[#][F] Eric Minton - 2/22/2017
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Nice work on that. This raises a couple questions:
1. What are Volivat's borders like? If I wanted to make things especially tense, I'd say Ydanna is their client state. I searched the core book and the leak and found nothing on it.
I can't go into any detail about Y'danna, but based on its original writeup from the developers, it is not a political player in the Dreaming Sea.

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2. Just how many competing minor kingdoms and city-states are between the two of them. I could easily see expanding their borders towards each other, but it might be more fun to throw an extra large Hundred Kingdoms-style region in there.
There are definitely a great number of minor principalities, city-states, peoples and tribes along the shores of the Dreaming Sea. How many are independent of the extant imperial powers, I can't say. But as the region was intended to allow for the addition of lesser powers with imperial ambition, it is best to assume that the borders of the great powers are fragmented and that at any given time there are populations under no one's direct military or political control. This may be due to negotiated neutrality; treaty-based devassalization; ongoing or successful rebellion; or de facto independence due to the withdrawal of overstretched occupying forces.