[#][F] Lucy Darling - 4/4/2017
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Their 'grievances' are against something that's the industry standard, and has been for ages.

Seriously, they're pissed about what has happened to every writer with a publisher, ever.

It sounds fair and even-handed to say 'both sides have a point' but sometimes they really, really don't.
Not in my experience. Every other writing job I have worked on has gotten me contracts well before things were drafted, least of all published, for example. And when it was per word, but word count required changing, I was paid for the words I wrote not the number they estimated. And if I needed a new contract because situations changed I got it. If something changed mid-cycle I got notified. Even when the publishing house itself went through major restructuring I still got paid, still got contracts, still got communicated with.

Put it this way - a friend of mine edited a book that missed external deadlines so got canned. She still got paid. Her contract got reissued to reflect the changing circumstances and she got paid for the work she did.

I had a short story in a collection and after I signed my contract the publishing house changed streams and dropped the book while still publishing in the area. I did not get paid but all rights reverted to me and I can shop the story around wherever I want and they will not use my work, nor the editors work, nor outlines for other collections, or research that we did. Because their contract does not allow it and that shit is unethical. You pay by the word then all you get is the words and you best have a contract to support that before you start clawing in drafts.

And if you require the writers to do promotion/comms management, that ought to be reflected in the pay too. That is more of a wriggle point I will admit, in terms of promotion. Comms management is unique to rpgs I will admit but one hopes there are ... procedures for when your people are being stalked and harassed online, the way most businesses with internet facing comms should. That is a sore point for me I admit.

Admin makes or breaks a company. I still write with the people I write with, that bit was not really an issue. Admin though? I rolled with a lot of shit that doesn't fly elsewhere and most of my work is in academics where we aren't even frigging paid for the writing bit unless we have tenure.

Being paid late is pretty standard, I'll admit that.

RPG standards are not in any way akin to regular publishing in my experience, and without serious trust in the people I work with, it is an experiment I am unlikely to delve into again. I am just too organised and admin-centric to deal with the shenanigans, and I don't have any loyalty to a gameline to bolster dealing with that level of stuff at work.