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I've got a question about Feats of Strength used for combat purposes.

Say I've got an Essence 1 Athletics Supernal Solar with Nine Aeons Thew and its prerequisites. A Dragonblooded swordswoman that has witnessed that he is a dangerous heretic, but has not realized he is anathema, steps forward to challenge and kill him in single combat. The venue is a residential city street.

The Solar accepts, activating all their supplemental and reflexive strength charms, plus a full excellency, and lands a respectable but not overly optimistic 35 successes. I've no idea how big a thing that might allow someone to pick up, but the Solar conservatively picks up a nearby house.

The Dragonblooded spends her turn activating a scene-long defensive buff or shooting a wind-carried message to her distant friends to go fetch the Wyld Hunt, or something else that doesn't disrupt my example.

The Solar then attempts to place the house into the nearby space the Dragonblooded is currently occupying.

How do I handle this, mechanically?
"Note that even though the Exalted may be able to exercise divine strength beyond the limits of mortal men, they’re still constrained by their size—no matter how strong a Solar is, he still can’t uproot a mountain, because there’s no way for him to get leverage on something that big. At best, he could tear loose great boulders, or rip open a seam in a cliff face with his hands." (Exalted, p.230)

The Solar could demolish a house pretty trivially with that level of strength, and could wave around a rafter or support beam as a weapon—I'd call it a heavy mundane melee weapon with the Bashing, Improvised, Reaching, Smashing, and Two-Handed tags, maybe house-ruling in a couple bonus points of Overwhelming due to its size and mass. But a house isn't a single indestructible unit; it wouldn't hold together when the Solar grabs a corner and pulls.