[#][F] RichT - 3/31/2017
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Welcome to the internet, Rich. Might I suggest that if you're going to pop into threads about your own work, that you first take some time to do some of the following activities:

a.) Work on your guitar fretting
b.) Walking barefoot outside
c.) Washing dishes with a course scrubber
e.) Ritualistic self-flagellation

All of these activities are known to thicken your skin. It'll help when you decide to poke your head into places where people specifically congregate to give their opinions about stuff you created.
Oh, the old "it's the Internet, grow thicker skin". Well, one word for that: no. That's a well worn excuse for bad behavior and it doesn't fly here.

The fact that this thread was not about giving opinions but about translating them is actually my point.

I'm going to ask the mods to close this one down, because folks are right when they post about this being a tangent to the main idea of translating the glyphs, and we'll start a new one with that topic.