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is there a plan to do a book like The Realm but for Yu Shan after Sidreald?
Current plan is to include information on Yu-Shan in the Sidereals book, although that's subject to change.

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Assuming this has been discussed already or just as a bit of eyeballing, where would you place the Infernal Devil Tiger-ish Charms (inner world + demon pantheon and any other surviving bits) in terms of Essence prerequisite, and do you have an Ability/Abilities in mind for where they would be located? Instinct kind of points towards Occult (Ephemeral Induction Technique and the likes) but Infernals being weird I'd rather ask~
No final decisions have been made yet, but my get says either Occult or Integrity.

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Can Gorgon slotted with the Twin Crescent Stone be used with steel devil? Since reaver daiklaves are artifact chopping swords.
Yeah. 10char

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So nothing remotely fantastic? So nothing in the vein of say Monster Hunter or anything with a strange, unusual, or fantastic biology? Does that put things like Rocs off the table because they're still able to fly despite being so large?
Metagalan riding hawks are animals.

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I suppose I was asking in the Christian sense, but I guess the broader question would be what does the Immaculate Order do for the layity? Are Immaculate monks, as a rule, ministers and spiritual guides to the common people? Does an Immaculate have eclesiastic authority over a dynast, in theory if not in fact? Are the immaculates functionally just the supernatural SWAT Team? Or should I just wait until WFHW comes out?
The primary interactions between Immaculate monks and layfolk is leading them in venerating gods in accordance with the prayer calendar — and, in the case of the peasantry, providing education. More detail will come in The Realm.

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Pursuant to this point: is it possible to do Single Point attacks without re-sheathing your sword every time? That would be a problem (or at least very annoying) with Stormcaller.

The Form description says it's "customary" to re-sheathe your sword after every strike, which I would not generally interpret as an actual requirement, but the description also implies that the buildup of Essence might actually erupt somehow if you don't keep sheathing it. (But then, Stormcaller's going to erupt if you do sheathe it.)

Void-Slicing Wind, Horizon-Swallowed Star Flash, and Six-Demon Scabbard Binding also specifically describe sheathing one's sword as part of the Charm. Should those be interpreted as actual requirements?

Or can you do all the Single Point tricks while just stunting some other manifestation of Essence eruption and/or sealing away wasted force or whatever?
You're supposed to sheathe it after every attack while in the form. If you deliberately don't to avoid trigger Stormcaller, the Storyteller certainly has license to make the Essence build-up bite you.

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A question about Empowering Shout. If you boost a skill or attribute that is already at 5, does it exceed the cap? Favor Conferring Prana specifically notes that it does not, but Empowering Shout doesn’t say one way or the other.
I read Empowering Shout as not being limited the way that Favor-Conferring Prana is.

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This was sort of answered a long time ago but I'm not entirely clear on the answer. If I'm an Essence 5 White Reaper Stylist, and I have 2 Halos (out of a possible 5 max) and I use Bleeding Crescent Strike to attack a Battle Group, gaining 2 dice for my 2 Halos, but gaining 1 Halo from damaging the Battle Group... At the end of my turn, do I have 1 Halo or 0 Halos?
Stuff that causes you to lose halos at end of turn doesn't affect any halos awarded from the attack it enhanced.

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Robert Vance I realize my followup question might have gotten lost near the end of the previous page. With soul marking style, the stylist is always now considered aiming with regards to wood dragon attacks on the target if that target is soul marked. Do mixed martial arts combos benefit? Like say I use it on a spirit then follow up with spirit wracking method, eyes of the wood dragon and falling crescent strike from white reaper to make the attack piercing, and add extra damage? or will it only work with strictly wood dragon charms? (Same goes for the flurry of aim and disengage in air aura with Wind Dragon Speed and any potential combos)
Any attack with a Wood Dragon-compatible weapon works.

