[#][F] Lucy Darling - 1/25/2017
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I would not say my life has been easy. I've had multiple, major, painful surgeries, some with extra-shitty recoveries (at least four by the time I was eighteen, maybe more I've lost count). I have two different major medical conditions, one of which is so rare there are peer-reviewed medical articles about my specific case. I've lost family and close friends to terminal conditions, including cancer and dementia. I've felt the backhand of the universe on more than one occasion, and it fucking stings. My heart goes out to anyone that has suffered any or all of those things, and I wouldn't dream of competing on suffering. That's a sad and immature game.
Then don't.

Yes other people do this differently. Different projects are different, people are different, creative methodologies are different, people's support networks are different.

I appreciate that you are worried about the line. I understand you are frustrated. Thus far, the concerns about Ex3 being a 'bust' are fairly unhelpful, as is the Chicken Little routine about delays and the audience, and haven't be borne out by the sales or the general reception. Note I said 'unhelpful' - you can feel however you want but what matters is why you want the devs to read this? Or Rich? Or me? What are you seeking to accomplish?

Also either you can count it as 'out in 2015' or you can count it as 'still not out because backer copies are waiting to be shipped' - I've seen both statements made on the forums and by fans, and that doesn't help matters either.