[#][F] Eric Minton - 4/11/2017
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It's not as snazzy, but at least the book is clear that comic-book physics function at least up to the size of a yeddim.
Does it? "Pick up an X" is not the same thing as "Swing an X around fast enough and hard enough to hit someone with it with lethal force." The world's best weightlifters can deadlift half a ton, but that's a far cry from hitting you with a half-ton barbell.

There are three issues in play here that I am seeing right now. "How does physics work?" is a bit ambiguous in a world full of magic and stunts, and "What is cool?" is subjective. But the third factor is gameplay, and my feeling at the moment is that "Mythical enchanted weapons are okay, but the real path to ultimate combat prowess is swinging prehistoric megafauna at people" is a problematic approach for the game to take.

Still, Vance may come and overrule me.