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Come again? I know that the artist taking liberties with the writer's intent is how Hank Pym ended up The Wife Beater, but I wasn't aware of this one.
Chris Clairemont wrote Jean Grey going Dark Phoenix and eating a star, but hadn't intended it to be one with an inhabited world. When drawing the issue, John Byrne inserted a frame of a doomed alien race looking up at their star as it died.

(There's narration acknowledging this, but that's because Marvel books at the time followed a process where the writer would write an outline, and the artist would draw the issue, and then the writer would go back and write the specific dialogue and narration around what the artist drew.)

Later on, at the conclusion of the Dark Phoenix Saga, Clairmont originally intended for Jean to survive, but editorial went "Uh, no, she killed an inhabited world and genocided a whole civilization. She's gotta die; we're not having Hitler on our X-Men."

Much later, they came up with the retcon: The Phoenix who we saw during the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix arcs wasn't actually Jean Grey; it was a cosmic entity that took her form and memories and sent her body into suspended animation. That's what died at the end of the Dark Phoenix saga. The actual Jean Grey isn't culpable for the death of a whole civilization, and we can bring her back by having the Avengers and Fantastic Four find the cosmic cocoon where the real Jean is still in stasis.

And then even later the Phoenix Force comes back and Jean temporarily merges with it and gets its memories of its time pretending to be her, so stuff it did as her can remain part of her biography and be referenced as stuff she remembers doing, all without her ever being culpable for its deeds.

Comics, everybody!

(I highly recommend the podcast Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, by the way.)