentous Power replace the influence cost to resist if I beat the target's Resolve on the subsequent influence attempt? ie, I use Soul-Bracing Momentous Power which is successful. I then use Terrifying Battle Shriek, which beats my opponent's resolve. Do they spend 1 willpower to resist Terrifying Battle Shriek, causing Terrifying Battle Shriek to be unsuccessful, and thus completely ignore the effects of Soul-Bracing Momentous Power because the influence roll was not successful? Or is the influence roll successful because it beat their Resolve, and they now must pay three Willpower on (Solar's Essence) separate days if they wanted to resist the effects of Terrifying Battle Shriek?
It replaces the normal Willpower cost to resist.

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Have you guys figured out the symbols of the Getimians and Liminal Castes yet? Are any of them like the elaborate seals of the Dragon-Blooded? Or more like Castes marks of Celestials
We've got prototypes for Getimian caste marks. Haven't done much about Liminal symbology.

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If a big inspiration for Hearteaters was Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Twin Peaks, what would be some of the major media inspirations for the Dream-Souled and Umbrals (and maybe the Spoken)?
Tricky to talk about without giving the wrong impression of them.

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How difficult is it for Hearteaters to go against their nature and try to be "decent people" (you know, by Exalted's standard of flawed heroes with godlike power) compared to the darker types of Exalts such as Abyssals/Infernals?
There are some obstacles they face that Abyssals and Infernals don't, but it's not impossible.

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I meant wondrous powers of first age solars are no longer a thing it’s just same strenght stuff as essence 5 just with more personal customisation for high essence charms. I wasn’t quoting a book just abstract power level of high essence charms in a more thematic way.
Correct. That was a conscious design choice made back at the beginning of Third Edition that we're continuing.