[#][F] Eric Minton - 2/23/2017
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On a total tangent triggered in my mind on Levi's post: On the aesthetics and feel of the "great powers", I find Prasad brings to mind India. Volivat I find harder to place.

While Ys brings to mind, well... Ys, the island of legend.. so I guess so at least in part evokes Jack Vance's Lyonesse, and that whole fusion of decadent, doomed Sword and Sorcery sensibilities with Arthurian, Celtic and the European High Middle Ages, somehow sitting along with the more psychadelic feel of the Dreaming Sea. This, is a reference I'm almost certain the authors do not intend to be descriptive- because of the general dynamics of the Southeast in particular, and Creation in general - but, there's that name (which just feels like it surely has to somehow be a reference to the Ys of myth?).
The developers came up with the name "Ysyr," and I am not privy to their thought processes in the matter. But I added the term "Ys" for the corebook writeup, and I definitely had both the mythical Ys and Jack Vance's Lyonesse in mind when I did so. This shouldn't be taken to indicate the presence of medieval Western European cultural markers, though the decadent, doomed Sword & Sorcery sensibilities should be there in spades.