[#][F] RichT - 7/27/2016
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Not unnecessary? Are you seriously trying to tell me that Exalted needs a music suite?

I'm always hearing about how you guys don't have enough money to pay people decently. Well, you'd have more money if you didn't waste it. And then you could pay people better. And then you'd get better work out of them.
Again, not a waste of money if it allows other people other ways to access Exalted 3rd and they begin buying the books. No Stretch Goal is for everyone, the idea is to create a series of projects that appeal to more than one type of person who might enjoy Exalted 3rd.

And again, we pay our creative folks what we can afford to pay (which is better than most in this business) on a company-wide level, not per book. A single Kickstarter does not enable everyone to get raises. So the Stretch Goals have not a thing to do with our pay rates. And our pay rates have not a thing to do with how Exalted 3rd has been handled, nor how the supplements are going.

I didn't hire Holden and John because they were cheap, I hired them because they had (and still have) a vision for how to recreate Exalted that I agreed with and believe in. Some truly awful life events have smashed into their efforts to bring that vision to everyone through the projects they are working on, but they are still committed to getting on top of the work needed to delivering the upcoming books.