[#][F] RichT - 7/27/2016
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Looking at D&D editions and Exalted editions, I think the last three D&D edition changes were each about as significant as the E2-E3 change.

Dunno. It was a while ago, and not really worth remembering much about.

I do pay attention to the buzz online, and if anything I think those side projects have hurt your image. I rarely hear them discussed and when I do it's always negative.

As for providing work to more people...you have a responsibility to the people you hire, but that doesn't mean you have a responsibility to hire people. And hiring more people to work on more projects does little or nothing to alleviate the inevitable issues that you get when your workers are underpaid and under-supported.

Might be worth your while to read the finished version, rather than basing your concerns off the first version we sent out expecting commentary that would provide errata and other changes.

Our "workers" are paid better than most folks in the tabletop RPG business, although not everyone. As we continue to grow, we hope to change that. But the reality remains that no one can pay their creative crew more than the books are making in sales, and it is vital to keep all the costs in making our books within the scope of the earnings for those books, or we go under like so many RPG companies have in the past.