[#][F] Lucy Darling - 3/23/2017
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Hah, I kinda hope we could get a mulligan on 3e mechanics.

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I know, but I can hope, yeah? (I know it's not going to happen.)

Oh no, the Devs don't come and talk to us enough!! The line is failing! Ignore the sales stats and the continuing work and the releases and the monday meeting notes and the fan activity, all that matters is what people say to me the individual! DOOM I TELL YOU!!

Yeah, I wonder why that is. Either this is a place you want the Devs to come and chat with you, or it's a place you can growl and complain to your heart's content without being remonstrated with by exhausted people who are SO completely over it.

(I mean, what exactly should one say to "I hate all the work you did over the past few years and dismiss it with a quip"? Apart from "bless your heart" obviously.)

(tbh I am much more of a fan of the bear who lost his hat's response of "...thank you anyway")