Had another question with regards to the Artifact Fist of Titans and Mammoth Slam Quake, the Strength + Melee roll, would it break horribly if an earth dragon stylist used the goremaul and the evocation used Strength + Martial Arts? It doesn't seem like the type of thing that can be supplemented beyond the Excellency unless I am missing something.
Thanks again.
I don't foresee any balance issues.

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Does the Immaculate Order hold a monopoly on Absolution in the parts of Creation where they hold sway? Is absolution a concept native to Immaculate philosophy or Creation in general? Even if metaphysically it is not a concept beyond an interpretation of Lethe, is it an idea with traction in Creation?
I'm not sure I understand with what you mean by "absolution." If you're referring to the Christian concept of forgiveness of sin, that's not really an idea you'd find in the Immaculate Philosophy. Other religions in Creation could certainly have notions of sin and absolution.

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What exactly does the extra effect granted to Lore-Inducing Concentration when you know Immanent Solar Glory do? It says you can always roll to establish your knowledge, even if the Storyteller determines you need not roll. I'm not entirely clear on what exactly "establishing knowledge" is compared to introducing a fact, or why you would want to roll if you succeed automatically.
Immanent Solar Glory rewards you based on the results of your dice roll. What that line means is, if you want to introduce the fact that a particular village's folk tales are distantly based on actual events from First Age history, and the Storyteller says "nah, you don't need to roll that, I think your character can just know it" (or alternatively, "nah, you don't need to roll that, that's awesome and it's what I'm gonna do"), you can still say, "hey, I still wanna roll for my Immanent Solar Glory."

Also, Bottomless Wellspring Approach says you get an auto-success and other successes you generate are doubled. Are other successes from, say, Harmonious Academic Methodology or spending WP doubled? Or is it only successes you generate in the dice roll?
Bottomless Wellspring Approach only doubles your extra successes, i.e. the successes you roll over the difficulty you're going up against. There isn't any innate utility to that; I think it's an editing artifact.

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So what classifies an animal as an animal for the purposes of assuming a form? Anything without a mote pool?
There's a sidebar that addresses that topic in depth. In brief: things that are real-world animals (including extinct ones), or things that could plausibly exist/have existed in the real world.

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I believe they said previously that anything that could feasibly exist in our world even if they don't actually. So lions, simhata, tyrant lizards and benthic knifetooths are applicable. But Giant Grossbeaks, Mice of the Sun and Barrow hounds, no. Because those count as magic animals.
Please let the devs answer in this Ask the Devs thread. Thanks!

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Is it possible we will get more info on them at some point?
It's possible that the surviving Foxfires will turn up in print at some point. No idea what book, though.

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And if so, do you have any idea on which possible splat is likely?
They probably aren't Exalts.

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How does Majestic Radiant Presence work with Defend Other?

Solar Steve has Majestic Radiant Presence and Crane Style. He's hanging out with Lunar Lovegood and Dragon-Blooded Dave when they get into a fight with some bad guys and Steve pops Majestic Radiant Presence. On his turn he declares Defend Other on Lovegood and plans to use the reflexive Defend Other for Dave. Under what circumstances would their attackers have to pay the willpower cost?

a) Only if they direct their attacks against Steve himself?
b1) If they direct their attacks against Lovegood, who Steve is standing in front of defiantly, and decide to let their attacks hit Steve instead of trying to hit Lovegood with the threshold successes?
b2) If they attack Lovegood and use the threshold successes to avoid Steve and only hit lovegood?
c1) If they attack Dave and suddenly find Steve in the way and are okay with hitting him?
c2) If they attack Dave, suddenly find Steve in the way, and try to push through Steve's defenses and only hit Dave?

My intuition is that both the a and b scenarios would cause the willpower spend based on it being obvious in the fiction that attacking Lovegood is pushing through Steve, but that C is a more iffy case in both sub-scenarios. How would you rule these?
Long story short: Majestic Radiant Presence used by the guardian won't prohibit attacking the ward, but it will prohibit subsequently redirecting your attack against the guardian if you beat his Parry.