[#][F] RichT - 3/31/2017
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I think that they're laser-etched is what made them look pretty different. THough I do think they have this "tighter" look to them that's not necessarily a negative. One thing I have had happen in trying to do Old Realm characters before was that while they're elastic, the blcok-layout thing they have gets pretty damned unwieldy at times, especially with the silouette some blocks have. So on some level making that work better would be nice.

The laser-etching and I assume vector-based shapes also helps. THe original ones i remember in Dreams look pretty hand drawn and loose. These look tighter, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for things lin art and depctions. And in any case, I think it does look a ways nicer here htan the mock-up did.

And stuff.
And if this isn't boring/off-topic, this is a treat to talk about as the new glyphs are pretty much my only personal art contribution to EX3. I only _think_ the metal plate makers took my drawings and "vectorized" them. Pretty sure they did, at least. But what you're most likely going to see in a printed book are the same kinds of hand-drawn drawings as from back in the day when I did them because that's what I have here.