[#][F] Eric Minton - 3/4/2017
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The Skullstone Archipelago seems to be an odd addition to those considering that it's a bunch of islands rather than city, and considering how Wu Jian is drawn, it feels odd to single out one important island group for such and not another.
This may be an error on the part of the cartographer. I can't say.

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‚ÄčAs for the cities, are we saying that all of the other ones that don't have circles are to scale? That Gloam is a city the size of a city, i.e. something that would not actually be visible on a map at this scale, but that Nexus and Lookshy and Kirighast are the size of small countries?
I believe the point is that Gloam is located on a relatively small island, one that would normally not be large enough to appear on the map at its current scale. Mind you, I'm not sure that Wu Jian's island should be large enough for that. The map should not generally be treated as a thing possessed of great in-setting precision.

Your suggestion that the map scaling is for cities rather than for land masses is very silly.