[#][F] Holden - 11/25/2016
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I asked about Liminals and John professed that he hasn't read Promethean, and he likened their creation process to Alchemicals but that it lacks a soulstone and uses body parts instead of magical materials.

He also said that the people who make it happen are acting as if they've been struck by divine inspiration, and don't fully understand what they're doing, and that the Exaltation of the Liminal is the spark that actually brings them to life, and is provided by something external to the party constructing the bodyparts.

... So it does sound a fair bit like demiurges from Promethean. Honestly? I dig it. It's kind of cool to take that idea but go in a really different direction, and there's something so fascinating about the idea of being born into the world with your Exaltation, and instead of having metaphorical baggage from your life as an un-Exalted person, you have the more physical baggage of the bodyparts you're made of. I'm VERY curious about whether that's of interest for the themes of the Liminals and whether there'll be a lot of wordcount dedicated to the idea that these parts that make up their bodies will each have a story attached to it. Could be very cool!

I also asked about Exigents but didn't have a specific direction for the question. John professed that there isn't a day where he doesn't think about them, and mentioned the idea that some of their charms might grant access to a Solar-Experience like system of benefits which allow them to modify their powers.

If I had to speculate wildly, it might be that the "Charm Matrix" a phrase we've seen used to describe the Charms of Exigents a few times might have the personalization of Charms built into their character progression in some way. I have absolutely no idea what that will actually look like, but I am so intrigued.

I also want Exigents so homebrewing is hopefully easier. Either way, I'm into it!
Exigents are unique, so an individual Exigent might have any sort of wild-assed structural or play gimmick. Pretty much every time we run into some interesting play-mechanic in anything-- another RPG, a video game, sports, a board game, card game, whatever-- we end up talking about how you could build an Exigent around that idea.