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My parents have a farm which they had to buy to run their fireworks business from, but they occasionally get a herd of cows to fatten up as a sideline business. Now, I still don't fully understand how this happened, but my mum ended up with two jersey calves that were orphaned so she decided to raise them by hand and treat them like pets. She named them Caramel and Milkshake, because one was a light brown colour and the other one had these excited spasms prompted by nothing in particular. It wasn't too long before they were looking out for her every time she left the house because she would usually bring a handful of something for them to eat. If they were a paddock or two away, they would run - nay, gallop - at full fuicking speed towards the house and my mother. They would slow down and stop and approach the last few feet slowly, but for a brief period of time there would still be two cows bolting towards her at full speed.

This alone could be unsettling, but then... the next herd of cows were birthed or bought onto the farm. So a small herd of some 50 calves were raised with two role-models who would hungrily sprint towards my mother whenever she appeared. And, the more adventurous ones quickly learned that this strange act of sprinting towards a human would sometimes be rewarded with a tasty snack. So before too long, whenever my mother left the house, an entire herd of cows would go bolting towards her, led by Caramel and Milkshake.

Now... my parents live a little way away and so I only see them every few months or so, which is a long time in the raising of cows, and while I met Caramel and Milkshake as calves, all of what has been described above had happened in between visits. So the first I learned of this new 'happy herd stampede' was when I went for a walk with my mother out of her house, to suddenly find a herd of 50 cows racing towards us at full pace, only to have them stop suddenly and start mooing for treats.

I, too, know the feeling of being scared shitless by cows.
...one of my mother's cows is named Caramel

(others include Tripe, and Brisket, she is not so emotional usually).

And Ghosthead, I am not in the business of sending threats myself, nor in the business of bringing fandoms down on someone's head, when they've been banned and gotten kicked from pretty much everywhere that discusses Ex3 that does ban people. I aim to walk a line between useless gossip and informing y'all of the realities of why some of us are less than keen to interact with fandom. This isn't my first round in a rodeo, I'm not about to pull the 'I just innocently mentioned a name to my rabid followers and oh no some bad people took it too far but it isn't my fault' - not that I have rabid followers, you understand, but there's a whole lot of negative energy just bursting with blame right now. Sure you can imply I made it up because I didn't give you enough information to 'test', but it's rather an antagonistic way of approaching me for information, I suppose.

But to address that last little bit of pokery, "You can feel what you want but please don't express your feelings publicly ever":

Feel what you want, and take some responsibility for what you actively say. The Devs get held to that, regardless of the chasm between what they said and what the interpretation was, or how fatigued they were that day, or how many times they've answered that exact question, how many nasty PMs they've gotten that day etc. I try and extend some courtesy to fans - afterall, we're all here for something like the same reason - so I'm mostly campaigning for some usefulness to the conversations. Thinly veiled 'well I have it worse' or 'too sensitive' or 'making shit up' or 'but censorship' are not useful. Pie in the sky fantasies about what you would do with the business end of things, also unhelpful when we're not sitting around discussing 'let's pretend we have endless money and time'.

And I asked a genuine question - exactly what do you want to happen now I have read your post? Exactly what was your aim in typing all of that out, including all the implications? I am trying to understand what it is that someone can say, or explain, that will allow some level of understanding to be reached.

As a pointer though, what you're playing, what you're doing with Ex3, workshopping campaigns, characters and homebrews, telling stories? That's all useful, or at least fun. Getting clarification on stuff? Also fun and useful. Community is not created by eating our own, not when we have such an AMAZING wealth of people doing awesome things that we can feast on instead.