[#][F] RichT - 7/28/2016
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I'm well aware. And my perception is that this situation has caused a number of issues for Exalted.

Apologies, I missed that distinction. Mostly because it doesn't really matter to what I'm saying here.

You apparently didn't pay the Ex3 writers enough to have the right to expect professionalism. Unsurprisingly, the resulting book took years longer than you expected it to. In fact, it's still not fully out. I suspect that your lousy employment practices are partially responsible, and that treating your employees a bit better would've helped a lot.

The time constraints are a direct result of not being paid enough to spend less time on other jobs.
You really, really seem to be uninterested in learning anything and only in whatever bad information has gotten lodged in your craw. There's no point in my continuing to try and explain the reality of any of this to you. Later.