[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 3/7/2017
Also as a general thing I'm skeptical of setting timeline elements that confirm the setting's "now" as intrinsically significant rather than coincidentally significant. If you look at the timeline, pretty much everything that makes RY 768 meaningfully distinct from the past five centuries can be traced to one event. When the Empress disappeared, the Realm's politics became insular and they started withdrawing armies from the Threshold, which lead to Threshold political instability and vulnerability that drives both an economic boom and increased vulnerability to things like Fair Folk and Silver Pact raids; this vulnerability was what lead the Deathlords to breach the Jade Prison right now, which lead to the release of the Solars. It's all because the Empress disappeared. That feels verisimilar to me -- "now" is circumstantially significant, but not metaphysically or intrinsically significant except in ways that spring from circumstance.

Adding "And there's a bunch of new and extra DB Exaltations because, uh, reasons" violates that.