[#][F] Lucy Darling - 1/17/2017
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Very happy to see work on evocations becauseeven now I'm somewhat unclear on how they differ from just being whatever kind of charm you want stuck to an artifact, kind of. I'm really looking forward to seeing more in arms, the ones in the corebook are cool and I can't imagine their dedicated book won't be even cooler. Although I am saddened to hear that it's still being written considering how much post writing work must be done before it's released, I don't mean to come off as too negative but it can feel like having a manned mission to mars pushed back another ten years because of budget cuts. I get why, but I can't help but feel bad that I'm waiting another decade to see the first manned interplanetary mission in human history.
Negative and oh my god man, the hyperbole.

Evocations in some form. It was likely for Arms (Holden mentioned it on twitter, for the curious). And yes, after the way 2016 went for them

(Redacted because I am tired of offering up personal trauma to plead for more humane treatment of the Devs and the writers, y'all can look it up if you want, I am not repeating myself)

Yeah, there are still things being written and rewritten and worked out.

It'll get there. I appreciate the excitement but this is the exact kind of negative reaction to one single sentence of update that makes me want to retreat to my mother's farm and raise cows.

(Note: last week I screamed and threw my phone across the room because there was a tiny spider on it and I once got trapped in my car because I am scared of cows, just to illustrate how not-lucy-suitable a cow farm hermitage is)