[#][F] Lucy Darling - 1/27/2017
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On a tangent to the issue of workload and stuff - I notice that the Onyx Path Publishing website submissions page doesn't mention Exalted as a game currently looking for writers. Is that because you're not, or because that page hasn't been updated in a while?
Not actively? I am not on that side of the table (I write what I get told to write, and occasionally brainstorm stuff with them about things I am not writing) so I cannot say for sure, but I got hired on from the last round of apps they put out a call for. Well technically I thinkit had closed but John made me write an application because he liked all my other work and I was playtesting anyway.

I am lucky enough to live with socialised health care - that, like it or not, affects a LOT of freelance work. I still get sick, but my three month investigative surgery bout cost me nothing. Unlike the bills I know other freelancers are still paying off for life saving surgery.

Creative industries are utterly unlike other industries, and ttrpgs are a peculiar little subset of that. Unless you have honest to god actual experience, all the whiteroom publishing advicr is missing three quarters of the ruleset and has loaded dice. And if you do? The forum is not the place for it, becausr this is a base for fans, and very occasionally the writers and Devs to talk about the line. Actual concrete business decisions don't get discussed on public forums until there is a decision reached.

I have, on and off, considered doing a 'Lucy vs the Devs' thread where I post snippets of things. What we have been working on, media being consumed, reviews and stuff. I usually decide against it because I don't want to expose my best friends (or me) to the mud that gets slung if someone takes the 'we talked evocations' to mean EVERYTHING DELAYED AND WRONG THINGS WORKED ONNNNN, or even worse, liking the wrong kind of media. But things have gotten better, I have to be honest. So I might run it past the Devs again, see how they feel about it. It won't be a Dev diary of any sort, just a confirmation that we are all still alive and stuff is being worked on.