[#][F] Holden - 11/25/2016
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Very exciting! I'm still absolutely enamored with the concept. I understand if this question can't be answered, but Exigent Exaltations once made can move on to a new host, right, sometimes? So like, if Janest died, could some new person get her Exaltation?
Some Exigents can pass on their Exaltation, most can't. Janest, for example, is probably one-and-done-- her Exaltation ends when dies. Those who can, often pass them on in weird idiosyncratic ways like "whosoever, be he worthy, should lift this hammer" or solving the Lament Configuration on a puzzle box or even voluntarily passing your Exaltation to a new bearer before you die. (And yes, that last example means that there are some transmissible Exaltations out there that can be destroyed, e.g. by killing that dude before he can tag a successor.) Very few Exigents have auto-cycling Exaltations like the Celestial Exalted do.

And as an add on for that, could an Exigence produce multiple Exaltations? Like a number of Terrestrial-like Exaltations that such that multiple people at once could be like the Exalted of Fields.
Theoretically, but I doubt we'll ever have an example of a multiple-Exaltation Exigence in print.