[#][F] The Demented One - 1/8/2017
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To be brutally honest, why change this?
Keeping in mind that I am not someone who could make that call, and thus my opinions matter very little—

1) On a notional level, I dislike the idea that a person could do something awesome and heroic, but miss out on earning their Exaltation because there aren't any of the appropriate Caste available (I'm okay with a "whiff" if all the Exaltations are currently incarnated). Making Exaltations take on the caste that best fits their inheritor is one (of multiple) ways to fix that.

2) Opens up more room for players when they're coming up with their past incarnations, which is something my groups have had fun with. There's nothing wrong with the Dawn Caste who draws on the memories and skill of a bunch of her past Dawn incarnations, but concepts like a Solar with multiple past lives of different castes advising her or the first Eclipse in a long line of Dawns fire up my imagination.