[#][F] RichT - 3/31/2017
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You do realise that the only thing that soured this thread full of excited fans essentially doing ARG levels of homework and note sharing was you deciding that anything beside praise was something anathema to the conversation?

The most common complaint I hear about this forum, and what kept me from joining after the switch over from WW, was hearing that idea or posts made that werent "Good Advertising" were unwelcome. That this place is a glorified posterchild for selling product rather then a community of fans with differing opinions and ideas.

On the eve of the whole community being incredibly positive and engaging with the new devs after Years of...what was before...It just is shocking to see every/any possible level of criticism to be attacked by a person of authority like this. It's distasteful.
You're ignoring my reasons and instead are repeatedly attacking me and our forum moderation policies. All because I objected to a comment that I felt was unnecessary and essentially thread crapping. Yes, the reaction here and elsewhere to our changes has been uniformly positive, which has been awesome, but even then we had to stop a few posters from falling back into old habits because we absolutely do not want a fourth set of developers driven from our very own forums. This should be home base for our creators where they can trade ideas with our most devoted Exalted fans.