[#][F] Lucy Darling - 4/5/2017
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I see a whole lot of blame-shifting here that doesn't parse. If John and Holden are writing AND deving, the only roadblock to production of that content is OPP. Fortunately, OPP has been doing a bang-up job on producing finished content of late. Additionally, the MMM have shown several Exalted projects languishing in 2nd Draft for some time now. Regardless of how much they wrote, it's pretty clear they weren't producing the necessary content to move the line forward at a quality level that satisfied OPP, where other writers/developers have shown themselves able to do that. We have a multitude of examples of OPP moving PDF-only products from development through layout and onto drivethru in a matter of weeks/months. Clearly that didn't happen.

In terms of blaming the writers, which mysterious writers get to shoulder the delays, if not John, Holden, and yourself? I doubt it's Minton and Vance, given that OPP just entrusted them with the line, and they have produced more content (in the form of a preview) than Exalted has seen in nearly a year.. If writers get paid when they produce, and they weren't producing, John and Holden had plenty of opportunity to reassign tasks to those who did produce.

I don't say this to rag on John, Holden, or yourself. However, as long as these conversations have been going on, your posts do some combination of attacking people for being upset, justify any and all possible problems, and shift blame to others. None of that really holds water at this point. There are too many months of silence, too much condescension when the silence breaks, and too much non-delivery.
...why on earth do you think I exclude anyone from 'sometimes drafts suck'? Like, seriously, we all suck sometimes. That's why they are drafts*. Like the time I forgot a whole damn section of the outline in my write up and had to redraft my entire section to fit a really really crucial section into it. If someone read that draft it sure would have sucked because it didn't address Outcastes. That's not even addressing any specific quirks about my writing and grammar that come from having a vastly different educational and writing background to the rest of the team, and working in British English.

And *shrug* I am kinda confrontational right now, yeah. I make so secret about my bias, my friendship with the Devs, and my experience with the project. It doesn't mesh with yours, for a multitude of reasons, from the differences in bias to the very very different level of insight we have into the project as a whole.

*Holden has some of the cleanest drafts I have read in my time, but that comes at a cost too. I draft messy, and nonlinear, so even trying to match both of us on a timeline/schedule is difficult.