[#][F] The Demented One - 2/27/2017
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So lets start with what is meant with "threaten one of his intimacies". Is this referring exclusively to instill actions? Or could a persuade action threaten someones intimacies?
It's pretty literal. Eroding an Intimacy with instill actions threatens them by default. Convincing you to kill your wife threatens your Tie of love towards her. Intimidating someone into doing what you want threatens their Principle of never backing down. Etc., etc.

It also mentions how one cannot apply any intimacies to enhance resolve against this social influence, so how does the decision point mechanic work then?

The target for the persuade action must pick a intimacy to boost his resolve or this mechanic stops working. So my take on this is that target picks a intimacy for the purpose of having selected one in case of a decision point, but receives no benefit from it.
The Intimacy you call on in a Decision Point doesn't add to your Resolve. Normally, if you want both the bonus and the Decision Point, you need to call on two separate Intimacies; here, you're only allowed to use one for the latter.