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It's in response to them being changed, yes. I personally prefer the rougher Mayan aesthetic, although I also like this cleaner, more fantasy one. I personally liked the rougher Mayan look myself since it seeme dmore 1) A style fitting the langauge of the titans and 2) Exalted to me is pretty big on being a setting that draws from many places, including culutres not often seen in fantasy. The Mayan look to the original Old Realm script was done if I remember correcty by GCG because of the Old Realm itself having a bit of a Mesoamerican motif, much in the same way the Realm today has the Roman/Chinese paintjob going.

I'll note I also tried to contribute to the translation, would still of liked the book and still think the more refined/gylphy Old Realm is interesting. I just am of the opinion that it also didn't need replacing and will at least for my purposes probably end up using both, since the old one I think looks interesting for stuff like illustrations of monuments or as decorations on weapons when I do Exalted-themed art, while the latter is probably better ffor iconography like banners, books and rune circles. It's like having a new font of the old language, which I find interesting.

And stuff.
Thanks for extrapolating. I appreciate you taking the time to give your reasons behind your previous comment. I'm not sure why the previous glyph set seems rougher to you; maybe because your first exposure to this new set is with them laser etched out of metal? I assure you, the drawn new glyphs are just as rough as the ones I originally drew back in the day. I felt then, and obviously do now, that I'd copied too many of the glyphs too exactly from the Mayan (I think) sources. Exalted is its own world, not something that directly sprung from mesoamerica, so it makes no sense that their earliest writing system would be so, so close to Mayan...but time constraints prevented me from creating them from whole cloth like I did with the brush script Exalted lettering. I felt like that cheapened the reality of the Exalted world, if that makes any sense. So that's why I did think it needed replacing, and why I replaced it. And the Mayan influence is still very plainly there, from some of the base symbols that stayed the same, to the stacking of those symbols to make words. But there are a lot more monster-y looking symbols there, reflecting better, I think, the Exalted world.